Prices and how to post a Job in Low Income Countries

All Countries except: Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, USA
(Please contact us if you think you should be in this category too)

Please send the complete job advertisement to us (click "Post" in pricing table below). Please include the ad as a Word or PDF attachment - or you may simply send a link to the ad if it appears on your website. We will send you an invoice. Payment via Bank-Bank or Credit Card.

If you have any questions, please write us at or call us at +41 76 392 03 20.

Pricing Plans (VAT excluded)

Single Advert Posting up to 1 Month
- online for up to 1 month
- sent by e-mail
Single Advert Posting 1-3 Months or 3-6 Months resp.
- online for up to 3 resp. 6 months
- sent by e-mail
- refresh every 30 days
One-Year-Flat Rate
- online for as long as the client requests, given that the flat rate is valid
- sent by e-mail
- refresh every 30 days by request on a per job basis
1Advert:60 USD
1Advert:90 USD
(1-3 months)
1Advert:150 USD
(3-6 months)
1 Year: starting at 290 USD
(price valid only if feasible - please contact us)
Featured Job (appears randomly in the right frame below banner; desktop version only): 40 USD additionally
20% agency commission!

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Featured Job:
ch: Actuarial Auditor (w/m)
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