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Department: IBG-3 - Agrosphäre
Duration: 3+ y
Duties: Entwicklung von mathematischen Modellen zur Beschreibung von Rhizosphärenprozessen auf Einzelwurzel- und Wurzelsystemskala. Die Implementierung dieser Modelle mit Hilfe der Simulationstools CRootBox und Dune/DuMuX. Modellparametrisierung und Evaluierung auf Basis der Daten aus dem SPP
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium der Naturwissenschaften, Ingenieurswissenschaften oder angewandter Mathematik mit Promotion. Erfahrung in mathematischer Modellierung und Simulation. Kenntnisse in Bodenphysik, insbesondere Wasser- und Stofftransportprozesse. Programmierkenntnisse. Fähigkeit zu selbstständiger aber auch teamorientierter Arbeit. Sehr gutes Kommunikationsvermögen und Organisationstalent. Sehr gute Englischkenntnisse

Published: December 10, 2018   23:31              

Department: Zentrum für Psychosoziale Medizin
Duties: Durchführung von klinischen Studien der Phase II-IV nach GCP/ICH und medizinische Begleitung versorgungswissenschaftlicher Studien. Erfassung, Speicherung, Dokumentation und Verschlüsselung von Daten/Literatur. Auswertung und Aufbereitung der Daten, Benchmarking, Machbarkeitsanalysen. Rekrutierung von Probanden/innen und externen Zentren, sowie Ansprechperson für die Studienpatienten/innen, telefonisch und persönlich. Einreichung der Studien bei Behörden und Ethikkommissionen. Selbstständige Blutentnahmen und Probenversorgung bei den Probanden/innen. Vorbereitung und Assistenz bei Monitoringbesuchen, Audits und Inspektionen
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossene Ausbildung in einem Gesundheitsfachberuf mit abgeschlossener Weiterbildung zur Study Nurse (mind. 160 Stunden) oder Gesundheitswissenschaftler/in mit Fort- und Weiterbildung: Zertifikation Studynurse (mind. 160 Stunden) oder gleichwertige Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen oder Medizinische/r Dokumentar/in. Sehr gute MS Office Kenntnisse. Sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift. Idealerweise: Mehrjährige Berufserfahrung in einer vergleichbaren Position. Wünschenswert: Erfahrung in der Wundtherapie. Kommunikationsfähigkeit, Koordinations- und Organisationsgeschick, ausgeprägte Teamfähigkeit und soziale Kompetenz, selbstständige Arbeitsweise

Deadline: December 24, 2018 | Published: December 10, 2018   23:11              

Department: Institute of Psychology
Duration: 5+ y
Duties: Supervision of daily maintenance, quality control, and daily operation of MRI equipment. Be responsible for incorporating or developing new techniques for the MRI system (e.g., MRI scanning sequences/protocols). Lead the team to apply and secure major funding supports from Chinese Academy of Sciences and other national funding sources. Establish standards of image acquisition, analysis workflows or pipelines for multicenter collaboration (e.g, on MRI data accumulating and sharing). Assist the head of the center to integrate the data and computational resource, etc
Minimum Requirements: Doctoral degree in biomedical engineering or nuclear physics or related fields. Master the key technology of the basic theory on nuclear physics and magnetic resonance imaging equipment. 3+ years working experience abroad in R&D of engineering technology or scientific equipment construction or functional development of equipment. Able to resolve the critical technical problems of MRI equipment and data acquisition methods, bring technological innovation and make outstanding achievement. Abide by the academic ethics. Be honest and trustworthy, and conduct rigorous scholarly research

Published: December 10, 2018   23:01              

Department: School of Chinese Medicine
Duration: 1+ y
Duties: The appointee is expected to conduct cancer research under supervision, and to assist in writing research paper manuscripts and research proposals
Minimum Requirements: PhD degree in biomedical and be familiar with the field of Oncology
Preferred Requirements: Solid experience in genomic study, molecular biology and animal studies

Published: December 10, 2018   22:50              

Duties: The successful applicant will be involved in both research and teaching. Teaching could be in courses for the degrees in Medicine and Surgery (MD), in Biology and Biotechnology, in other degrees of the Faculty of Medicine and for thePhD course in Translational Medicine. The research will be performed in the field of Physiology (Fisiologia – BIO/09) focusing, although not exclusively, on Cardiac and Skeletal muscle Physiology
Minimum Requirements: More Experienced researcher or >10 yrs (Senior). Teaching experience in Physiology. Research activity as an independent researcher in the field of Physiology with preferential focus on Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Physiology

Deadline: December 27, 2018 | Published: December 10, 2018   17:51              

Duties: You will be assigned to one of the Institutes (Research, Clinical Research, Education or AOTK System), Clinical Divisions (AOTrauma, AOSpine, AOCMF, AOVET, AONeuro, AORecon) or Support Units (Finance & Administration, Communication & Events, IT) and actively participate in the daily work tasks under the direction of the assigned mentor. The actual work content will depend on the specific requirements your educational institution sets for internships, your personal interests and capabilities as well as on the availability of tasks suitable for your level of competence
Minimum Requirements: We require good German and English language skills (minimum level C1), computer literacy in a Microsoft Office environment and a work ethic suitable to the challenges we plan to offer. Familiarity with a cross-cultural/interdisciplinary environment is an advantage. You will have a unique opportunity to get a good insight in the professional life of committed professionals from a leader in advanced medicine and medical education

Published: December 10, 2018   16:12              

Department: School of Public Health
Duration: 6+ m        Workload: 100%
Duties: Develop and distribute promotional merchandise and signage as required. Maintain signage, merchandise and other Campaign resource levels. Maintain and be responsible for the Act-Belong-Commit office area and storage areas. Deliver presentations related to the Campaign to community audiences and campaign partners. Respond to requests for information. Coordinate the administrative duties for the Campaign. Assist in the maintenance of campaign website and social media strategies
Minimum Requirements: Completion of year 12 secondary school education with relevant work experience; or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and education/training. Demonstrated interpersonal skills with an ability to work effectively as part of a team. Demonstrated ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear and professional manner. Demonstrated organisational skills with accuracy and attention to detail. Demonstrated computer literacy with skills in the use of a variety of applications, including word processing, spreadsheet and database packages

Deadline: January 11, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   14:47              

Department: Molecular Biology
Workload: 100%
Duties: Studio dei cambiamenti dell’organizzazione della chromatina in 3D durante la formazione di cellule tumorali in vitro ed in vivo. Le tecniche utilizzate comprenderanno manteimento di cellule staminali tumorali in vitro ed in vivo, analisi dei cambiamenti della topologia della cromatina mediante ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, e HiChIP, affinacaqte da super-resolution imaging
Minimum Requirements: Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Deadline: December 27, 2018 | Published: December 10, 2018   14:45              

Duration: 5 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Reporting to the Senior Research Development Manager and working as part of a supportive and high-performing team, you will provide high-level strategic communication, project management, administrative and editorial support to researchers regarding competitive research funding proposals and strategic grant scheme training. This includes significant interaction with researchers, funding bodies, and relevant Faculties and researchers across the University
Minimum Requirements: High-level knowledge of the higher education or medical research sector funding schemes, including the strategic review and preparation of proposals. Project management, prioritisation and time management skills with a demonstrated ability to respond to changing priorities and deadlines in high volume environments. Problem-solving and analytical skills, ability to research and analyse material and identify key issues, and produce high-level outcomes in both autonomous and team-based activities

Deadline: January 28, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   14:42              

Department: Bioengineering
Workload: 100%
Duties: Cancer patients undergo multiple rounds of treatments, often with highly toxic, life-threatening drug regimens, without a clear pre-emptive indication of therapy efficacy. Our research programme aims at studying the single-cell cancer evolution in the clinic. The programme will be based on the in vitro study of organoids, groups of cells which behave similarly to cancer cells in the human body. Findings will be exploited to better understand the phenomenon of drug resistance and to identify best therapeutic options for those patients presenting with relapses. One goal of the research programme is design, development and test of high-throughput, microfluidic platforms allowing drug sensitivity screenings of the patient cancer cells
Minimum Requirements: Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Deadline: December 31, 2018 | Published: December 10, 2018   13:39              

Department: DTU Bioinformatics
Duration: 2 y
Duties: As a postdoctoral fellow your main task will be on continuing the work on providing our tools for predicting MHC antigen presentation, and expanding our understanding of the rules that define T and B cell receptor recognition of their cognate epitope targets. The work will be conducted in collaboration with the IEDB
Minimum Requirements: You hold a PhD degree or equivalent in one or more of the following areas: Bioinformatics, Biology, Engineering, Computer science or related fields, and have experience doing research within Bioinformatics. The successful candidate will moreover exhibit the following professional and personal qualifications: Strong computational skills and prior experience with Unix/Linux command line environments, as well as either Python, C, Perl or a comparable scripting language Strong background within machine learning, bioinformatics and structural biology In depth understanding of the basic concepts of the cellular immune system. Interest in engaging in supervision of project students. Capability of taking personal responsibility for your work and your results. Flexibility and a general positive attitude to changes. Motivation by both individual and team accomplishments. Strong communication skills in both written and verbal English

Deadline: January 4, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   13:31              

Department: Chemistry
Workload: 100%
Duties: The selected candidate will work as a member of research group ‘Helsinki ALD – thin films and nanostructured materials’. Most importantly for this position, one ALD reactor is equipped with a quadrupole mass spectrometer and quartz crystal microbalance for the in situ studies on ALD and ALEt chemistry, and a new in vacuo instrument connecting an ALD reactor to XPS and other selected surface characterisation techniques will be purchased in 2020-21. The candidate will be in active role in designing the new equipment and taking that into a use. The person to be chosen is expected to have broad experimental experience in ALD and/or gas-solid surface science studies on chemical processes
Minimum Requirements: The candidate must have a background in inorganic materials chemistry, physical chemistry or surface science. Professor must hold a doctoral degree and have high-level academic qualifications, experience in heading scientific research. The professor must also be able to provide research-based teaching of high quality, supervise dissertations and theses as well as evidence of international cooperation in the field. An assistant/associate professor must hold a doctoral degree and ability for independent scientific work as well as teaching skills required by the position. Furthermore, the successful candidate is expected to have competence and motivation for scientific career proven by scientific publications and other academic activities

Deadline: January 30, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   12:42              

Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Research in sciences and bio-engineering sciences; or Advanced engineering research for a changing world
Minimum Requirements: As a formal minimum requirement, applicants must a hold a PhD awarded on the basis of an original thesis

Deadline: February 15, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   12:35              

Department: Hamburg School of Food Science
Duration: 2, 5 y        Workload: 50%
Duties: Selbstständiges Arbeiten im Rahmen des AiF-Projektes. Schwerpunkt des Projekts ist die Entwicklung neuer massenspektrometrischer Verfahren zur Bestimmung des Alterungsnachweis bei Haselnüssen
Minimum Requirements: Abschluss eines den Aufgaben entsprechenden Hochschulstudiums

Deadline: December 19, 2018 | Published: December 10, 2018   05:42              

Duration: 1, 5 y
Duties: Bearbeitung von Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekten zu Hydrogeologie und Altlasten-sanierung sowie von entsprechenden Projekten der technischen Zusammenarbeit mit Entwicklungsländern. Mitarbeit bei der Beratung der Bundesministerien in hydrogeologischen/-geochemischen Aspekten und bei der Altlastensanierung. Erstellung von Fachberichten und Präsentationen (auch in englischer Sprache)
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium (Master oder gleichwertig) der Geowissenschaften, Hydrologie, Geoökologie, Ingenieurwissenschaften oder vergleichbarer Abschluss mit Vertiefung in Hydrogeologie. Erfahrungen in der Anwendung von quantitativen Arbeitsmethoden der Hydrogeologie. Gute Kenntnisse in der Modellierung hydrogeologischer Prozesse. Gute Kenntnisse in der Umweltgesetzgebung (Wasser, Boden etc.). Erfahrungen in der Anwendung von Sanierungstechnologien. Sehr gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift (B2). Teamfähigkeit, Flexibilität, gutes Kommunikationsverhalten und ausgeprägtes Organisationstalent

Deadline: January 9, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   05:34              

Department: DTU Physics
Duration: 3 y
Duties: The successful candidates will use and develop first-principles methods to model fundamental electronic processes (radiative and non-radiative) taking place around defects in semiconductors, including both conventional bulk- and 2D materials. The goal is to establish computational schemes for predictive modeling of the chemical, electronic, and optical properties of semiconductors with point defects, and use it to identify new candidate materials for solar energy conversion and single-photon light sources, respectively
Minimum Requirements: The successful PhD candidate will have obtained excellent grades in his/her Bachelor and Master educations. A solid knowledge of quantum mechanics and solid state physics, and ideally also aspects of many-body theory, is a requirement. Some experience with programming (e.g. Pyhton, C, C++) is preferred. Furthermore, the candidate should be highly motivated and willing to work as part of a team. Good communication skills in both spoken and written English, are a requirement

Deadline: February 1, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   05:30              

Department: Center for Biosustainability
Duration: 3 y
Duties: The PhD candidate will (i) perform Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) studies using E. coli and other production organisms on an automated platform on various metabolites and environments, (ii) perform whole-genome resequencing of evolved strains and analyze the causality of confirmed mutations, (iii) characterize evolved and engineered mutant strains of interest phenotypically in a bench-top shake-flask and bioreactor environment, and (iv) report the findings and outcomes in peer-reviewed publications and patent applications with the goal of uncovering unknown transporters and their physiological and bioprocessing importance
Minimum Requirements: Candidates should have a two-year master's degree (120 ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a two-year master's degree. Candidates master's degree should be in engineering or a similar field

Deadline: January 1, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   05:26              

Department: Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology
Duration: 3 y
Duties: This PhD studentship will involve testing novel pharmacological (and potentially behavioural or neuromodulatory) strategies for interfering with trauma memory consolidation and/or reconsolidation as experimental models of prevention and treatment of PTSD respectively. It will also involve identifying biological predictors of ‘treatment response’. Experiments will involve psychophysiological recordings, eye-tracking, EEG and sleep monitoring

Deadline: January 7, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   05:24              

Department: DTU Fotonik
Duration: 3 y
Duties: The PhD fellow will be part of the project UVSUPER and his/her responsibility will be to numerically support the research activities of the project towards the development of a stand-alone deep ultraviolet supercontinuum source. In particular he/she should be responsible to: Accurately model the guiding properties of a hollow-core fiber using the finite element method. Develop a unidirectional, full-field, spatio-temporal code for propagation simulations. The developed code should also include a full polarization model, intermodal coupling, dispersion, Kerr effect and self-focusing as well as ionization and plasma dynamics
Minimum Requirements: Candidates should have a two-year master's degree (120 ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a two-year master's degree. In particular, candidates are required to have: a Master’s degree or a very good first degree in Physics, Engineering or Material Science track record within the areas of fiber modeling using COMSOL and Matlab Basic knowledge of fibre optics and waveguides, nonlinear optics and laser physics. At the time of recruitment by the host organization, candidates must be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers, and have not been awarded a doctoral degree

Deadline: January 3, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   05:22              

Department: Department of Musculoskeletal Biology
Duration: 34 m        Workload: 100%
Duties: Laboratory studies aimed at designing and testing an experimental system to examine contracting skeletal muscle 3D constructs in bioreactors and in microgravity. Work will involve extensive cell culture approaches and basic molecular analyses. Liaise and work with Kayser Space Ltd in the design and manufacture of appropriate hardware for the project. Act as key contact and liaison between the academic team, Kayser Space Ltd and the UK and European Space Agencies. Ensure that good project management and administrative skills are applied to all activities and are within appropriate research governance, legal and quality assurance frameworks. Support Public Engagement activities for the project
Minimum Requirements: Laboratory experience of cell culture techniques, molecular and biochemical analyses. Experience of management of a research project. Experience of collaborative research, PhD in Biological Sciences (or other relevant discipline). Training in Home Office procedures. Good laboratory practice and skills. Good oral and verbal presentation skills. Excellent skills in scientific writing and a history of delivering oral presentation at national/international meetings. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal. Excellent time management and organisational skills. Highly motivated with ability to work independently. Dependable, reliable and self-motivated. Excellent attention to detail. Able to work independently and willing to work in a team environment and contribute to the development and growth of the research team
Preferred Requirements: Experience of skeletal muscle cell culture. Experience of electronics

Deadline: January 3, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   00:13              

Department: Department of Pharmacology
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Manage own academic research and administrative activities. This involves small scale project management, to co-ordinate multiple aspects of work to meet deadlines. Adapt existing and develop new scientific techniques and experimental protocols. Testing hypotheses and analysing data from in-vivo electrophysiological recordings of visualised neurons, reviewing, refining working hypotheses as appropriate and making discoveries. Contribute ideas for new research projects. Develop ideas for generating research income, and present detailed research proposals to senior researchers
Minimum Requirements: Hold a relevant PhD/DPhil, or have submitted a thesis for examination by the time of appointment. Experience in in vivo recording and juxtacellular labelling of single neurons in behavioural tests of rodents together with multichannel recording and microscopic analyses. Evidence of designing summaries of research results, illustrations for papers and a proven ability to contribute ideas for research projects within the programme of cortical synaptic communication. Possess sufficient specialist knowledge in the discipline to work within established research programmes. Ability to manage own academic research and associated activities. Previous experience of contributing to publications/presentations. Ability to contribute ideas for new research projects and research income generation. Excellent communication skills, including the ability to write for publication, present research proposals and results, and represent the research group at meetings
Preferred Requirements: Experience in in situ RNA sequencing and genetic probe design, the processing of rodent and human tissues for molecular analyses. Experience of independently managing a discrete area of a research project. Experience of actively collaborating in the development of research articles for publication

Deadline: January 4, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   00:10              

Department: Molecular Pathology
Duration: 3+2 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Tissue sampling and single-cell isolation from clinical specimens. Nucleic acid extraction and library preparation for single-cell genomic and transcriptomic profiling. Handling and maintenance of single-cell equipment in the lab. To contribute to the publication of high quality research in the form of papers, patents, and presentations at meetings. To work independently on a defined project and as part of a team, and to consult when appropriate. To communicate effectively with other members of the team and collaborators, where necessary, ICR and outside organisations
Minimum Requirements: A good first degree in biological sciences or equivalent. Experience with single cell sequencing. Experience with next-generation sequencing. Good laboratory techniques including trouble-shooting skills. Excellent organisational skills. Ability to independently implement and optimise molecular biology and genomics protocols. Ability to keep good and accurate records. Proficient use of IT/Good computer literacy and able to use basic tools (Office, Excel). Committed and highly motivated. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Willingness to learn new techniques/approaches. Ability to interact effectively with other team members and work as a part of a dynamic team to drive projects forward. Ability to work with limited supervision. Good verbal and written communication skills. Ability to work with limited supervision
Preferred Requirements: PhD in biological sciences or equivalent. Experience with FFPE and fresh tissue macro and microdissection. Experience with Laser Captured Microdissection. Experience with immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, cryosectioning and digital droplet PCR. Experience with bisulfite sequencing, FISH, RT-PCR. Experience with public bioinformatics resources (e.g. genome browsers, gene ontology, etc). Experience with computational biology/bioinformatics tools

Deadline: January 7, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   00:07              

Department: Cardiff School of Biosciences
Duration: 44 m        Workload: 100%
Duties: To independently develop research objectives within Developmental and Cancer Biology, projects or proposals for own or joint research including research funding acting as a PI as required. To develop research networks through regular national/international conference/seminar presentations. To generate and pursue independent and original research ideas in the field of research and support the initiation of new lines of research in related areas. To disseminate research findings using appropriate and effective national and international publications, research seminars, meetings and conferences
Minimum Requirements: Postgraduate degree at PhD level in a related subject area. An established expertise and proven portfolio of research experience within the following research fields: Developmental Biology; Drosophila Biology. Growing national reputation within academic field. Proven substantial record of publications in high-impact international journals. Proven ability in effective and persuasive communication. Proven ability to attract MA and summer students. Proven ability to demonstrate creativity, innovation and team-working within work
Preferred Requirements: Relevant professional qualification(s). Proven ability to work without close supervision. Proven ability to adapt to the changing requirements of the Higher Education community. Evidence of ability to participate in and develop both internal and external networks and utilise them to enhance the teaching and research activities of the School. A willingness to take responsibility for academically related administration

Deadline: January 1, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   00:06              

Duties: The main technology you will use in your project is mass spectrometry based proteomics as well as advanced microfluidic separation and purification methods for exosome isolation and fractionation
Minimum Requirements: Interest in analytical tools is a must. Master in Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences or Biological Engineering. You are fluent in English, both oral and written. Driver’s license to facilitate the commute between the different locations
Preferred Requirements: Interest in data science and statistics is a plus

Deadline: January 31, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   00:03              

Department: International Max Planck Research School for the Science of Human History
Duration: 3+ y        Workload: 50%
Duties: MPI-SHH pursues an integrative approach to the study of human history. "Hard" facts as bones, teeth, plants, stones and "soft" facts as languages, history, or religions can say a lot about human history. The International Max Planck Research School for the Science of Human History (IMPRS-SHH) is seeking for researchers knowing well how to decode such facts and data and looking for new ways of decoding them. Participating disciplines include Archaeogenetics, Archaeology, Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology, Linguistics, Microbiology, Cultural Studies, Social and Behavioral Sciences. The language of the IMPRS-SHH is English

Deadline: January 31, 2019 | Published: December 10, 2018   00:00              

Department: School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Workload: 100%
Duties: The Deliveries/Stores Officer's primary purpose is to oversee all deliveries both inbound and outbound from the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, including chemical/gas deliveries and oversee all waste streams
Minimum Requirements: Completion of an associate diploma level qualification with relevant work related experience or a certificate level qualification with post-certificate work experience; or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education/training. Current driver’s licence. A fork lift licence or willingness to undertake the training. An IATA approved packing course, or willingness to undertake the course. Computer literacy and good keyboard skills with the ability to accurately process sales orders and goods receipt. Good oral communication skills, including a professional telephone manner. Experience in a customer service environment. Proficiency in the use of computers and software applications including e-mail
Preferred Requirements: Knowledge of relevant dangerous goods regulations. Ability to prioritise work and perform in an efficient and timely manner. Relevant experience as a store person, preferably in a large organisation. Experience receiving Chemicals and overseeing the safe storage of Chemical waste. Experience in working for a large organisation. Experience with University applications, e.g. ChemWatch, or the ability to rapidly acquire proficiency

Deadline: December 20, 2018 | Published: December 9, 2018   23:54              

Department: Agriculture, Food and Agro-Environmental Sciences
Duration: 1 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Public selection for the assignment of. 1 research activities grant at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Agro-Environmental Sciences
Minimum Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Deadline: December 19, 2018 | Published: December 9, 2018   21:23              

Department: Science & Engineering
Duration: 1 March - 31 July 2019        Workload: 100%
Duties: A postdoctoral position of 5 months is available for an outstanding computational/theoretical chemist to undertake research in the field of pKa prediction, according to a method developed in-house called AIBL. The purpose of the position is to show to the molecular software company Lhasa Ltd that AIBL is able to return successful predictions for their case studies. If successful, knowledge transfer funding will be applied for as a follow-up, with an eye on putting AIBL inside their software suite
Minimum Requirements: You should have a PhD in computational/theoretical chemistry, ideally combining electronic structure calculations and biomolecular modelling. Expertise in programming and/or scripting, as well as a willingness to learn machine learning is desirable

Deadline: January 7, 2019 | Published: December 9, 2018   19:53              

Department: Biology and Biological Engineering
Workload: 100%
Duties: Allergy is common in countries with a Western lifestyle and currently IgE-mediated allergy is the most common chronic disease among children in Sweden. Early programming of the immune system may affect its future reactivity to environmental antigens, yet why some children become allergic and others do not, remains unclear. Programming of the immune system in the pre- or neo-natal period determines the future reaction to environmental antigens. In this project we take an integrated approach to investigate the mechanisms by which microbial colonization in early infancy affects immune maturation and prevents sensitization and allergy development, and unravel how diet and exposure to toxicants modify this process
Minimum Requirements: Ability to collaborate integrative with other research groups and with hospital. Documented experience in dietary assesments and human intervention trials. Track record in work with mother-child birth cohorts. Skills in supervision/co-supervision of PhD students, postdocs and master students. The position of researcher requires a doctoral degree in a relevant field

Deadline: January 6, 2019 | Published: December 9, 2018   19:49              

Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: We are seeking a highly motivated physical scientist with relevant expertise in single-molecule microscopy and the design and construction of advanced optical systems to join our vibrant, multidisciplinary team at the Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE), University of Birmingham (UK). The postdoctoral position is supported by a large research programme funded by the Wellcome Trust. Our group based at IMSR/COMPARE investigates the molecular mechanisms of signalling by G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), which mediate the effects of many hormones and neurotransmitters and are major drug targets. To this end, we develop innovative biophysical methods based on single-molecule microscopy and FRET
Minimum Requirements: Hold a bachelor and/or master degree in physics, biophysics, engineering or equivalent field. • Completed or about to complete a PhD in single-molecule microscopy/FRET, innovative experimental optics or related area. • Solid background in single-molecule imaging or similar advanced microscopy methods. • Proven record in the design and use of advanced optical systems for biological applications. • Good knowledge of scientific software and programming languages (Matlab, LabVIEW, etc.) is required

Deadline: February 15, 2019 | Published: December 9, 2018   19:35              

Department: Biology
Workload: 100%
Duties: The research activity will include the population genetics analysis of fish and invertebrate species from the Venice lagoon. The analysis will be based on specimens collected every six months at 6 sites from the Venice lagoon and 2 sites from the neighbor lagoons of Marano and Goro. The individuals will be analyzed using SSRs or 2b-RAD sequencing. Raw data will be processed by appropriate bioinformatic tools and used for population genetics analysis. Temporal variation will be investigated analyzing differences in genetic diversity, differences in genetic differentiation among samples and by applying Isolation-by-Time models
Minimum Requirements: Experienced researcher or 4-10 years (Post-Doc)

Deadline: December 21, 2018 | Published: December 9, 2018   19:20              

Duties: In diesem kurzen Aufsatz soll Mathematiker/innen und Statistiker/innen (allgemein Quants, also Personen mit quantitativer Ausbildung) aufgezeigt werden, wie einfach sie eine eigene Firma gründen können. Es wird aufgezeigt, dass im Gegensatz zu anderen Studiengebieten Quants sehr gute Chancen haben, direkt ab Hochschule erfolgreich eine Firma zu gründen. Die Aussagen gelten erst Recht für Personen mit Berufserfahrung. Mit dem Portfolio-Ansatz wird auch der zweiten Gruppe oben ein stufenweiser Einstieg in die unternehmerische Selbständigkeit aufgezeigt. Mit wichtigen Hinweisen für alle Fachgebiete!

Published: December 9, 2018   17:41              

Department: Institut für Chemie und Biotechnologie (ICBT)
Workload: 80-100%
Duties: Verantwortung für Konzeption, Inhalt und Durchführung von Lehrveranstaltungen, hauptsächlich in den Studiengängen Chemie und Biotechnologie auf BSc und MSc Stufe. Leitung und Betreuung von studentischen Arbeiten und Praktika. Aktives Einbringen und Vernetzen ihrer Kompetenzen am Institut, mit relevanten Partnern aus Industrie und im Hochschulumfeld. Etablieren einer eigenen, drittmittelgestützten Forschungsaktivität auf dem Feld der prozessbegleitenden Datenanalyse. Betrieb und weiterer Ausbau der bestehenden, topaktuellen Infrastruktur
Minimum Requirements: Wir erwarten ein abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium mit Promotion in Mess- und Regeltechnik, Verfahrenstechnik, Chemieingenieurwesen, Biotechnologie oder in angrenzenden Feldern. Idealerweise verfügen Sie über mehrjährige Erfahrung aus den industriellen Life Sciences oder der chemischen Industrie. Neugierde, didaktisches Geschick, Freude am Aufbau von interdisziplinären Netzwerken und dem Austausch über Fachgrenzen hinweg sowie an der Arbeit mit Studierenden runden ihr Profil ab

Published: December 9, 2018   07:12              

Department: DTU Environment
Duties: Igangsætte og facilitere innovationsprojekter med fokus på udvikling af ny teknologi. Tilrettelægge faglige netværksaktiviteter målrettet virksomheder. Sparring og opsøgende arbejde ift. EU-ansøgninger. Koordinere og bidrage til forskningsprojekter, uddannelse og efteruddannelse inden for udvalgte områder i samarbejde med kolleger og eksterne parter. Understøttelse af den løbende drift og udvikling af Water DTU, herunder administration
Minimum Requirements: Videregående akademisk/teknisk uddannelse (f.eks. ingeniør). Erfaring med felt- og laboratoriearbejde, særligt indenfor miljøkemi og renseteknologi i forbindelse med forurenet overfladevand fra befæstede overflader. Erfaring med forskning og uddannelse opnået f.eks. gennem en ph.d. uddannelse. Kommunikerer klart i skrift og tale på dansk og engelsk. 5-10 års erfaring. Erfaring med offentlig-private innovationsprojekter, klyngeprojekter eller lignende. Erfaring med projektadministration og projektansøgninger, gerne suppleret med uddannelse i projektledelse og organisationsforståelse. Erfaren netværker og teamplayer med kendskab til vandsektoren. Selvstændig og udadvendt personlighed

Deadline: December 21, 2018 | Published: December 9, 2018   07:09              

Department: DTU Physics
Duration: 2 y
Duties: The successful candidate will use and develop first-principles methods to model fundamental electronic processes (radiative and non-radiative) taking place around defects in semiconductors, including both conventional bulk- and 2D materials. The goal is to establish computational schemes for predictive modeling of the chemical, electronic, and optical properties of semiconductors with point defects, and use it to identify new candidate materials for solar energy conversion and single-photon light sources, respectively
Minimum Requirements: Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent. The successful postdoc candidate has a solid knowledge of solid state physics and practical experience with electronic structure calculations, at least at the density functional theory level. Programming experience (e.g. Python, C, C++) is preferred. Furthermore, the candidate should be highly motivated and willing to work as part of a team. Good communication skills in both spoken and written English, are a requirement

Deadline: February 1, 2019 | Published: December 9, 2018   07:07              

Department: Faculty of Engineering Technology
Duration: 2 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Design of a devulcanization process for tire material in a twin screw extruder. Your project consists of a processing as well as an application part. Within the first part, you will design the re-plasticization process and evaluate, compares and optimizes at least three basic paths: thermomechanical re-plasticization, physical breakdown, and chemical devulcanization. You will perform a compounding study for application of the best recycled elastomer in a blend with high-quality virgin compounds
Minimum Requirements: MSc degree in Rubber Technology, Polymer Technology, Mechanical Engineering, or a closely related discipline. Good knowledge/demonstrated awareness of fundamental aspects of rubber processing, in particular extrusion, and elastomer properties. Experience in processing and compounding elastomers. Awareness of analytical techniques for elastomeric materials such as rheology/viscosity measurements, mechanical properties, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), and microscopy. Critical attitude towards assessment of experimental results. Can work independently and define follow-up steps based on experimental results. Like to present your results to colleagues as well as industrial partners. Willing to travel between the Netherlands (Enschede) and Belgium (Frameries). Keen to learn more about elastomers, professional planning and conduction of projects as well as to further develop your soft skills. Fluent in English and express yourself easily in both, speech and writing (A TOEFL > 90 or IEL...

Deadline: December 31, 2018 | Published: December 9, 2018   00:14              

Duties: Non-Regular Type 1 (Contract) Instructors to be added to the Horticulture Qualified Faculty List and to teach one or a combination of the following Horticulture courses: HORT 1110 - Introduction to Sustainable Horticulture; HORT 2427 - Sustainable Landscape Design II; HORT 2442 - Arboriculture II
Minimum Requirements: Post graduate degree and experience teaching in a post-secondary horticulture or agriculture program

Published: December 8, 2018   23:53              

Department: School of Medicine
Duration: 2 y
Duties: The Research Assistant will support research studies based in the UCD CRC at St Vincent’s University Hospital, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and UCD Precision Medicine Core. This position will focus on the provision of somatic next generation sequencing testing for cancer patients as part of an initiative led by the Ireland East Hospital Group Cancer Academic Directorate. The successful candidate will liaise with clinicians, pathologists and bioinformaticians and perform the wet lab next generation sequencing experiments
Minimum Requirements: Honours Degree in Science or related discipline. Excellent laboratory skills. Excellent oral and written skills. Excellent IT skills. Ability to work under own initiative. Understanding of GCP and SOPs
Preferred Requirements: Previous involvement in clinical/translational studies and processing of clinical samples. Previous background in next generation sequencing

Deadline: January 15, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   23:41              

Duration: 4 y
Duties: Postdoctoral Training Fellows are expected to lead their own projects, contribute to other projects on a collaborative basis (both in the lab and with external collaborators) and guide PhD students in their research
Minimum Requirements: PhD in a relevant area or in the final stages of completion. Excellent track record as evidenced by publications or submitted manuscripts in wellregarded refereed journals. Knowledge and experience of molecular and cell biology. Experience of next generation sequencing techniques, such as ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq etc. Experience in signal transduction, ideally, TGF- family signalling. A highly creative and motivated individual, able to work independently and also capable of interacting well within a group, keeping detailed records of experiments, and communicating well. The ability to work in a team is essential
Preferred Requirements: Experience of working with stem cells

Deadline: January 3, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   23:21              

Duration: 1 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Overall management of patients in the assigned clinical unit. Formulate plans of management and co-ordinate appropriate consultation with other specialities. Supervise the selection and arrangement of appropriate investigations. Upon transferring clinical care provide handover to clinician taking over care. Ensure appropriate documentation occurs in the patient clinical record including a discharge summary upon transferring care to another provider. Ensure appropriate arrangements for transfer to the community are in place. Implement decisions on patient care which are taken by senior medical staff. Supervise and teach junior medical staff and medical students
Minimum Requirements: The ideal applicant will be someone who can demonstrate the following: Respect – demonstrates interpersonal savvy, manages conflict appropriately, communicates effectively and balances the needs of all stakeholders with utmost respect to all people at all times. Teamwork – collaborates effectively, develops talent, values differences and builds effective teams to bring about best use of resources to deliver healthcare services. Compassion – is completely patient/client focussed, demonstrates self-awareness and the effects of behaviour on others, deals with or manages ambiguity and complexity, demonstrates resilience in the delivery of patient services or support in the delivery of services to patients. High Performance – cultivates innovation, is action oriented, drives results and supports Metro North’s vision and purpose to exceed expectations of our patients and stakeholders. Integrity – demonstrates sound decision quality, ensures accountability, demonstrates courage in...

Deadline: December 21, 2018 | Published: December 8, 2018   22:41              

Department: Laboratory for Materials and Structures
Duration: 5 + 5 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The successful candidate will be required to carry out research on development of sub-10 nm scale new electronic materials and their devices mainly based on experimental investigations. The successful candidate will be required to engage in the education at Graduate Major in Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree. The successful applicant will have an outstanding track record about the investigations of nanoscale electronic materials or their devices in the field of solid-state electronics, solid-state physics, solid-state chemistry or materials science. The successful candidate must have a strong commitment to excellence in development of sub-10 nm scale new electronic materials and their devices

Deadline: January 17, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   13:17              

Department: Institute of Textiles and Clothing
Duration: 2 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The appointees will assist the project leader in the research project - “Bionic development of a real cool-fabric with the properties of transparentizing mid-IR and reflecting near-IR”
Minimum Requirements: Senior Research Fellow: PhD degree in Materials/Textile Technology/Chemistry/Environmental Engineering/Mechanical Design and Manufacturing/Electronic and Communications Engineering/Mathematics or other related fields plus at least six years of postdoctoral research experience. Research Fellow: PhD degree in any of the aforementioned fields plus at least three years of postdoctoral research experience. Research Associate: master’s degree in any of the afore-mentioned fields or a bachelor’s degree in any of the afore-mentioned fields with at least five years of research/relevant work experience. Research Assistant and Intern: bachelor’s degree in any of the afore-mentioned fields or an equivalent qualification

Published: December 8, 2018   12:40              

Duties: Mit dem Georg Forster-Forschungspreis werden Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aller Fachrichtungen für ihr bisheriges Gesamtschaffen ausgezeichnet, deren grundlegende Entdeckungen, neue Theorien oder Erkenntnisse das eigene Fachgebiet auch über das engere Arbeitsgebiet hinaus nachhaltig geprägt haben und von denen erwartet werden kann, dass sie auch in Zukunft an der Ausarbeitung forschungsbasierter Lösungsansätze für die spezifischen Herausforderungen der Schwellen- und Entwicklungsländer mitwirken
Minimum Requirements: Nominierte müssen die Staatsangehörigkeit eines Entwicklungs- oder Schwellenlandes besitzen

Published: December 8, 2018   08:43              

Duration: 1-24 m
Duties: Mit dem Forschungsstipendium der Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) haben Sie die Möglichkeit, ein selbst gewähltes Forschungsvorhaben in Kooperation mit einem selbst gewählten wissenschaftlichen Gastgeber an einer universitären oder ausgewählten nationalen Forschungseinrichtung in Japan durchzuführen
Minimum Requirements: Bewerben Sie sich, wenn Sie als hoch qualifizierter Nachwuchswissenschaftler aus Deutschland Ihre Promotion am 1. April des Finanzjahres (1. April bis 31. März) vor nicht mehr als sechs Jahren abgeschlossen haben

Published: December 8, 2018   08:43              

Duties: Für den Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel-Forschungspreis können in ihrem Fachgebiet bereits international anerkannte Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus dem Ausland, die ihre Promotion vor nicht mehr als 18 Jahren abgeschlossen haben, nominiert werden. Von ihnen wird erwartet, dass sie zukünftig durch weitere wissenschaftliche Spitzenleistungen ihr Fachgebiet auch über das engere Arbeitsgebiet hinaus nachhaltig prägen

Published: December 8, 2018   08:42              

Duties: Mit dem Sofja Kovalevskaja-Preis haben Sie die Möglichkeit, an einer selbst gewählten Forschungseinrichtung in Deutschland für die Dauer von fünf Jahren eine Arbeitsgruppe aufzubauen und ein hochrangiges und innovatives Forschungsprojekt eigener Wahl durchzuführen
Minimum Requirements: Bewerben Sie sich, wenn Sie als bereits erfolgreiche Spitzennachwuchswissenschaftlerin oder als erfolgreicher Spitzennachwuchswissenschaftler aus dem Ausland Ihre Promotion vor nicht mehr als sechs Jahren mit herausragendem Ergebnis abgeschlossen haben und Sie Publikationen in anerkannten internationalen Zeitschriften oder Verlagen vorweisen können

Published: December 8, 2018   08:42              

Duties: Bewerben Sie sich, wenn Sie: ein Forscher oder eine Forscherin mit überdurchschnittlicher Qualifikation in einem Entwicklungs- oder Schwellenland sind, ein langfristiges Forschungsvorhaben Ihrer Wahl (6 bis 24 Monate) an einer Forschungseinrichtung in Deutschland in Zusammenarbeit mit einem selbst gewählten wissenschaftlichen Gastgeber durchführen wollen, mit Ihrem Forschungsvorhaben einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Entwicklung Ihres Herkunftslandes oder Ihrer Herkunftsregion leisten wollen und zum Austausch von Wissen und Methoden zwischen Deutschland und Ihrem Herkunftsland beitragen können
Minimum Requirements: Promotion oder vergleichbarer akademischer Grad (Ph.D., C.Sc. oder Äquivalent), wobei der Abschluss bei Eingang der Bewerbung nicht länger als vier Jahre zurückliegt. Sollte die Promotion unmittelbar vor dem Abschluss stehen, ist eine Bewerbung bereits mit Vorlage des Dissertationsmanuskripts oder von Publikationen, die die Ergebnisse der Dissertation enthalten, möglich; jedoch frühestens 6 Monate vor dem Abschlusstermin der Dissertation; Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen in nach internationalem Standard referierten Zeitschriften und Verlagen; Wahl eines Forschungsvorhabens mit hoher Relevanz für die weitere Entwicklung des Herkunftslandes bzw. der Herkunftsregion; Forschungsplatz- und Betreuungszusage sowie ausführliche gutachterliche Stellungnahme einer wissenschaftlichen Gastgeberin bzw. eines wissenschaftlichen Gastgebers an einer Forschungseinrichtung in Deutschland; Referenzgutachten der Betreuerin bzw. des Betreuers der Doktorarbeit und eines weiteren Wissenschaftlers...

Published: December 8, 2018   08:42              

Duties: Als Medizinproduktetechnologe/-in bist Du verantwortlich für die Aufbereitung von Medizinprodukten für das Gesundheitswesen. Du arbeitest in einer Aufbereitungseinheit Medizinprodukte (AEMP) im Spital. Du bewirtschaftest Instrumente, Maschinen und Vorrichtungen, die bei operativen Eingriffen, bei diagnostischen Anwendungen und allgemeiner Pflege zum Einsatz kommen. Mit Hilfe von modernen Anlagen reinigst, desinfizierst und sterilisierst Du diese Produkte und unterziehst sie einer sorgfältigen Qualitätskontrolle
Minimum Requirements: Du hast eine abgeschlossene obligatorische Schulbildung auf Sekundarschule E oder A (mit Mindestnote 5 in relevanten Fächern), zudem hast Du gute Leistungen in den Bereichen Natur und Technik. Du zeichnest Dich durch folgende Eigenschaften aus: Du arbeitest gerne mit anderen Menschen zusammen und hast gute Umgangsformen. Du hast technisches Geschick und kannst nach Vorgaben gewissenhaft, verantwortungsbewusst, sorgfältig, hygienisch sauber und korrekt arbeiten. Du arbeitest gerne in einem Team, selbstständiges Arbeiten und Organisieren bereiten Dir ebenso Freude

Published: December 8, 2018   07:20              

Department: Asklepios Facility Services Hamburg GmbH
Duties: Wir bieten Ihnen eine gezielte, qualifizierte Einarbeitung in ein interessantes und vielseitiges Aufgabengebiet in einem engagierten, motiviertem Team. Es erwarten Sie ein moderner und technisch anspruchsvoll gestalteter Arbeitsplatz sowie gute Arbeitsbedingungen. Sie erhalten ein HVV-ProfiTicket zzgl. Arbeitgeberzuschuss
Minimum Requirements: Fundiertes Fachwissen, im Idealfall durch DGSV Fachkundelehrgang 1 und mehrjährige Berufserfahrung. Gute Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache in Wort und Schrift. Flexibilität und Eigeninitiative. Bereitschaft zu Schichtdiensten und Wochenendarbeit. Team- und Kommunikationsfähigkeit sowie ausgeprägte Dienstleistungsmentalität

Published: December 8, 2018   06:53              

Department: Johann-Friedrich-Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 65%
Duties: Wolbachia is a group of maternally inherited intracellular Alphaproteobacteria found in arthropod and nematode hosts and based on meta-analyses, up to 52% of all terrestrial arthropod species are estimated to be infected. However, pathways of horizontal transfer between different hosts remain to be elucidated. Within the proposed project we will use a phylogenomic approach to compare the relative contribution of phylogeny, ecology, and biogeography on horizontal transmission of Wolbachia strains among arthropods. For this purpose we will screen the infection status of arthropod communities of four selected plant species in Germany and the USA
Minimum Requirements: Applicants need to hold a diploma or MSc degree in biology or a related field and to have solid experience with molecular methodology, particularly with respect to molecular systematics. Experience in generating and/or analysing next generations sequencing data is desirable. A background in entomology would be helpful, but is not necessary. Working language is German and English. Doctoral students are supposed to take part in seminars and supervising students. This position is designed to foster young researchers and scientists and give the successful applicant the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree

Deadline: December 27, 2018 | Published: December 8, 2018   06:40              

Duration: 3+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The Jack O’Neil Laboratory of Amyloidosis Research and Diagnosis is located within the NAC and is currently looking for a Molecular Biology Technician to work in a small, highly specialised team using a wide range of molecular techniques in order to investigate genes associated with hereditary amyloidosis and hereditary autoinflammatory syndromes. This involves molecular biology techniques, such as PCR, gel electrophoresis, RFLP and Sanger sequencing and preparing samples for testing, this includes performing DNA extraction
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will hold a degree in molecular biology or similar subject and have a thorough practical knowledge and experience in DNA testing techniques including the next generation sequencing library preparation methodologies. The successful candidate will be able to interpret results from the 3130xl ABI Genetic Analyser and discuss DNA testing results at multi-disciplinary meetings with principal research fellows and senior clinical academic staff

Deadline: January 2, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   06:34              

Duties: Control of antibiotic therapy in care-associated infections. The activity will include the assessment of infections in hospitalized patients in close collaboration with the hospital's microbiology and with the pharmacy. The research fellow will carry out his/her activity in different departments of the hospital and in particular in the area of intensive care, first aid and surgery. The objective is to obtain epidemiological and clinical data in order to develop diagnostic and treatment paths based on the rules of diagnostic and therapeutic appropriateness
Minimum Requirements: Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Deadline: December 18, 2018 | Published: December 8, 2018   06:22              

Department: Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering
Duration: tenure-track        Workload: 100%
Duties: The successful candidates will benefit from a reduced teaching load and will be expected to develop and maintain an ongoing, world-class research program commensurate with the prestigious NSERC Industry Research Chair program. Close collaboration with the industry partner and other relevant collaborators is essential. Candidates are expected to attract significant external research funding, supervise graduate students and other highly qualified personnel, and teach both undergraduate and graduate courses
Minimum Requirements: Proven track record of excellence in teaching and research with extensive expertise in one or more of the following research areas: Precision agriculture; Irrigation, hydrology, and water management; Sustainable methods of automation and food processing. Earned doctoral degree in an engineering discipline that is closely aligned with one or more of the School of Sustainable Design Engineering’s strategic focus areas. Eligible for registration as a Professional Engineer in the Province of Prince Edward Island. Industry experience as a practicing professional engineer, or experience gained through collaborative R&D projects with industry clients

Published: December 8, 2018   06:20              

Department: Department of Crop Sciences
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Your duties will include conducting research in the area of plant quantitative genetics, specifically involving methodologies to predict the number of loci controlling measured traits. Your tasks will primarily involve computational, analytical, and theoretical work, but may also include time in the field and/or lab. Your work will take place in the research group of Professor Timothy Beissinger. In addition to your research-related responsibilities, you will teach courses as defined in Section 31 of the Higher Education Act of Lower Saxony (NHG) and Administer examinations
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will hold a highly qualified PhD in Quantitative Genetics, Population Genetics, Plant/Animal breeding, Statistics, Bioinformatics, or a related field and have an interest in methods development. The applicant's willingness to work in a collaborative research group, which requires proficiency in the English language, is critical. Candidates should have a demonstrated ability to present their work at scientific meetings, publish results, and teach effectively. Please note: fluency in German is not required

Deadline: January 14, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   06:11              

Department: School of Biological & Chemical Sciences
Workload: 100%
Duties: Making significant research contributions in Structural Cell Biology as demonstrated by recent papers in high quality journals and competitively awarded research grant income or convincing potential to generate income. We are particularly keen to recruit someone who can further develop the use of state-of-the-art approaches to cell structure such as cryo-electron tomography and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. The ability to contribute to one or more of our research strengths in Chromosome biology, Structural Biology, Bioenergetics, Microbial Cell Biology, Cell Signalling or Healthy ageing would be an advantage. Teaching and the assessment of student achievement in Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences or Physiology
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will have a strong track record of publishing high quality papers and the ability to establish an internationally-competitive research group

Deadline: January 4, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   06:10              

Department: Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: You will be involved in projects aimed at identify the causative genetic defect in patients with congenital myopathy and congenital muscular dystrophy by applying Omics methods (whole exome/genome sequencing, RNA-seq). The main duties of the post are to analyse the identified genetic variants in the patients and to perform functional validation of the candidate causative genes
Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have a PhD in a relevant subject, will have experience in analysis of whole exome/genome sequencing data, cell and molecular biology techniques, including cell culture, PCR, RT-PCR, molecular cloning and zebrafish work

Deadline: January 1, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   06:08              

Department: Chemistry
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The postholder will focus in particular on the application of both forcefield and quantum chemical methods to study energy materials particularly for Mg and other multivalent batteries. They will contribute to the design and implementation of calculations to study the electronic properties of advanced functional materials, and perform, record, analyse and write up the results of these calculations
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will have a PhD degree (or near to being awarded a PhD) in Chemistry, Physics or Materials Science in a relevant subject area, in-depth knowledge of both forcefield and electronic structure calculations, electronic localisation and ionic transport in complex solids, and working knowledge on the simulation of defects and doping in functional materials. A track record of effective interaction with experimental scientists, demonstrated through joint publications, is a must. The appointee will have a strong publication track record, a demonstrated commitment to excellence and exceptional skills in computational materials science. They will be expected to work in a highly multidisciplinary collaborative team, and have effective communication skills

Deadline: December 21, 2018 | Published: December 8, 2018   05:38              

Department: Fachbereich „Oberflächenanalytik und Grenzflächenchemie“
Duties: Selbständige und verantwortliche Entwicklung und Anwendung von neuen Verfahren für die Sekundärionen-Massenspektrometrie (SIMS) und die Auger-Elektronenspektroskopie (AES) einschliesslich der Einwerbung und Durchführung von Forschungsprojekten. Geräteverantwortlicher und Prüfleiter für die SIMS und AES Grossgeräte einschliesslich der Pflege der Standardarbeitsanweisungen für die Akkreditierung nach ISO DIN 17025 und Mitarbeit in der Normung der Verfahren. Fachliche Betreuung von Doktoranden und Post-Docs im Themenfeld Analytical Sciences der BAM
Minimum Requirements: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium (Master oder Diplom) der Fachrichtungen Chemie, Physik, Material- oder Nanowissenschaften mit sehr guter einschlägiger Promotion. Mehrjährige Erfahrung in den Bereichen SIMS und AES sowie übergreifende Kenntnisse in chemischer Oberflächenanalytik. Erfahrungen im Einwerben von Drittmitteln und im Management von F&E Projekten, Nachgewiesene Publikationstätigkeit im relevanten Forschungsgebiet. Sehr gute mündliche und schriftliche Ausdrucksfähigkeit in Deutsch und Englisch

Deadline: January 15, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   05:34              

Department: Cancer Institute
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: We are looking to appoint a Senior Trial Coordinator to manage our increasing number of trials. The Senior Trial Coordinator (STC) is responsible for managing a portfolio of trials; ensuring that they are conducted according to the protocol, GCP and relevant regulations, and according to planned timelines. The STC has line management responsibility for Trial Coordinators (TC) and Data Managers (DM) and is expected to ensure that all members of his/her team are appropriately trained, supported and empowered to carry out their roles effectively. The STC must also ensure systems are in place to monitor the work of the team and the conduct of the trial so that problems are identified and can be dealt with at the earliest opportunity
Minimum Requirements: The postholder will have a Medical, nursing or life sciences degree, and preferably a relevant post-graduate degree. They should also have considerable experience of conducting clinical trials, including developing a project plan, developing protocols, case report forms and other trial-related documents, site set-up, monitoring trial progress, and how databases are prepared for analysis, and trial close down. Experience of conducting CTIMPs, preparing trial-related contracts and submissions to MHRA, REC and R&D is essential. The postholder will also have formal training in GCP and the UK Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trial) Regulations and experience of supervising staff (including staff motivation, monitoring work performance, conducting staff appraisals, and interviewing and recruiting staff). Experience of conducting CTIMPs with supplied IMP would be advantageous, as would preious experience of working in an academic Clinical Trials Unit

Deadline: December 21, 2018 | Published: December 8, 2018   05:32              

Duration: 2+ y
Duties: The proposed project aims at bridging neuronal circuit development and epigenetics and focuses on the regulation of neuronal identity and plasticity during topographic circuit assembly. The relay of sensory information from the external world is achieved through the assembly of topographic connectivity maps. However, the mechanisms allowing coordinated gene transcription underlying the establishment of point-to-point connectivity are still poorly understood. We are currently interested in mapping chromatin states in identified neuronal subsets during sensory circuit formation
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will be interested in these topics and hold a recent PhD with significant expertise in chromatin analysis approaches (e.g. ChIP-seq, ATAC-Seq, 4C-seq). Candidates with strong background in molecular and/or functional aspects of circuit formation will also be considered

Published: December 8, 2018   05:25              

Department: Dekanat der Fakultät für Chemie
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Das Projekt wird im Rahmen der Initative „Qualität plus“ vom Niedersächsischen Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur gefördert. Die Projektleitung hat die wissenschaftliche Referentin im Studiendekanat inne. Das Aufgabenfeld der zu besetzenden Stelle umfasst neben der Projektkoordination die Umsetzung der einzelnen Teilprojekte. Dazu gehören die Entwicklung eines Online-Self-Assessment- und Interventionstools, die Entwicklung einer digitalen Laborassistenz, die Erstellung aufgabenbasierter Videotutorials und die digitale Visualisierung zur Förderung mathematisch-chemischer Modellkompetenzen
Minimum Requirements: Voraussetzung ist ein abgeschlossenes Chemie- oder Chemie-nahes Studium (Master, Diplom, Lehramt oder vergleichbarer Abschluss). Medienkompetenz (vorzugsweise im Bereich eLeaning) ist ebenso erwünscht wie eigene Lehrerfahrung im naturwissenschaftlichen Kontext, z. B. als Hilfskraft bei der Betreuung von Laborpraktika oder Übungsgruppen. Wichtig sind ebenfalls sehr gute deutsche und englische Sprachkenntnisse, Freude an der Kommunikation mit unterschiedlichen Zielgruppen und Teamfähigkeit. Erfahrung in der Beratung von Studierenden und im Projektmanagement sind von Vorteil

Deadline: January 4, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   05:21              

Department: Department of Systems Medicine
Duties: Multidisciplinary translational simulation for non-technical skills and human factors in healthcare. First aim is to evaluate if a multidysciplinary traslational simulation prpgram can help diagnosing and intervening on latent safety threats with a mitigation of the human factors and an improvement of health service performance. Second aim is to determine whether the integration of this program in healthcare students curricula can model early their behaviors with a positive impact on human error prevention and patient's safety
Minimum Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Deadline: December 18, 2018 | Published: December 8, 2018   00:13              

Department: High Throughput Biomedicine Unit
Duration: 19 m
Duties: Laboratory Coordinator for High Throughput Screening Operations to support assay development and day-to-day operations. The primary activities of the position include, but are not limited to scientific laboratory support for ongoing projects; method and protocol development; managing laboratory automation and high throughput screening equipment; maintenance of laboratory and equipment. The tasks include streamlining of internal processes such as ordering, managing inventories, experimental work, developing standard operating protocols and data management
Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree or equivalent in biotechnology, biology, biochemistry, biomedical laboratory science, engineering, or a related discipline. Proven experience with at least handling of clinical samples, cell culture, biochemical, molecular, or cellular techniques, assay development, microscopy, laboratory automation, and high-throughput screening. Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting, and analytical skills. Ability to work systematically. Fluency in English. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Service-minded attitude. Ability to work independently as well as within a team

Published: December 8, 2018   00:11              

Department: Veterinary Tropical Diseases
Workload: 100%
Duties: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor in Veterinary Microbiology/Parasitology. The successful candidate will participate in teaching and learning of undergraduate and postgraduate veterinary and veterinary nursing students in Veterinary Microbiology/Parasitology; lead departmental research programmes; conducting research and publish in peer-reviewed international journals; participate in departmental and faculty administrative and other duties as delegated by the Head of the Department; render community and other services to farmers, the veterinary profession, etc
Minimum Requirements: BVSc- or BVMCh-degree or an equivalent veterinary qualification. Master’s or equivalent postgraduate degree at the time of appointment or registered for an MSc to be completed within two years of appointment. Registration (or registrable) as a Veterinarian with SAVC. At least two years’ experience in microbiology/parasitology. Demonstrable interest in research. Evidence of continued professional development or continued education development. Participation in extracurricular academic activities or events. Commitment to develop a teaching and learning portfolio required at the lecturer level. Demonstrate strong potential to become an established specialist researcher. Proven competence in basic microbiology/parasitology, research project design and data analysis. Proven skills in disease investigation and health management interventions. Research interest appropriate to the position. Good language and communication skills (written and verbal comprehension and verbal expression). Gen...
Preferred Requirements: Evidence of applicable teaching experience. At least one peer reviewed paper in an ISI accredited scientific journal. Experience in vector-borne and zoonotic diseases

Deadline: January 18, 2019 | Published: December 8, 2018   00:02              

Duration: 6 y
Duties: Immunological biomarkers, as predictive and prognostic factors in gastro-intestinal cancer. Research biomarkers that may have a significance of predictability on the effectiveness of systemic treatment in patients affected by gastro-intestinal cancer
Minimum Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Deadline: December 19, 2018 | Published: December 7, 2018   23:59              

Department: School of Health Systems and Public Health
Workload: 100%
Duties: The incumbent will be responsible for the curriculation and co-ordination of health policy and management modules at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels; participating in the teaching of health policy and management/core modules offered by the School; research supervision of DPH/MPH/MSc/PhD students in the SHSPH; strengthening health policy and management research within the SHSPH as well collaborative research within the Faculty and the University; developing partnerships with local and international public health scientists for research development, etc
Minimum Requirements: Specialist degree in Public Health Medicine e.g MMed (Public Health) or FCPHM(SA), or a doctorate in the field of public health. Postgraduate teaching experience. Research supervision experience. Relevant publications in journals accepted by the South African Department of Higher Education for subsidy purposes. Good interpersonal skills
Preferred Requirements: International experience and exposure. Experience in course design at postgraduate level. Experience in Health Policy and Management in a health system

Deadline: January 3, 2019 | Published: December 7, 2018   23:30              

Duration: 2+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Postdoctoral Fellow to work on a unique project on the hormonal regulation of mRNA translation in prostate cancer. The research environment will be highly collaborative, with regular interactions with other members of the Prostate Cancer Research Program as well as cancer biologists from a number of Peter Mac laboratories. The candidate will work on joint initiatives but will also be responsible for independently managing specified projects
Minimum Requirements: Successful completion of PhD in a science degree in biological sciences or a related field or equivalent qualifications or research experience. Extensive prior experience in polysome and/or ribosome profiling techniques to assess differential mRNA translation in cells. Extensive knowledge of the intracellular signalling pathways regulating protein synthesis. Experience working with genetically engineered mouse models of cancer. Extensive prior experience in molecular biology, RNA biology, qPCR. High level organisational skills, with demonstrated capacity to establish and achieve goals. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Ability to attend and contribute at laboratory meetings, seminars and journal club meetings as required. Ability to work after hours or on weekends when the research demands so dictates. Demonstrated capacity to work in a collegiate manner with other staff in the workplace
Preferred Requirements: Experience in viral transduction. Basic knowledge of molecular endocrinology

Deadline: January 7, 2019 | Published: December 7, 2018   17:59              

Department: Division of Biological Sciences
Duration: 5 y tenure-track
Duties: Study on the cellular process controlled by ubiquitin - proteasome system
Minimum Requirements: Ph.D. as of April 1, 2019. We seek a person who can engage in the study on the ubiquitin system

Deadline: January 11, 2019 | Published: December 7, 2018   17:31              

Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Original research contributions to the core program of the Computational Regulatory Genomics Group. Establish an independent research topic within the general scope of the group’s scientific interests. Contribution toward the functioning of group’s computational infrastructure and development of algorithms and software. Active participation in training of the staff and students by providing advice and information to PhD and MSc students in the group. Possible direct supervision of PhD or MSc students (max. one at a time)
Minimum Requirements: PhD (or equivalent experience) in computational biology and regulatory genomics. Strong publication record, including first-author papers, and evidence of ability to write scientific papers independently. Background in machine learning methods for analysing genome organisation. Evidence of proficiency in more than one general programming language (Python or C/C++ are preferred) and experience with programming and analysis of next generation sequencing data in R/Bioconductor. experience with computational analysis of genomic regulatory elements, gene expression or transcriptional regulatory networks. Knowledge of molecular biology and genomics. Knowledge of eukaryotic gene regulation. Experience with extraction and analysis of genome-wide data from ArrayExpress, GEO, Ensembl and/or UCSC Genome Browser. High level of motivation and drive, and the desire to become an independent investigator. Evidence of ability to organise and conduct complex research projects. Good written and verbal co...
Preferred Requirements: Knowledge of applications of statistics in molecular biology, genomics or population genetics. Applications of machine learning, Bayesian data analysis and linear algebra in computational biology

Deadline: December 24, 2018 | Published: December 7, 2018   17:28              

Department: Barts Cancer Institute
Duration: 2+ y
Duties: Applications are sought for a postdoctoral research assistant to undertake research into how the cytoskeleton of cancer cells impact the tumour microenvironment. The successful applicant will have a PhD in a relevant biological subject and significant research laboratory experience in tumour microenvironment. The research will be based in the Centre for Cancer and Inflammation, Barts Cancer Institute, within the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London
Minimum Requirements: Essential requirements for this post include cancer biology experience and an appropriate publication record. Experience with microscopy and cell signalling would be an advantage. A demonstrated ability to communicate well, work within a team and maintain good laboratory records is also essential

Deadline: January 31, 2019 | Published: December 7, 2018   17:16              

Department: DTU Bioinformatics
Duties: As a Data Manager, you will be expected to lead, facilitate and coordinate data acquisition and data management procedures for both the IMI funded DIRECT and the “Danish Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics Platform for Precision Medicine’s projects. You will be working in close collaboration with the Data Management team in order to manage the relevant data systems in the most efficient way. You will also be acting as a management interface between the group’s scientists and DTU´s High Performance Computing team, Computerome
Minimum Requirements: Candidates must hold a PhD degree (or higher) in biological sciences, computer sciences, bioinformatics or equivalent fields. The ability to communicate efficiently with molecular biologists and medical doctors, as with computer scientists and engineers. Experience in biological data analysis such as next generation sequencing and/or proteomics tools and pipelines, data integration and network biology. Experience with systems administration, Citrix environment, MySQL database design and maintenance, design and implementation of eCRFs, handling of data types from diverse biological applications (NGS, metagenomics, metabolomics, MRI scans, clinical data, etc.). Skills within development of novel tools and pipelines to facilitate methods and data formats. Understanding and familiarity with High Performance Computing environments. Fluency in both spoken and written English. Great communication skills in written and oral form with multidisciplinary partners and stakeholders

Deadline: December 21, 2018 | Published: December 7, 2018   14:19              

Department: Didaktik der Chemie
Duration: 2.5 y
Duties: Projekt: "Internationale Junior Science Olympiade (IJSO 2020)". Der Aufgabenbereich umfasst: die Koordination der Vorbereitung, insbesondere die Strukturierung der Prozessabläufe zwischen den verschiedenen Teilprojekten, die zeitliche Strukturierung der Projektmeilensteine sowie der damit verbundenen Berichtlegung in Abstimmung mit der Projektleitung bzw. der Abteilungsleitung und dem Finanzmanagement, die Koordination der Prozesse zur Veranstaltungsorganisation in Frankfurt, insbesondere die Kommunikation zwischen den Projektteams in Kiel und Frankfurt
Minimum Requirements: ein wissenschaftlicher Abschluss; einschlägige Erfahrungen im Bereich Projektmanagement/Veranstaltungsmanagement/Wissenschaftsmanagement; einschlägige Erfahrungen in Personalführung; sicherer Umgang mit Datenbanken und gängigen MS-Office-Anwendungen; sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift; Erfahrungen mit der Nutzung von Managementtools und Kenntnisse in der Finanzverwaltung von (Drittmittel)-Projekten von Vorteil

Deadline: January 13, 2019 | Published: December 7, 2018   12:16              

Workload: 80-100%
Duties: Renseigner et conseiller nos assurés par téléphone sur différentes questions en lien avec l'assurance-maladie, en français et en anglais. Traitement des prestations ambulatoires dans le domaine assurance-maladie. Différentes tâches administratives et correspondance à nos assurés et prestataires de soins. Gérer les modifications de contrats et les mutations dans nos systèmes informatiques
Minimum Requirements: Formation de base comme assistant/e en pharmacie ou employé/e de commerce. Expérience avec service clientèle demandée; expérience en assurance-maladie exigée. Parfaite maîtrise du français; très bonnes connaissances d'anglais demandées. Très à l'aise dans les contacts avec la clientèle; bon esprit d'équipe. Autonomie, précision et rigueur dans le travail

Published: December 7, 2018   07:15              

Department: Division of Biosciences
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The post holder will assist in the Development of am organotypic culture model of Alzheimer’s disease. The post holder will be an active member of the research group assisting in the development of research proposals and the planning and delivery of the research activity within a specified area so that the overall research objectives of the project are met. The role holder will be expected to produce independent, original contributions to the subject area
Minimum Requirements: A PhD in biological sciences is essential as is experience in cell/tissue culture and molecular biology. The post holder will have substantial postdoc experience of working in as a molecular biologist in a research laboratory environment with skills in cell culture and molecular biology and immunohistochemistry

Deadline: December 20, 2018 | Published: December 7, 2018   06:26              

Department: Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB)
Workload: 50%
Duties: Performing technical examinations of ophthalmic patients according to study protocols (such as visual acuity, retinal imaging). Capturing data in (electronic) case report forms. Documenting clinical study procedures according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. Interdisciplinary cooperation. Preparation of and responsibility for study monitoring. General administrative activities related to conducting clinical trials
Minimum Requirements: Education as MTA/MPA or Study Nurse. Ability to work independently and with personal responsibility as well as flexibility. Strong service orientation and ability and willingness to work in a team. Professional experience in the field of ophthalmology advantageous. Further knowledge in ophthalmic diagnostics including the performance of retinal imaging (such as OCT) advantageous. Good command of spoken and written German and English advantageous. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) knowledge advantageous

Deadline: January 31, 2019 | Published: December 7, 2018   05:57              

Department: Molecular Pathology
Duration: 3+2 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Tissue sampling and single-cell isolation from clinical specimens. Nucleic acid extraction and library preparation for single-cell genomic and transcriptomic profiling. Handling and maintenance of single-cell equipment in the lab. To contribute to the publication of high quality research in the form of papers, patents, and presentations at meetings. To work independently on a defined project and as part of a team, and to consult when appropriate. To communicate effectively with other members of the team and collaborators, where necessary, ICR and outside organisations
Minimum Requirements: A good first degree in biological sciences or equivalent. Experience with single cell sequencing. Experience with next-generation sequencing. Good laboratory techniques including trouble-shooting skills. Excellent organisational skills. Ability to independently implement and optimise molecular biology and genomics protocols. Ability to keep good and accurate records. Proficient use of IT/Good computer literacy and able to use basic tools (Office, Excel). Committed and highly motivated. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Willingness to learn new techniques/approaches. Ability to interact effectively with other team members and work as a part of a dynamic team to drive projects forward. Ability to work with limited supervision. Good verbal and written communication skills. Ability to work with limited supervision
Preferred Requirements: PhD in biological sciences or equivalent. Experience with FFPE and fresh tissue macro and microdissection. Experience with Laser Captured Microdissection. Experience with immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, cryosectioning and digital droplet PCR. Experience with bisulfite sequencing, FISH, RT-PCR. Experience with public bioinformatics resources (e.g. genome browsers, gene ontology, etc). Experience with computational biology/bioinformatics tools

Deadline: January 7, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   22:34              

Department: VIB-KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research
Duration: 2+ y
Duties: You will explore single-cell epigenomics and transcriptomics data, generated in the lab and highly focused on the developing neurons of the human cerebral cortex. Using computational approaches you will infer gene regulatory networks, and study the impact of specific genetic networks on the development of human neurons, how these compare with neurons from other species, and in pathological contexts such as intellectual deficiency and autism spectrum disorders. This highly multidisciplinary project will be undertaken in active collaboration with the Aerts Lab, leader in bioinformatics and transcriptional mechanisms
Minimum Requirements: PhD in Bioinformatics, Engineering, Computer Science, Bio-engineering, or Life Sciences. Programming skills. A computational mindset and a strong interest in computational biology
Preferred Requirements: Experience with Machine learning is a plus, but not absolutely required

Published: December 6, 2018   22:33              

Duties: The University Vice Chancellor and Principal (VC) is responsible for providing strategic leadership. The VC is the head of the Executive Management team and is accountable to the University Council. The VC must play the role of key academic influencer within a scholarly community and work productively with all institutional stakeholders. S/he is also responsible for the financial viability of the University (including fundraising), good governance and future sustainability
Minimum Requirements: PhD/Doctorate Degree. Full Professor or appointable as Full Professor in accordance with UKZN criteria. At least eight (8) years’ demonstrable leadership and executive management experience in a Faculty, College research unit/institute, business or University level. Established academic and internationally renowned scholar with an excellent publication and research record and portfolio of scholarship achievements which may be indicated by research publications; NRF rating or equivalent; H index as an indication of productivity and impact; academic awards; visiting professorships/fellowships; invitations to present papers at national and international conferences; serving on boards of scholarly journals etc. Unquestionable integrity with strong interpersonal and financial capabilities. Ability to establish substantive networks internally and externally with different stakeholders. Ability to provide visionary and ethical leadership, and demonstrated ability to build talent and manage ...

Deadline: January 11, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   22:26              

Department: Immunology Division
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Analysis of the MHC class I ligandome during bacterial infection and contribution of posttranslationally modified peptides to immune defense. A project to determine to which extent proteasome-mediated post-translational peptide modification plays a shaping the antigenic landscape on cells infected with intracellular pathogens. The design and execution of experiments based on leads from a previous project, communication with international collaborators, data analysis, and manuscript preparation. In addition, you will have opportunity to co-supervise several PhD students
Minimum Requirements: PhD in Cell Biology, Biochemistry or Immunology. Expertise in molecular biological, biochemical and/or immunological techniques. Record of relevant peer-reviewed publications. Excellent English oral, written and presentation skills. Ability to think critically and creatively
Preferred Requirements: Excellent organisational and communicative skills and to work both independently and as part of an (inter)national team

Deadline: December 21, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   22:21              

Department: Medical Faculty
Duration: tenure-track
Duties: The ideal applicant has a deep interest in the connection between the structure and function of specific neural circuits and behavior, ideally in the mouse model system. The candidate should therefore have expertise in one or more of the following fields: i) Connectomic approaches that help to decipher the wiring diagram of CNS structures, ii) in-vivo recording approaches with cellular resolution in awake animals, and iii) complex behavioral paradigms in freely moving animals. In addition, due to the high complexity of all these data sets, there should be a high level of expertise in the application of mathematical methods. An interest in mechanisms of CNS disorders is desirable
Minimum Requirements: We are looking for a personality with outstanding scientific achievements and third-party funding as well as qualification in teaching. The future job holder should be prepared to engage with and integrate into the neuroscience community in Bonn, as well as to participate in existing or planned research networks, in particular SFB 1089 'Synaptic Micronetworks in Health and Disease'

Deadline: December 21, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   14:54              

Department: Institut für Biodiversität
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Projektablaufkontrolle: Überwachung der Meilensteine und Fortschritte über regelmässige interne Berichte sowie Koordinierung der Berichtspflichten gegenüber dem Projektträger. Organisation und Koordination von Projekttreffen. Koordinierung der Zusammenarbeit der Projektpartner. Projektmanagement in den Bereichen Datenhaltung, Datenbank des Gesamtprojekts, Entwicklung und Abstimmung einer Datenmanagementstrategie. Unterstützung der allgemeinen und fachlichen Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Minimum Requirements: abgeschlossenes Studium an einer Hochschule (Univ.-Diplom, M.Sc.) in den Fachrichtungen Landschaftsökologie, Naturschutz, Geoökologie, Agrarwissenschaften oder ähnlichen Fachdisziplinen. Promotion in einer der Fachrichtungen oder vergleichbare Qualifikation erwünscht. Interesse an agrar-/umweltwissenschaftlichen Fragestellungen erforderlich. Erfahrung in Projektkoordination und Projektmanagement erforderlich. gute Kenntnisse und fundierte Erfahrungen mit Freilandarbeiten bzw. im Feldversuchswesen erwünscht. gute Kenntnisse in MS/Open-Office-Anwendungen, insbesondere Excel erwünscht. Kenntnisse in der statistischen Datenanalyse, vorzugsweise mit R, wünschenswert. fundierte Artenkenntnis der Gefässpflanzen und Erfahrung mit floristischen/vegetationskundlichen Geländearbeiten erforderlich. Fähigkeit zu selbstständigem Arbeiten notwendig. hohe Teamfähigkeit und Flexibilität notwendig. sehr gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift erforderlich. Führerschein der Klasse III (...

Deadline: December 17, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   14:51              

Department: Institut für Biomaterialforschung
Duration: 2+ y
Duties: Ausbau, Pflege und Weiterentwicklung des Qualitätsmanagementsystems nach DIN EN ISO 13485. Implementierung neuer regulatorischer Anforderungen für die Produkte und das Qualitätsmanagementsystem. Koordination aller projektspezifischen Massnahmen und Aktivitäten zur Erstellung von qualitätsrelevanten Dokumenten. Verantwortliche Koordination der Erstellung der Technischen Dokumentationen. Verantwortliche Vorbereitung und Begleitung des Zertifizierungsprozesses. Durchführung von Qualitätsschulungen¸ Überwachung der QM-gerechten Dokumentation durch technische und wissenschaftliche Projektmitarbeiter
Minimum Requirements: Abschluss eines Hochschulstudiums der Pharmazie, Biologie, Medizin oder einer angrenzenden natur-, ingenieur- oder medizinalwissenschaftlichen Fachrichtung, vorzugsweise mit Promotion. Berufserfahrung von mind. 5 Jahren im Qualitätsmanagement für Medizinprodukte (DIN EN ISO 13485); Erfahrung bei der Zertifizierung von Qualitätsmanagementsystemen. Erfahrung bei der CE-Kennzeichnung von Medizinprodukten (MDD, MDR). Detailkenntnisse der grundlegenden Regularien für Medizinprodukte (MPG); Kenntnisse von Qualitäts- und Sicherheitsstandards der Pharmaindustrie sowie der nationalen und internationalen Arzneibücher und der relevanten Gesetze und Normen (AMG, AMWHV, EU-GMP-Leitfaden, cGMP Richtlinien, PIC/S-Leitlinien, relevante DIN EN ISO Normenreihen, etc.) vorteilhaft. Erfahrungen und Kenntnisse zum Arbeiten im Reinraum sowie der Vorbereitung klinischer Studien vorteilhaft. strukturierte und gewissenhafte Arbeitsweise; Flexibilität. sehr gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift. Be...

Deadline: January 2, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   14:31              

Department: Institut für Umwelttechnik und Energiewirtschaft
Duration: 3 y
Duties: Durchführung von wiss. Aufgaben im Rahmen des Projektes: „Recovery of Critical Raw Materials from WEEE and other wastes with a focus on Biomining". Das Projekt umfasst die Sammlung und Erfassung von Elektroaltgeräten (EAG) aus dem Post-Consumer-Bereich, von Grossrechenzentren sowie Industrie- und Gewerbe, die mechanische Aufbereitung und die Entwicklung von Verfahren zur mechanischen, chemischen und biochemischen Rückgewinnung von kritischen Metallen. Dabei sollen Versuche im Technikum durchgeführt und labortechnisch begleitet und ausgewertet werden
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium, insbesondere der Fachrichtung/en Verfahrenstechnik, Chemie-Ingenieurwesen, Umwelt-Ingenieurwesen ...Da viele Projekte mit Deutschen Industriepartner durchgeführt werden, ist eine gute Kenntnis der Deutschen Sprache Voraussetzung. Praxiserfahrungen auf den Gebieten Analytik von „Kritischen Metallen", Biotechnologische Techniken zur Metallrückgewinnung/Biomining, Verwertung von Elektroaltgeräten sind erwünscht

Deadline: December 20, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   14:06              

Workload: 100%
Duties: We are looking for an Assistant Professor or Associate Professor (Tenure Track) in the field of Biomechanics of Soft Biological Motor and Adhesive Systems, linked to Biomimetics. We expect you to develop your own research line within the 4TU consortium ‘Soft Robotics’. We expect you to attract research funds for this line, to build up a leading international position, and that your work contributes to the development of the next generation bioinspired soft robots for medical and agricultural applications. You will focus on the unraveling of neuro-mechanical principles of soft motor and adhesive systems as for instance found in the arms of cephalopods (squid, catfish, octopus) and toe pads of tree frogs
Minimum Requirements: PhD in biology, (bio)physics, mechanical engineering, or comparable discipline; knowledge and expertise in several of the following research fields: biomechanics, neuro-mechanics, soft tissue mechanics, biomimetics; outstanding research achievements with publications in leading journals; excellent communication and collaboration skills; didactic skills and enthusiasm for teaching and working with students; the ambition to develop to personal professor in the Wageningen Tenure Track system; enthusiasm for managing complex projects; experience with acquisition of research funding, as shown by awarded scholarships or grants

Deadline: January 15, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   13:44              

Department: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Duration: 2 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: As a scientist at the Division of Energy and materials you are an important part of a group that conducts experimental and theoretical research in energy conversion processes as well as corrosion processes. You will have a lot of freedom for research and analysis within given frames were we expect you to have worked with material characterization techniques and thermal conversion experiments before. You have also preferably been involved in research and development work involving solid fuel combustion or gasification and you have experience from field campaigns in these
Minimum Requirements: You have a PhD-exam in Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Physics or similar. You are a person that are highly motivated and curious in finding explanations for observed phenomena in your research. You enjoy practical work, working within new fields, are solution-oriented and willing to learn new methods

Deadline: January 4, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   13:33              

Department: Parasitology
Duration: until 31st March 2021        Workload: 100%
Duties: The CSRI is currently recruiting a Post-Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) to be part of a substantial, multi-disciplinary research team dedicated to identifying and implementing systems and tools to improve the treatment of tropical snakebite. As part of the project, you will lead, design and establish in-house scientific expertise to develop recombinant human/humanised antibodies as candidates as new snakebite-treatment tools, as well as refine the efficacy-selection and refinement of those monoclonal antibodies. The PDRA will supervise and develop under-graduate and post-graduate students whilst contributing to teaching at LSTM
Minimum Requirements: It is essential to hold a PhD in a relevant field with evidence of continuous professional development and have knowledge of antibody engineering and a range of molecular and immunological techniques. As a member of a diverse team, your ability to liaise effectively with collaborators and team members from different cultures is vital. Though based in Liverpool, you must be willing and able to travel to USA, Africa and India for research collaboration and training visits
Preferred Requirements: Demonstrable experience in generating and selecting monoclonal antibodies is a highly desirable characteristic, and any practical skills and knowledge of venom biology or venom therapeutics will be an added advantage

Deadline: January 13, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   13:24              

Department: Arbeitsgruppe Zellbiologie und Epigenetik
Duration: 3+ y
Duties: Wir suchen ehrgeizige und motivierte Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und -wissenschaftler mit hervorragenden organisatorischen Fähigkeiten, um in einem interaktiven und interdisziplinär besetzten Team zu arbeiten und die über Fachkenntnisse auf den folgenden Gebiete verfügen: Molekularbiologie, Zellbiologie (Säugetiersysteme, Fluoreszenz-Lebenszellmikroskopie, Superauflösungsmikroskopie), Biochemie (Chromatin, Proteinreinigung, FPLC, etc.) und quantitativer Bildanalyse

Deadline: December 20, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   13:09              

Department: Zentrum für Diagnostik – Arbeitsbereich Stoffwechseldiagnostik-Neugeborenenscreening
Duties: Durchführung lysosomaler Analytik, Biomarkerstudien sowie weiterer studienbezogener Analytik. Durchführung unter anderem von tandenmmassenspektrometrischen Analysen sowie fluorimetrische und enzymatische Bestimmungen. Durchführung zeitsensitiver Studien für die lysosomale Analytik
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossene Ausbildung zum/zur Medizinisch-Technischen Assistenten/in (Entgeltgruppe 8) oder Biologisch-Technischen Assistenten/in (Entgeltgruppe 6); Gute Kenntnisse in der Enzymatik sowie in der Durchführung der Massenspektrometrie; Gutes technisches Verständnis im Umgang mit Geräten, Gute EDV-Kenntnisse (gängige MS Office-Programme); Englischkenntnisse; Wirtschaftliches Denken und Handeln, persönliches Engagement, sorgfältiges und präzises Arbeiten, hohe Flexibilität und Teamfähigkeit

Deadline: December 24, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   13:02              

Department: Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Duties: IRB Barcelona is seeking a talented and highly motivated Postdoctoral Researcher to join the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology group. Development and benchmark of novel bioprints, combining small molecule bioactivity with embeddings of biological data. Identify therapeutic opportunities to treat complex, orphan, neglected diseases
Minimum Requirements: Previous experience in the integration and analyses of multi-Omics data. Bachelor in Biosciences, or Engineering degree in Computer Sciences. PhD in Bioinformatics, or related areas. Excellent programming and scripting skills, with deep knowledge of Python. Excellent knowledge of databases management (e.g. postgresSQL and Neo4j). Competent in the use of HPC queue systems, virtual machines (OpenNebula) and Grid Containers (Docker, Singularity). Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Highly motivated person. Excellent writing and verbal communication skills in English
Preferred Requirements: Experience in International teams. Previous experience working on complex, orphan or neglected diseases

Deadline: December 31, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   10:53              

Department: School of Pharmacy and Medical Science
Duties: This position will undertake and contribute to the teaching, scholarship, research and professional activities of the School. The teaching focus of this position will primarily be the coordination and teaching of professional courses in Laboratory Medicine, particularly haematology, transfusion science and biochemistry within the School’s undergraduate, honours and postgraduate programs and development of multidisciplinary teaching in the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences. Teaching methodologies will be flexibly based and contributions to the development of this will be an important part of the role
Minimum Requirements: To be successful, you will have a PhD qualification in Laboratory Medicine or a relevant discipline, together with experience in higher education teaching related to laboratory medicine and demonstrated commitment to high standards of professional practice. You will also have strong written and verbal communication skills, well-developed interpersonal skills to effectively interact and engage with relevant stakeholders and high-level organisation skills

Deadline: January 7, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   10:52              

Duration: 2-3+ y
Duties: The University is recruiting Research Assistant Professors to support the development of three Research Clusters in the strategic areas and themes listed below: Cluster in Creative Media/Practice; Cluster in Health and Drug Discovery; Cluster in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in “X”. The appointee is also expected to conduct independent research of high quality and submit grant proposals
Minimum Requirements: Candidates with the background in the above disciplines, or combination of such, are invited to apply. The appointee should have a demonstrable interest in interdisciplinary research and collaborative work across the above disciplines at HKBU. Applicants should possess a PhD degree in relevant fields

Published: December 6, 2018   10:50              

Department: Chemistry and Physics
Duration: 6+ m        Workload: 100%
Duties: Demonstrate effectiveness by taking an evidence-based approach to evaluate learning and teaching initiatives. Demonstrate a scholarly approach to learning and teaching by contributing to La Trobe’s SOLT including sharing of good practice. Coordinate and teach subjects providing a high-quality learning experience that engages students through the conduct of lectures, tutorials, practical classes, demonstrations, workshops, student field excursions, clinical sessions and/or other sessions in online, blended or face-to-face modes. Provide constructive, fair and timely feedback on learning to students
Minimum Requirements: PhD degree or equivalent accreditation and standing recognised by the University/profession as appropriate for the relevant discipline areas. Demonstrated effectiveness in teaching, curriculum development and subject coordination in face-to-face, blended and/or online modes, as evidenced by sustained high results on student feedback on teaching surveys, teaching excellence awards or through other forms of evidence. Evidence of innovative initiatives undertaken in the last three years that have improved the student experience, and the evaluation of effectiveness of these initiatives. Demonstrated ability to influence the teaching practice of others. Demonstrated ability to engage with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Demonstrated high level oral and written communication skills, including the ability to interact effectively, collaboratively and productively with staff and students from a diverse range of backgrounds
Preferred Requirements: Ability to produce research outputs related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Graduate Certificate in Higher Education or similar evidence of professional preparation for Higher Education teaching

Deadline: December 16, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   09:49              

Department: Biodiversity Research Group
Duties: The Biodiversity Research Group at the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG), Yunnan, invites applications from experienced scientists with interests related to plant biodiversity and conservation in tropical and subtropical China, and Southeast Asia. The Biodiversity Research Group forms part of the Center for Integrative Conservation at XTBG, which focuses on applying state-of-the art science to practical conservation questions
Minimum Requirements: We welcome applications from specialists in a wide range of botanical fields, including ecology, conservation biology, taxonomy, ethnobotany, phylogeny, population genetics, climate change biology, pollination biology, ex situ conservation, conservation policy, and botanical education, as long as the proposed research contributes to our ultimate goal of conserving plant diversity in the region. Applicants need a track record of publications in the leading scientific journals in their field and a vision for future research that makes use of the opportunities that XTBG offers

Published: December 6, 2018   09:46              

Department: Research Institute of Medical and Health Sciences
Duties: To study the effect of new Lead drug candidates on animal infection models (mice), following proper infection control measures and high animal handling standards. These experiments must be conducted according to FDA standard and requirements. Manage the day to day running of the research group laboratory. Responsible for daily and periodic checks regarding animal health, safety, cleanliness and overall well-being and reporting any significant problems immediately to his/her supervisor
Minimum Requirements: PhD degree in microbiology/molecular biology/immunology from leading university with at least one-year postdoc experience in renowned research lab with extensive experience in experimental infection animal models evidenced by publication records in top journals in the field. Extensive experience in experimental infection animal models, pharmacology and toxicity evaluation, these should only be evidenced through outstanding publication record in leading journals in the field. Animal care knowledge including breeds, behavior, appropriate care and housing, common health problems, disease symptoms, and handling techniques. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills that enable him/her to smoothly interact with staff and faculty at the institute. Ability to work as part of a team. Have extensive experience in standard molecular biology assays evidenced through publication record in leading journals. Working experience with in vivo experiments is very crucial. In vivo Pharmacokinetics ...

Deadline: December 29, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   09:33              

Duties: Provides scientific/technical leadership for the Food Safety and Preservation team and associated students and post-docs. Delivers high quality science and technology in the form of publications and reports, new products and processes. Develops strong linkages across all relevant PFR Science Groups. Develops strong linkages with New Zealand research groups in complementary research fields. Develops and enhances offshore research linkages and collaborations. Interacts effectively and positively with key stakeholders in the horticulture and seafood industries. Champions best practice in health and safety and compliance with regulatory procedures and actively promotes safe working practices
Minimum Requirements: A relevant university science qualification (PhD) in microbiology and/or food safety. Strong theoretical and practical hands-on microbiology skills ready to be applied in research on foodborne pathogens. A history of supervising and mentoring staff and students in a team environment. Extensive practical research experience. A good publication record. A history of engagement in funding applications. High standards of scientific rigor. A passion for research science and technology. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral. Ability to formulate and communicate strategic direction. Track record and international reputation in this science area. Demonstrated competence in building relationships with key stakeholders and industry partners. Personal Characteristics: being generous, having courage, showing humility, being self-aware, trustworthy and positive Personal Capability: demonstrating personal expertise, problem solving, being innovative or managing innovation, having busi...
Preferred Requirements: Expertise in human parasites an advantage

Published: December 6, 2018   09:24              

Department: Cancer Institute
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The main purpose of this post is to coordinate one or more clinical trials. The postholder will ensure the efficient and safe management of the trial(s) by ensuring adherence to the study protocols, current regulatory requirements and UK legislation. A crucial aspect of this will be close liaison with participating institutions
Minimum Requirements: Applicants should have a high level of knowledge of biomedical science, data management and recent experience in co-ordinating or working on clinical trials and/or health related research. Good communication skills, experience of working with all levels of medical and para-medical staff, excellent numeracy and accuracy skills, experience with Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Access), an excellent knowledge of current regulatory requirements governing clinical trials and a willingness to travel are essential. Knowledge of cancer would be advantageous

Deadline: January 11, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   09:12              

Department: Cancer Institute
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The post holder will work as a Clinical Trial Practitioner (CTP) on the PARADIGM (Plasma Analysis for Response Assessment and to DIrect the manaGement of Metastatic prostate cancer) trial, a prospective, observational, biomarker-focused cohort study in newly diagnosed polymetastatic prostate cancer patients starting long-term systemic therapy. The primary objective is to determine whether the detection of ptDNA after two cycles of abiraterone (with prednisone) or docetaxel (with or without prednisone) added after start of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is associated with a worse clinical outcome
Minimum Requirements: Applicants should have a high level of knowledge of biomedical sciences, experience of recruiting patients to clinical studies, experience with the collection and processing of biological samples within research setting and recent experience of working on clinical trials. Experience of phelbotomy and consenting patients to clinical studies would be advantageous

Deadline: January 1, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   08:40              

Duration: 3 y        Workload: 50%
Duties: Mitarbeit im Forschungsfeld der Hydrobiologie und Biotechnologie mit Vertiefungsmöglichkeiten in aktuellen Projekten zu: Wasser in der Stadt – Hygieneaspekte von wassersensibler Infrastruktur, Identifikation von Einflussfaktoren und Entwicklung von Bewirtschaftungskonzepten. Biopolymere – Entwicklung und Erprobung biotechnologischer Verfahrensstufen. Mikrobiologische Prozesse – Entwicklung und Bewertung spezifischer Abbauwege und Verfahren der Abwasserreinigung und Trinkwasseraufbereitung
Minimum Requirements: Voraussetzung für die Einstellung ist ein abgeschlossenes wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium (Diplom/Master) mit mikrobiologischem Schwerpunkt. Erfahrung mit Real Time PCR (Datenbank-Recherche nach Zielsequenzen, Überprüfung der Primer-Spezifität, Primer-Design-Programme, Optimierung der Real Time PCR-Bedingungen) sind ebenso vorhanden wie Erfahrungen mit der Quantifizierung von wasserbürtigen Pathogene mittels Kultivierungsmethode. Ein besonderes Interesse an der Bearbeitung wissenschaftlicher Problemstellungen mit Promotionsziel sowie selbständiges Arbeiten, gute Kommunikationsfähigkeit und Organisationstalent werden vorausgesetzt. Darüber hinaus sind die einwandfreie Beherrschung der deutschen Sprache in Wort und Schrift sowie sehr gute Englisch-Kenntnisse zwingende Voraussetzung

Deadline: January 15, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   06:24              

Department: Cancer Institute
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The main purpose of the QA Officer role is to manage the day-to-day running, maintenance and improvement of the CTC quality system, and in particular management of centrally controlled/maintained documents and templates. The role holder will be responsible for maintaining a portfolio of central standard operating procedures (SOPs) at the CTC, including arranging/providing staff training relating to the procedures and related templates. He/she will be required to follow through allocated activities and projects to completion, and to provide updates to relevant members of the Regulatory team and other CTC staff, as required
Minimum Requirements: The post would suit proactive, enthusiastic individual interested in developing skills in quality assurance, audit and other areas, within a clinical trials environment. The postholder will have a comprehensive knowledge of life sciences and will be able to provide evidence of working to, and an understanding of, relevant current clinical trial and research regulations (in particular the EU Clinical Trials and GCP Directives, the Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations and the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research). Familiarity with SOPs and document version control is essential and a knowledge of cancer would be advantageous

Deadline: December 28, 2018 | Published: December 6, 2018   06:22              

Department: Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Duration: 2+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The Research Fellow in IntelGlazing will be responsible for the development of anti-reflective and self-cleaning coatings on windows. Specifically, they will develop large-scale processes for the fabrication of biomimetic nanostructures on glass that will enhance visible transmission and induce superhydrophobic properties. The postholder will also be responsible for designing and fabricating the nanoparticulate film
Minimum Requirements: Applicants should have a PhD (or about to submit) in a relevant area of nanotechnology fabrication as well as a first degree in an engineering, physical, chemical or material sciences subject. Proven capability in the fabrication of nanostructures by using cleanroom fabrication processes and specifically reactive ion etching is essential as is the ability to analyse and write up data in the form of journal papers and reports

Deadline: January 7, 2019 | Published: December 6, 2018   06:21              

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