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Workload: 100%
Duties: In this role, the successful candidate Independent contributor IT project management professional, applying project management expertise in one or more IT disciplines specifically in Research IT, Education IT and Agile/Scrum application development. Responsible for overall coordination, status reporting and stability of project oriented work efforts. Receives general direction and work in progress is reviewed routinely. Uses project management processes and methodologies to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, adhere to high quality standards and meet customer expectations
Minimum Requirements: To qualify you must have at least four years of experience and BA/BS degree. Must possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the use of project management methodologies and tools such as those defined by Project Management Institute (PMI) and included in Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). This should include knowledge and use of resource management practices, change management techniques and experience with SDLC
Preferred Requirements: PMP Certified. Aglie/Scrum experience. Research IT. Education IT

Published: June 21, 2018   22:55              

Department: MCS-Mathematics and Computer Science
Workload: 100%
Duties: The Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory seeks a well-prepared software development specialist who will be developing, testing, and running locally created low-level system software for HPC systems. This will include porting and maintaining a suite of third party runtime systems, libraries, and applications, and evaluating their performance
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s and 5+ years; Master’s and 3+ years; Doctorate and 0 years, or equivalent. Significant programming experience is required; in particular, expertise in C or C++ and Linux/Unix programming environment. Significant working knowledge of Fortran and Python is desired, as is familiarity with parallel programming using MPI and OpenMP

Published: June 21, 2018   22:42              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Successfully complete the full series of software engineering rotations required for the SCA program, demonstrating knowledge and competency with a wide range of software technologies and techniques. Demonstrate the ability to write excellent code that leverages both cpu and gpu performance capabilities, as appropriate. Collaborate with other developers and lab members to understand how to select the appropriate technology and design choices. Be disciplined about using software development tools such as version control and issue trackers. Research and effectively communicate tradeoffs that balance deliverable requirements, new features, and innovation
Minimum Requirements: Strong undergraduate or graduate background in mathematics, engineering, or science. Software engineering and/or computational research skills. A clear determination to pursue computational science or software engineering. A willingness to learn and work at a fast pace, side-by-side with other Janelia scientists. Confidence to work in a world-class research environment

Published: June 21, 2018   19:40              

Department: Technical Sales Engineering
Workload: 100%
Duties: The primary responsibilities of this position are to accelerate MBD deployment into various organizations through consulting services. Consulting project execution – project and technical leader for MBD Process Assessment services, MBD Process Establishment services, and After-PA relevant implementation phase engagement. Consulting project management – provide design review for the other menbers, maintaining task lists, budget tracking, customer interaction, resource estimating, and job size estimating. Work with relevant consultants and developers to maintain and improve MBD maturity framework. MathWorks spokesman – deliver lectures at public conferences, submit papers and help MathWorks improve brand image
Minimum Requirements: Candidates for this position must hold a valid work permit in Germany. Programming experience in C++. Candidates must be willing to travel up to 25% of the time. A bachelor's degree and 7 years of professional work experience (or a master's degree and 5 years of professional work experience, or a PhD degree) is required
Preferred Requirements: Masters or PhD in engineering, or more of additional industry experience in a related filed. Demonstrated delivery of one or more embedded systems products in a core industry/application area. Advanced knowledge of MATLAB, Simulink/Stateflow. Knowledge of one or more MathWorks coder products (MATLAB, Simulink, and Embedded Coder). Knowledge of C/C++ programming

Published: June 21, 2018   19:40              

Workload: 100%
Duties: We are seeking an enthusiastic Bioinformatics Scientist to contribute to a large cross-institute research program called Designing Future Wheat (DFW). They will be part of a dynamic and interdisciplinary team working on wheat and fungal pathogen genome, transcriptome, forward and reverse genetics research in order to identify essential fungal genes and pathways that cause disease and the complementary resistance mechanisms in plants
Minimum Requirements: MSc degree or equivalent in a relevant subject (i.e. bioinformatics, genomics). PhD in a relevant subject (i.e. bioinformatics, genomics) OR previous work experience in a relevant technical, scientific role. Familiar with a range of NGS methods. Experience in genome assembly, annotation and comparative genomics. Experience in at least one scripting language (e.g. Python, R)

Deadline: July 6, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   16:38              

Workload: 80-100%
Duties: Sie leiten die Abteilung Biostatistik mit sieben Mitarbeitenden; Sie sind zusammen mit Ihrem Team für die folgenden Aspekte einer klinischen Studie zuständig: Fallzahlberechnung, Design, Analyse, Reporting und Publikation; Sie sind verantwortlich für die Freigabe der statistischen Kapitel in Studienprotokollen, statistischen Analysepläne, Zwischenberichte, Schlussberichte und sichern die hohe und konsistente Qualität; Sie nehmen selbst Aufgaben als Studienstatistiker wahr; Sie halten das Team und sich auf dem aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Stand; Sie vertreten die Interessen der SAKK im Bereich Biostatistik in internen und externen Gremien
Minimum Requirements: Ein Hochschulstudium in Statistik mit Dissertation; Mehrere Jahre Führungserfahrung; Ausgiebige Erfahrung in der Planung und Durchführung von klinischen Studien; Hohe Leistungsbereitschaft, Verantwortungsbewusstsein und Motivationsfähigkeit; Routinierter Umgang mit SAS, R und MS-Office-Produkten; Sehr gute Deutsch und Englisch Kenntnisse

Published: June 21, 2018   16:03              

Workload: 100%
Duties: The selected person will work on how to collect these data, how to store them in a cloud-based solution, and the analysis of the data into specific suggestions to the farmer on how to optimize operation. The main activities will be related to the following topics: Automated data acquisition in the field. Storing data. Data analysis, machine learning, AI. Use data to make specific suggestions to the farmer on how to optimize operation. The main purpose of the post-doctoral position is to qualify for work in high-level scientific positions
Minimum Requirements: A PhD degree is required. A relevant Master degree in Data Science, Engineering Cybernetics, Robotics, Control, or similar, with very good results is required. In addition, the candidate must have a completed PhD in a relevant topic as listed above, and must have shown outstanding achievements through his work as a PhD
Preferred Requirements: Research experience from data analysis within Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Experience from large research projects or industry

Deadline: August 1, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   15:54              

Department: Fakultät für Informatik, Kommunikation, Medien
Duties: : Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Lehrveranstaltungen im Bereich der Programmierung (z. B. Einführung, OOP, Algorithmen u. Datenstrukturen) sowie der Projektentwicklung.: Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Lehrveranstaltungen im Bereich der Programmierung (z. B. Einführung, OOP, Algorithmen u. Datenstrukturen) sowie der Projektentwicklung.: Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Lehrveranstaltungen im Bereich der Programmierung (z. B. Einführung, OOP, Algorithmen u. Datenstrukturen) sowie der Projektentwicklung
Minimum Requirements: Informatikstudium (Diplom/Master). Doktorat (prakt. Informatik, vorzugsweise Software Engineering, SE). Berufliche Praxis in Softwareentwicklung, SE-Methoden, Werkzeuganwendung und insbesondere -bau, Softwarequalitä.| Erfahrung in akademischer Lehre, Beantragung und Abwicklung von (internat.) F&E-Projekten. Verankerung in Praxis-Netzwerken | Wissenschaftl. Publikationen

Deadline: September 2, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   15:37              

Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The successful candidate will work in the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility at EMBL. (S)he will teach and support users in high content and high throughput microscopy technology. This includes all aspects of assay development with respect to automated high throughput image acquisition, image data analysis and large-scale data management. Post holder will also write custom software packages that allow users to conduct experiments at large scale automatically and if necessary develop custom hardware in collaboration with the EMBL workshops and industrial partners
Minimum Requirements: Applicants should hold a PhD in a life sciences discipline with preferably technical background. Experience in cutting edge microscopy technology and image analysis techniques is essential. Advanced skills in high level programing, machine vision and learning, image pattern recognition, handling of large data sets, data evaluation and analysis and the set-up of microscopy equipment would be an advantage. Solid knowledge in current biological and biomedical research is essential. Experience with one or more of the programming languages LabView, Matlab, C, Java, Python as well as literacy with several operating platforms are required

Deadline: July 11, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   14:59              

Department: Computing
Duties: This is a senior management position reporting to the Director of Computing at ECMWF. He or she will liaise closely with the Director of Computing on the specific activities related to the data centre and its operations. The successful candidate will have direct responsibility for the Data Centre Operations Section and he or she is expected to deal with a wide spectrum of technical complexity, people management including the management of financial resources, in liaison with the Director of Administration
Minimum Requirements: Advanced university degree in a relevant discipline or equivalent professional experience. Substantial experience of data centre management, preferably in a highly demanding 24/7 environment, with a deep understanding of operating a HPC environment. Experience of operating in an international context ideally with experience of working within an Italian environment would be highly desirable. Experience of working in an international organisation would also be highly desirable. Strong leadership and team management skills with experience of managing and developing teams to changing requirements is essential. Experience of working with stakeholders at all levels and participation in organisation-level management teams. Candidates must be fluent in both Italian and English. All interviews will be conducted in English. A good knowledge of one of the Centre’s other working languages (French or German) would be an advantage

Deadline: July 19, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   14:24              

Workload: 100%
Duties: We’re seeking a geneticist with experience of solving problems in genetic and genomic evaluations, one that can work within in a team and generate confidence in customers. A geneticist with a passion for making a change to the population of animals and the farmers that breed them would be considered an attractive proposition
Minimum Requirements: A post doctorate qualification in quantitative genetics. Excellent numerical and statistical powers. Programming experience and the ability to learn new languages. Good communication ability. Good analytical/problem solving skills
Preferred Requirements: SQL Server experience. FORTRAN. Scripting. Large data handling experience. Experience with genetic evaluations

Deadline: July 15, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   14:09              

Department: Institut Energie am Bau
Duration: 3+ y
Duties: In spannenden und abwechslungsreichen Projekten der Digitalisierung im Gebäude arbeiten Sie in einem interdisziplinären Team mit Partnern aus der Industrie und der Wissen­schaft in hohem Masse eigen­ständig und übernehmen eigenverantwortlich Aufgaben in der Analyse, Eva­lu­ierung, Entwicklung und Weiterentwicklung von Programmen und Daten­banken für das Anwendungsfeld Energie im Gebäude. Ausserdem beteiligen Sie sich an Forschungsprojekten sowie Literatur- und Patent­recherchen. Sie unterstützen in der Lehre durch die Aufbereitung von Unter­lagen und die Betreuung von Versuchen. Des Weiteren begleiten/unter­stützen Sie Projekt­arbeiten von Studierenden, Industrie- und Schulpartnern
Minimum Requirements: Sie verfügen über einen Studienabschluss (Bachelor, Master/​Diplom) in angewandter Informatik, Elektrotechnik oder einer ähnlichen Fach­richtung. In den Bereichen Software-Entwicklung (C, C++, Java und Web-App-Entwicklungen), Internettechnologien (z. B. TCP/IP, Websockets, MQTT, HTML5, REST-API), Automationsprogrammiersprachen EN 61131-3 und Daten­banken (SQL PHP) kennen Sie sich bestens aus und konnten idealer­weise bereits erste Erfahrungen im Umfeld von Open-Source-Projekten und IoT-Plattformen sowie in der Projektleitung sammeln. Darüber hinaus verfügen Sie über sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse, sind technisch interessiert, neugierig, kontaktfreudig und dienstleistungsorientiert. Bei entsprechender Qualifikation bieten wir die Möglichkeit zur Promotion und stellen Ihnen hierfür Einrichtung und Labore unseres Instituts zur Verfügung

Published: June 21, 2018   13:12              

Department: Department für Nutztierwissenschaften
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 50%
Duties: Betreuung der Bachelorstudierenden bei der Anfertigung der Abschlussarbeiten. Vorauswahl von Themenschwerpunkten. Benennung von einzelnen Themen für Bachelorarbeiten in Absprache mit dem Abteilungsleiter. Heranführen und Begleiten der Studierenden bei der Bearbeitung der jeweiligen Themen. Betreuung zur wissenschaftlichen Erschliessung der gestellten Themen. Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten, Umsetzung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis. Mitwirkung bei der Bewertung der Arbeiten
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Masterstudium in Informatik oder Agrarwissenschaften mit dem Schwerpunkt Züchtungsinformatik/Bioinformatik mit der Note gut oder sehr gut. Erfahrung mit der Analyse komplexer Datensätze (Big Data). Fundierte Kenntnisse im Bereich Mathematik und Statistik. Fundierte Kenntnisse im Bereich Informationstheorie und maschinelles Lernen. Erfahrung mit der Verarbeitung von Next Generation Sequencing-Daten oder Genotypisierungsarrays. Sehr gute Linux- und Programmierkenntnisse vorzugsweise in mehreren Sprachen (insb. Java, R, C++). Erfahrung im Bereich High-Performance-Computing insbesondere CUDA und MPI. Gute Kenntnisse in der Anwendung eines Zentyal-Servers mit 10+ Clients. Erfahrungen in akademischer Lehre als Tutor. Gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift. Selbstständiges Arbeiten, Flexibilität und Teamfähigkeit

Deadline: July 10, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   10:39              

Department: Computer Science
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: A successful candidate will explore research topics centred on the cryptography and economics underlying distributed ledgers and ensure the timely delivery of various research outputs
Minimum Requirements: We expect candidates to have a BSc or MSc in Computer Science or a related field, and a strong track record in cryptography, mathematics, or similar topics. This includes publications in recognizable computer security conferences or workshops, at least some basic familiarity with blockchain technology, and experience with either the mathematical design or implementation of security-oriented systems

Deadline: July 3, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   10:28              

Department: Vorstand Forschung und Lehre
Duration: 2+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Sie unterstützen uns kreativ und eigenständig in der Online-Kommunikation und treiben diese auf verschiedenen Kanälen voran. Insbesondere der Relaunch der neuen UMG-Website wird zunächst zu Ihren Hauptaufgaben gehören. Sie arbeiten aktiv am Aufbau der Social-Media Kommunikation und haben kreative Ideen, wie die UMG auf verschiedenen kollaborativen Plattformen strategisch kommunizieren kann. Sie übernehmen das Monitoring und die Auswertung der Social-Media Aktivitäten
Minimum Requirements: Mehrjährige Berufserfahrung im Bereich Online-Kommunikation. Abgeschlossenes Studium aus den Bereichen Marketing, Kommunikation, Germanistik, Geisteswissenschaften o.ä. Umfassende Erfahrungen mit Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, ...). Sehr gute Kenntnisse des aktuellen Mediennutzungsverhaltens. CMS-Kenntnisse in TYPO3. Kreatives Denken. Hohe eigene Kommunikationsfähigkeit
Preferred Requirements: Spass am (Online-)Schreiben und Fingerspitzengefühl für Themen. Kenntnisse in der (Bewegt-)Bildbearbeitung. Spass am Ausprobieren von neuen Medienformen (Videos, …). Hohes Verständnis für technologische und abstrakte Themen. Fähigkeit, Menschen zu begeistern. Eigeninitaitve und Ausdauer. Teamplayer mit hoher Organisationsfähigkeit. Sehr gute Englisch-Kenntnisse

Deadline: July 20, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   10:26              

Department: Risikomanagement
Duties: Berechnung der Kapitalanforderungen nach SST und Solvency II für die Nichtlebensversicherungsgesellschaften der Generali Schweiz; Interne Risiko-Analysen mithilfe des partiellen internen Modells, der Standardformel (Solvency II) und des Standardmodells (SST)
Minimum Requirements: Fach-/Hochschulabschluss in mathematischer Richtung; Mindestens 3 Jahre Berufserfahrung im Nichtleben-Geschäft; SST- und Solvency II-Kenntnisse; Reporting-Erfahrung; Programmier-Affinität; Sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift

Deadline: July 20, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   10:18              

Department: Group Risk Services Department at Nestec
Duties: Manage and direct the outsourced actuarial and accounting services including: Elaborate and review Reserving study, preparation of the Swiss Solvency Test (SST), Statement of actuarial opinion and Market Consistent valuation of the reserves, maintaining the claim database etc; Formal sign-off on the Swiss Solvency Test SST, Statement of Actuarial Opinion etc; Control and communicate the Actuarial Best Estimate Ultimate to the Reserving Committee; Serve as a point of contact for FINMA for inquiries on actuarial topics and participate in their meetings and workshops; Participate in preparing Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) report and manage special projects
Minimum Requirements: Master degree in mathematics, statistic, actuarial studies or other quantitative area; Relevant actuarial qualifications, e.g. SAV, DAV or UK/US equivalent; Minimum 5 years of post-qualification experience including minimum of 3 years in an SST environment; Ideally existing formal sign-off responsibility In Solvency 2/SST environment; Fluency in English and either French or German

Published: June 21, 2018   10:17              

Duties: Wir suchen Lehrpersonen für Gruppen- und Einzelunterricht für Naturwissenschaftliche Fächer und für Sprachen. Bitte bewerben Sie sich: wenn Sie eine Teilzeitstelle suchen, die Entsprechende pädagogische Ausbildung (PH, oder Universität) haben, wenn Sie sehr gute Kenntnisse im jeweiligen Unterrichtsfach haben oder die Unterrichtssprache Ihre Muttersprache ist

Published: June 21, 2018   10:14              

Duties: Der Schwerpunkt der Tätigkeit wird in der Unterstützung von internen und externen Projekten bei der Umsetzung von Prototypen und Anwendungen liegen, die im Zusammenhang mit den Themen FinTech, Blockchain und Kundenportalen stehen. Die Umsetzungen erfolgen dabei stets in Teams mit Fachexperten von d-fine unter Nutzung agiler Entwicklungsmethoden. Sie verantworten die technische Umsetzung des Web Front Ends von der Konzeption bis zur technischen Umsetzung
Minimum Requirements: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Studium oder Berufsausbildung in einem IT-relevanten Bereich und mindestens drei Jahre Berufserfahrung in der Umsetzung von Webanwendungen Sehr gute Kenntnisse in aktuellen Javascript Frameworks wie z.B. AngularJS, React oder Vue.js Erfahrung mit NodeJS, inklusive Datenbankanbindung, REST, Swagger, Websockets, Webpack und Server Side Rendering Kenntnis weiterer Programmiersprachen wie z.B. Python, Java oder Go Erfahrungen mit NoSQL Datenbanken sowie AWS ist von Vorteil Kenntnisse in Dapp-Entwicklung - inklusive Web3js, Truffle - sind ebenfalls von Vorteil Analytische und lösungsorientierte Arbeitsweise, Hands-On-Mentalität Kommunikationsstärke, Teamfähigkeit und Serviceorientierung Interesse an Finanzthemen, FinTech und Blockchain Motivation zur Weiterentwicklung der eigenen Kenntnisse und Qualifikationen sowie Bereitschaft zur selbstständigen Einarbeitung in neue Technologien Die Fähigkeit, komplexe Sachverhalte verständlich zu formulieren Sehr gute ...

Published: June 21, 2018   10:14              

Duties: Sie gestalten das IT-Zielbild in allen Architektur-Dimensionen (Anwendung, Daten, Integration, Infrastruktur) mit und kommunizieren dieses in der Helvetia Gruppe. Sie betreuen und begleiten IT und Business Projekte bei der Umsetzung der Helvetia Strategie (agil, innovativ, kundenzentriert). Sie treiben technische Innovationen wie APIs, Cloud, datengetriebene Architektur, künstliche Intelligenz voran. Sie wirken in einer bereichs- und länderübergreifenden Architektur Community innerhalb der Helvetia mit
Minimum Requirements: Ausgewiesene mehrjährige Berufserfahrung in der IT-Architektur. Kenntnisse in der modernen Software-Entwicklung, Architektur Methodik sowie moderne Architektur Ansätze (Erfahrung mit Cloud, Microservice, etc …). Komplexe Sachverhalte einfach und überzeugend darstellen. Teamplayer mit sehr guten kommunikativen Fähigkeiten, Leistungsbereitschaft und Mut zur Gestaltung. Deutsch und Englisch in Wort und Schrift

Published: June 21, 2018   10:13              

Duties: Lesen Sie zuerst ein Buch von 1000 Seiten, um herauszufinden, wie man sich bewirbt? Nein! In diesem kurzen Text ist alles Wesentliche zusammengefasst

Published: June 21, 2018   10:11              

Duration: 6-24 m
Duties: Bewerben Sie sich, wenn Sie als überdurchschnittlich qualifizierter Wissenschaftler aus dem Ausland am Anfang Ihrer wissenschaftlichen Laufbahn stehen und Ihre Promotion vor nicht mehr als vier Jahren abgeschlossen haben. Mit dem Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium für Postdoktoranden haben Sie die Möglichkeit, ein selbst gewähltes, langfristiges Forschungsvorhaben (6-24 Monate) in Kooperation mit einem selbst gewählten wissenschaftlichen Gastgeber an einer Forschungseinrichtung in Deutschland durchzuführen
Minimum Requirements: Promotion oder vergleichbarer akademischer Grad (Ph.D., C.Sc. oder Äquivalent), wobei der Abschluss bei Eingang der Bewerbung nicht länger als vier Jahre zurückliegt. Sollte die Promotion unmittelbar vor dem Abschluss stehen, ist eine Bewerbung bereits mit Vorlage des Dissertationsmanuskripts oder von Publikationen, die die Ergebnisse der Dissertation enthalten, möglich; Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen in nach internationalem Standard referierten Zeitschriften und Verlagen; Forschungsplatz- und Betreuungszusage sowie ausführliche gutachterliche Stellungnahme eines wissenschaftlichen Gastgebers an einer Forschungseinrichtung in Deutschland; Einzelheiten des Forschungsvorhabens und die zeitliche Planung müssen vor der Antragstellung mit dem vorgesehenen Gastgeber abgesprochen werden; Referenzgutachten des Betreuers der Doktorarbeit und eines weiteren Wissenschaftlers, der zur Qualifikation des Bewerbers fundiert Auskunft geben kann, nach Möglichkeit auch von ausserhalb des e...

Published: June 21, 2018   10:09              

Duties: Mit dem Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium für erfahrene Wissenschaftler haben Sie die Möglichkeit, ein selbst gewähltes langfristiges Forschungsvorhaben (6-18 Monate) in Kooperation mit einem selbst gewählten wissenschaftlichen Gastgeber an einer Forschungseinrichtung in Deutschland durchzuführen. Das Stipendium kann flexibel in bis zu drei Aufenthalte innerhalb von drei Jahren aufgeteilt werden
Minimum Requirements: Bewerben Sie sich, wenn Sie als überdurchschnittlich qualifizierter Wissenschaftler aus dem Ausland Ihre Promotion vor nicht mehr als zwölf Jahren abgeschlossen haben, Ihre Arbeit ein eigenständiges, wissenschaftliches Profil zeigt und Sie bereits mindestens als Assistant Professor oder Nachwuchsgruppenleiter tätig sind oder eine mehrjährige eigenständige wissenschaftliche Tätigkeit nachweisen können

Published: June 21, 2018   10:09              

Duties: Der Preis wird auf Vorschlag Dritter verliehen. Vorschlagsberechtigt sind die Hochschulen in Deutschland; darüber hinaus können ausseruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtungen in Deutschland eine Nominierung gemeinsam mit einer antragsberechtigten Hochschule einreichen. Die Nominierungen sind über die Rektoren bzw. Präsidenten der jeweiligen Hochschule sowie ggf. die wissenschaftlichen Direktorate bzw. Vorstände der ausseruniversitären Forschungseinrichtung an die Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung zu leiten
Minimum Requirements: Nominiert werden können herausragend qualifizierte Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aller Disziplinen, die im Ausland tätig sind und die in Deutschland auf einen Lehrstuhl berufbar wären. Deutsche Staatsangehörige können unter der Voraussetzung nominiert werden, dass sie im Ausland wissenschaftlich etabliert sind. Enge Verwandte (Eltern, Geschwister, Kinder) und Ehe-/Lebenspartner der Antragsberechtigten dürfen nicht nominiert werden. In Deutschland Tätige können für diesen Preis nicht nominiert werden

Published: June 21, 2018   10:09              

Department: Computer Science
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The successful candidate will explore research topics centred on the cryptography, systems security, and privacy aspects of distributed ledgers, support the supervision of research students, coordinate and advise our industrial user partners, and ensure the timely delivery of various research outputs
Minimum Requirements: We expect candidates to have a PhD in Computer Science or a related field, and a strong track record in cryptography, systems and network security, privacy-enhancing technologies, or similar topics. This includes publications in recognizable computer security conferences or workshops, at least some basic familiarity with blockchain technology, and experience with either the mathematical design or implementation of security-oriented systems

Deadline: July 3, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   09:54              

Department: Vorstand Forschung und Lehre
Duration: 2+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Sie unterstützen uns kreativ und eigenständig in der Online-Kommunikation und treiben diese auf verschiedenen Kanälen voran. Insbesondere der Relaunch der neuen UMG-Website wird zu Ihren Hauptaufgaben gehören. Sie entscheiden – gemeinsam mit der Unternehmenskommunikation – über die Themensetzung im Dachportal. Weiter betreuen Sie die dezentralen Bereiche hinsichtlich der Aufbereitung der Fachinhalte für das Netz und formulieren initiativ Vorschläge für die Fortentwicklung des Online-Auftritts. Daneben geht es darum, neue Kommunikationsfelder für die Zentraleinheiten aufzubauen und Kliniken/Einrichtungen in den Kommunikationsaktivitäten zu beraten und unterstützen
Minimum Requirements: Mehrjährige Berufserfahrung im Bereich Online-Kommunikation. Abgeschlossenes Studium aus den Bereichen Marketing, Kommunikation, Germanistik, Geisteswissenschaften o.ä. Redaktionelle Erfahrungen (z.B. im Rahmen eines Volontariats), insbesondere Online-Erfahrung. Erfahrungen mit Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, ...). Sehr gute Kenntnisse des aktuellen Mediennutzungsverhaltens. CMS-Erfahrung mit TYPO3. Kreatives Denken. Hohe eigene Kommunikationsfähigkeit
Preferred Requirements: Spass am (Online-)Schreiben. Fähigkeit, Menschen zu begeistern und zu überzeugen. Eigeninitaitve und Ausdauer. Hohes Verständnis für technologische und abstrakte Themen. Teamplayer mit hoher Organisationsfähigkeit. Kenntnisse in Bildbearbeitung. Sehr gute Englisch-Kenntnisse

Deadline: July 2, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   09:32              

Department: DTU Physics
Duration: 25 m
Duties: Develop and maintain the project schedule in PRIMAVERA as a support to the project management. Development of specialised technical solutions for the system design. Management of technical and project Requirements verification. System engineering support
Minimum Requirements: We expect that you: have a master’s degree in science or engineering; preferably a PhD and have experience in research and development; have experience with PRIMAVERA; have experience with DOORS for requirement management; are a team player

Deadline: July 4, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   09:28              

Department: G3-7 Informationstechnologie
Workload: 100%
Duties: Mitarbeit und Unterstützung bei der Umsetzung von klinischen IT-Projekten. Gestaltung und Aufbau des zukünftigen Klinischen Arbeitsplatzes in der UMG sowie Mitarbeit bei der Einführung eines Klinischen Arbeitsplatzsystems (KAS). Koordination von Kooperationsprojekten (z.B. Labormedizin), Betreuung des Portalsystems. Beratung und Unterstützung der Anwender in Fragen klinischer Dokumentation. Benutzersupport und -schulung
Minimum Requirements: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Studium der Medizin- oder Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informatik oder eine vergleichbare Ausbildung. Berufserfahrung mit klinischem Bezug erwünscht. Kenntnisse im Bereich Krankenhausinformationssysteme (KIS/KAS) und Krankenhauskommunikation (HL7, IHE, FHIR, DICOM). Grundkenntnisse in Linux, Java und Javascript. Sie arbeiten selbstständig und lösungsorientiert und verlieren den Blick fürs Ganze nicht aus den Augen. Ihre Freude an interdisziplinärer Arbeit und die Fähigkeit offen und kommunikativ im Team zu agieren runden Ihre Persönlichkeit ab

Deadline: July 16, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   06:55              

Duration: 4 y        Workload: 50%
Duties: You will be in charge of the creation and improvement of tools allowing writer identification and script classification from ancient papyri written in Greek and Coptic. You must testify advanced skills in one or several of the following topics: Handwritten Document Analysis, Digital Palaeography, Writer Identification, Handwriting Recognition, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Feature Representation, Machine Learning
Minimum Requirements: PhD-holders in Computer Sciences and experience in the topic(s) mentioned above will be preferred. Applicants with Master and/or able to attest a strong experience and motivation in the field will be considered

Deadline: July 1, 2018 | Published: June 21, 2018   06:42              

Department: Kommunikations- und Informationszentrum (kiz)
Duration: 2, 5 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Unterstützung der Wissenschaftler/-innen bei der Installation bzw. Portierung von Anwendungen und bei der Migration fachspezifischer Forschungsprojekte auf den HPC Forschungscluster am Betreiberstandort Ulm, insbesondere auch im Bereich des nutzerspezifischen Datenmanagements. Mitarbeit bei der kontinuierlichen Fortentwicklung der HPC- und Datendienste und deren Infrastruktur. Analyse der Systemnutzung, um einen reibungslosen Betrieb zu sichern und Optimierungspotenzial bei der Durchführung von Rechnungen und im Datenmanagement zu erkennen
Minimum Requirements: Sie verfügen über gutes analytisches Denkvermögen, sind selbstständiges Arbeiten gewohnt und besitzen ausgeprägte Team- und Kommunikationsfähigkeiten. Darüber hinaus erfüllen Sie die folgenden Anforderungen für unser anspruchsvolles Projekt: Abgeschlossenes Universitätsstudium im naturwissenschaftlich-technischen Bereich, bevorzugt in den Bereichen Physik, Chemie, Mathematik oder Informatik. Sehr gute Kenntnisse des Betriebssystems Linux einschliesslich Shell-Skripting. Idealerweise Erfahrung bei der Performance Analyse und Optimierung von wissenschaftlichen Anwendungen in HPC Umgebungen, verbunden mit sehr guten Programmierkenntnissen in Fortran oder C/C++ sowie beim Einsatz von OpenMP und MPI. Verständnis der im Cluster-Computing eingesetzten System-, Netzwerk- und/oder Speicher-Technologien, z.B. Batch-Systeme, High-Speed-Interconnect, Parallele Filesysteme. Strukturierte und systematische Arbeitsweise. Hohe soziale Kompetenz. Sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in ...

Published: June 20, 2018   23:49              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Facilitate prototypes and pilots for potential solutions to inform senior stakeholders and decision makers. Gather requirements from diverse user groups across the University. Translate user requirements into functional and technical requirements. Working in diverse stakeholder teams, provide leadership for BI/reporting projects for the EC Dashboard project from inception through to deployment. Liaise with technical staff, support and academic staff and relevant vendors in the design of appropriate solutions. Deploy and implement identified solutions and systems adhering to development best practice including detailed test plans. Develop and optimise the data models for BI applications
Minimum Requirements: Demonstrated knowledge of application functionality and data management concepts. Demonstrated knowledge of large enterprise systems and their structure. Demonstrated knowledge of trouble-shooting and problem solving. Knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL. 3+ years’ relevant IT experience. Experience in working with complex database systems including using SQL and PL/SQL and related tools to analyse and interrogate databases
Preferred Requirements: Knowledge of call management systems and strong customer focus. Demonstrated IT skills with a strong emphasis on user support. Extract Transformation and Load (ETL) experience using such tools as SSIS

Published: June 20, 2018   23:20              

Workload: 100%
Duties: This position which is in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Networking and Network Security and Cyber Security or a closely related field will make a significant contribution to the research and teaching efforts of the School through performing impactful, cutting-edge investigations and the development of new teaching programs, especially in areas involving IT and Engineering, preparation and delivery of lectures and tutorials, program coordination. A successful candidate will contribute to the research standing of the School and will teach a broad range of IT units including those at the edge between IT and Engineering, developing and applying innovative and contemporary teaching methods
Minimum Requirements: Applications are welcomed from candidates with a PhD in Computer Science or closely related fields, and with high-quality and highly cited peer-reviewed publications, especially in fields of artificial intelligence, image processing, networking and network security, and cyber security, or closely related fields. Applicants at a Senior Lecturer level will possess an excellent track record of teaching, with outstanding student feedback

Deadline: July 9, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   23:20              

Department: Faculty of Medicine, Department of Health Science and Technology
Duties: The successful applicants should investigate the use of tongue interfaces within robotics in relation to the rehabilitation of human motor functions. The research will include development of remote tongue-robotic and tongue-EEG hybrid and tongue-Myo hybrid robotic control schemes (including both software and hardware) based on studies involving both healthy people and individuals with sensory and/or motor disabilities. Further, it will include recording and processing of bio-based signals and the use of e.g. microprocessor and wireless technology
Minimum Requirements: Experience with human experimentation is expected. The successful candidate(s) for the PhD Stipend(s) holds a master degree in biomedical engineering, mechatronics, robotics, human machine interfacing, electronics or equivalent with the prospect of pursuing studies on tongue based rehabilitation robotics. A high proficiency in oral and written English is required. Good dissemination skills are important

Deadline: July 1, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   19:33              

Department: Fakultät Management, Kultur und Technik
Duration: 2 y        Workload: 50%
Duties: Implementierung von ETL-Komponenten verschiedener Datenquellen. Administration Machine Learning Rechencluster
Minimum Requirements: abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium im Bereich Informatik oder verwandte Fachrichtungen fundierte Programmierkenntnisse insbesondere Java; vorzugsweise Kenntnisse in Datenbanken, Unix Administration

Deadline: July 15, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   18:47              

Department: National Oceanography Centre
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Your role will be the design, implementation and testing of electronic hardware and development of embedded firmware for the sensors. This will include documentation of designs, procuring commercial manufacturing services and interaction with our customers to determine requirements. You will be used to working in a team and presenting design ideas for review orally and in writing. Your work will encompass the complete design and development cycle from rudimentary concept through prototyping, detail design, production of simulations, schematics, PCB designs and parts lists, testing and on to deployable systems that you may have opportunity to support at sea or at other field locations as part of a commissioning team
Minimum Requirements: We seek applicants who can demonstrate a track record of innovative, elegant design solutions for a range of applications using the latest research and computer aided design and analysis. A good knowledge of either hardware design is essential. Experience of analogue and digital circuit design, especially in the area of analogue to digital conversion desirable. Practical experience, design, testing, measuring and debugging complex circuits is required. A good knowledge of embedded firmware programing in C for microcontrollers and VHDL for FPGA targets would be an advantage. A Degree in Electronic Engineering design or closely related discipline or equivalent research experience in an academic or industrial setting is essential as is competence in the use of an electronics CAD package (eg Cadence Orcad) You will have a broad spectrum of skills and have a flexible approach, demonstrating your ability to deliver solutions to complex problems and to quickly master new techniques

Deadline: June 30, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   18:28              

Workload: 100%
Duties: At London Business School, we combine technology and teaching expertise to deliver some of the world’s leading learning experiences. IT is central to that mission: it connects us, empowers us, and enables us to do more. That’s why we’re looking for an IT Operations Manager – someone who can deliver the speed, agility and automation we need to stay at the edge. In this role, you will set and maintain the standards for our IT team, across all our processes and activities. From guiding our staff to implementing development plans, you’ll blend people’s expertise with digital ingenuity, creating an IT function that can match our world-class education reputation
Minimum Requirements: Very strong people management and focus. • Stakeholder management experience in an IT environment. • Willingness to take ownership and responsibility. • Qualifications and experience in IT service delivery. • Sound financial and commercial judgment, including budget management

Deadline: July 18, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   18:17              

Department: Information Services
Workload: 100%
Duties: Working as part of the team, you will ensure that the network infrastructure is highly available and secure, providing a quality platform for information systems and members of the University. You will use industry best practice methods and approaches to design, develop, test and implement changes to the network infrastructure that enhance and improve IT services as well as providing support to the service teams
Minimum Requirements: You will have worked in a similar role, designing, implementing and supporting network infrastructure services. Specialist knowledge of some specific networking technologies is required. Specific technologies include: IP networking protocols, switching, routing, 802.11 wireless systems, firewalls, network monitoring tools and Linux/Windows operating systems. You will have a degree in Computer Science/related subject or demonstrable equivalent experience, strong problem solving ability and good communications skills

Deadline: July 4, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   18:06              

Department: Forschungszentrum für Handelsmanagement (IRM-HSG)
Workload: 75%
Duties: Von den Bewerberinnen/Bewerbern wird erwartet, dass sie die Habilitation oder gleichwertige wissenschaftliche Leistung im Rahmen der Nachwuchsdozentur anstreben und unsere Praxiskontakte aufbauen. Die Stelle ist befristet und umfasst Lehrverpflichtungen. Sie leiten ein Kompetenzzentrum am Institut und arbeiten in einem hochqualifizierten, motivierten Team und kommen mit Entscheidungsträgern innerhalb sowie ausserhalb der Universität zusammen
Minimum Requirements: Vorausgesetzt wird ein abgeschlossenes Universitätsstudium mit überdurchschnittlicher Promotion in einem der oben genannten Gebiete, ausgewiesene Forschungs- und Lehrerfahrung und sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse

Deadline: August 15, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   18:02              

Department: Mathematics & Statistics
Duration: 6 m        Workload: 70%
Duties: We are seeking an experienced administrator to support two exciting, cross-disciplinary programmes of research involving data scientists, environmental and health scientists and a range of stakeholders, with a focus on a data science of the natural environment and health. You will be responsible for the smooth running of the administration and processes of these exciting programmes of research. The broad areas of responsibility are the organisation of project meetings, outreach events, workshops and conferences, summer schools, organising a programme of seminar speakers and visitors, financial management, managing our web and social media presence, and extensive management of external relationships with stakeholders
Minimum Requirements: To succeed in the post you will have a proven track record of administering and facilitating a large scale research initiative; the ability to work pro-actively; have excellent and efficient organisational skills; have strong strategic vision and team working skills; have the ability to build strong relationships at all levels through excellent communication skills; experience of controlling and monitoring complex finances; and be an advanced level user of appropriate software tools

Deadline: July 9, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   17:55              

Workload: 100%
Duties: We are looking to recruit a motivated, engaging, and inspiring Computing Lecturer to join our team
Minimum Requirements: We would like to hear from individuals that are able to communicate and engage students at all levels, igniting their passion for the subject area. We also want to hear from people with aspiration, research ideas, and collaborative thinking
Preferred Requirements: Welsh language skills are desirable for this post

Deadline: June 30, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   17:55              

Duration: 2 + y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Liverpool John Moores University owns and operates a 2.0-m robotic telescope (“The Liverpool Telescope”) on La Palma in the Canary Islands. Working with international partners we now intend to build a 4.0m class robotic telescope on the same site. We seek a DevOps engineer to participate in the development of the software architecture and systems for the telescope and associated instrumentation, as well as build and deployment procedures. Additionally you will manage and maintain IT hardware systems in support of telescope operations. You will work to ensure both individual system and system-wide performance and quality
Minimum Requirements: Degree level qualification in a Scientific, Engineering or Computer Science related subject

Deadline: July 20, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   17:45              

Department: School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
Duration: 1 y
Duties: We are looking to appoint an enthusiastic researcher to work on the Accessible Reasoning with Diagrams project. The project’s hypothesis is that it is possible to devise an accessible diagrammatic logic for modelling and reasoning in diverse domains
Minimum Requirements: Given the nature of the research, the successful applicant must have experience in designing, executing and analysing the data from empirical studies involving human participants. It is also essential that they have a background in at least one of: diagrammatic reasoning, ontology engineering, logic, information visualization, cognitive science. A PhD or equivalent research experience in a relevant subject is essential

Deadline: July 15, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   17:32              

Department: Business School
Workload: 100%
Duties: The research associate will work on a prestigious multi-disciplinary project funded by the British Academy's Global Challenges Research Fund: Cities and Infrastructure programme. The project, titled “Optimal investment strategies to minimize flood impact on road infrastructure in Vietnam”, focuses on development of multi-period optimisation models for strategic, long-term planning of mitigation actions against flood disasters in urban areas using the city of Hanoi as a case study. The project will involve close collaboration with Vietnamese researchers, government agencies, and industry stakeholders
Minimum Requirements: PhD awarded, submitted or close to submission in Operational Research/Management Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, or closely allied discipline. Knowledge of mathematical programming and integer programming. A record of publishing in top academic journals

Deadline: July 15, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   17:29              

Department: Lehrstuhl für Öffentliches Recht, Sicherheitsrecht und Internetrecht
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 50%
Duties: Ihr Aufgabengebiet umfasst die technische Betreuung der Forschungsprojekte des Lehrstuhls. In diesem Rahmen entwickeln Sie bestehende Datenbanken weiter und passen sie an den aktuellen Bedarf an. Ebenso erstellen Sie auf Content Management Systemen basierende Webseiten. Notwendige Plugins bauen Sie ein und passen sie gegebenenfalls an. Die MedienInhalte der Webseiten bearbeiten Sie bei Bedarf nach
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Universitätsstudium der Informatik/des Internet Computing oder vergleichbaren Fachgebieten. Gute Programmierkenntnisse in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP und MySQL. Sehr gute Netzwerk- und Webserver-Kenntnisse. Erfahrung im Umgang mit Windows- und Linuxbetriebssystemen. Tiefergehendes Verständnis hinsichtlich IT-Security-Technologien. Kenntnisse in der Erstellung und Administration von Webseiten mit den CM-Systemen Wordpress und Typo3. Gute Kenntnisse in MS Office, insbesondere Word und PowerPoint. Interesse an praxisorientierter wissenschaftlicher Arbeit. Hohes Engagement, Selbständigkeit, Eigeninitiative. Fähigkeit zur Teamarbeit und Kommunikationsfreudigkeit. Weitere Programmierkenntnisse und Kreativität wünschenswert

Published: June 20, 2018   17:18              

Workload: 100%
Duties: To work closely with your team and our consultants working across the globe to ensure high quality client deliverables. • To help setup internal processes/procedures during the initial phase of the practice. • To work effectively in a team of 4-5 members. • To help train and motivate colleagues. • To deliver diverse range of projects (actuarial modelling, actuarial valuations, pricing reports, market reports and many more types of projects) for practices located in different parts of the world. • To help develop and maintain client/internal relationships
Minimum Requirements: Masters or Bachelors degree in a relevant field with a good academic record. • Demonstrable progress through actuarial examinations. • A basic understanding of life insurance actuarial concepts. • Excellent analytical, software and problem solving skills. • Advanced user MS Excel, MS Access and MS PowerPoint. • Strong oral and written communication skills. • Strong leadership skills. • Ability to quickly learn complex actuarial concepts and share this knowledge with colleagues/seniors. • Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time

Published: June 20, 2018   16:52              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Assist customers in all aspect of Language of Technical Computing application area including data analysis, optimization and application development. Work on/off site with customers and leaves a lasting the usage and the development of the MathWorks tools
Minimum Requirements: A bachelor's degree and 7 years of professional work experience (or a master's degree and 5 years of professional work experience, or a PhD degree) is required. 5-7 years of industry experience in areas such as data analytics, algorithm design and application deployment. Expert at MATLAB programming. Customer facing engineering experience. Strong Japanese skills needed
Preferred Requirements: Knowledge of Simulink/Stateflow is a plus. Experience in data analysis, modelling, statistics and optimization. Experience of other programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java and/or JavaScript. Knowledge of Linux, Server Application and/or hadoop. Knowledge of financial modelling and analysis

Published: June 20, 2018   16:08              

Workload: 100%
Duties: The computer science department is seeking candidates with interest and experience in teaching all levels of computer science courses for a full-time, temporary, benefited, faculty position. The successful candidate will demonstrate a clear vision of the future of the computing field in general and the computer science discipline in particular; show evidence of a commitment to the teaching-learning process in a four-year undergraduate program; and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills. Teaching assignments will include introductory and intermediate-level computer science courses, possibly upper-level courses depending upon the expertise of the candidate and needs of the program
Minimum Requirements: A PhD (or ABD with significant dissertation progress) in computer science or a closely-related field; experience in teaching introductory and/or intermediate computer science courses; fluency in both object-oriented and procedural programming paradigms; thorough knowledge of Java and at least one other programming language; and experience applying the latest computing technologies and innovative approaches to teaching
Preferred Requirements: Ph.D. (or ABD with significant dissertation progress) in computer science strongly preferred; experience in teaching upper-level computer science courses; professional applied experience in computer science in general and software development in particular; significant experience with non-object oriented programming languages (C preferred); current teaching experience; industry experience and/or research record in one or more of the following areas: software engineering, parallel processing, computer graphics, scripting languages, cloud computing, cyber security; demonstrated ability and willingness to apply innovative approaches and the latest computing technologies to teaching

Published: June 20, 2018   16:08              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Milliman Advanced Risk Adjusters (MARA) is the healthcare industry’s top performing and highly respected risk adjustment and predictive modeling software product. This position is a vital part of the growing MARA team. This person works closely with the MARA R&D staff, client services, and software developers. Close collaboration with the management and R&D team will be required to define both technical and user requirements. This position is responsible for detailed documentation of all requirements and ensuring that the developers and testers can clearly understand the desired outcomes, to ensure the delivered product is as intended
Minimum Requirements: 5+ years of project management experience in the software industry. A completed Bachelor degree or higher. Related certification(s). Hands-on experience in the following activities: software development background; able to translate user requirements, write specifications, create project timelines, directly manage software development, test plans, testing and release. Experience analyzing and integrating complex systems and technologies. Responsibility for gathering, interpreting and implementing business and functional requirements. Familiarity with Java, JavaScript, .NET, C#, SQL and JavaScript and other modern languages for software development
Preferred Requirements: Health care data analysis and health care market exposure a plus

Published: June 20, 2018   15:54              

Department: Statistical Center
Workload: 100%
Duties: Provide support for the statistical and computational considerations of research projects led by basic, translational, and clinical scientists from the DCI. These projects aim to address key questions in cancer biology, pharmacology, pharmacogenomics, and immunology on the basis of data generated from high-throughput genomic sequencing assays. Provide support for data quality control and assessment, analysis, and reporting for multiple research projects within the framework of strict adherence to the principles of reproducible analysis and literate programming
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor degree in the biological sciences with demonstrable training and skills and training in data analysis, scientific and data programming, mathematics (linear algebra, real analysis, numerical optimization, discrete mathematics), computer science, and statistics; or a bachelor degree in quantitative sciences (e.g., statistics, mathematics, physics, or theoretical computer science) with formal training or experience in molecular biology and genetics. Minimum 3 years working as scientific programmer or as quantitative researcher (e.g., biostatistician) in an academic or research setting. Solid understanding of the key elements of molecular biology and population genetics
Preferred Requirements: A master’s degree or formal graduate training in statistics, biostatistics, mathematics, physics, or theoretical computer science is strongly preferred. Experience analyzing genomic data (e.g., from high throughput sequencing or high-dimensional array platforms) is strongly preferred

Published: June 20, 2018   12:13              

Department: School of Environmental and Rural Science
Duration: 2 + y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The Animal Science and Genetics group at UNE is internationally highly regarded in the field of statistical and quantitative genetics. The group has a very strong expertise in large scale genetic evaluation, advanced statistical modelling and use of genomic information in large populations to predict genetic and phenotypic differences for complex traits. We have currently one position available, providing an excellent opportunity for Postdoctoral Research Fellow to join the Animal Science and Genetics Research teams
Minimum Requirements: You will need to have completed, or nearly completed, a PhD in Animal Science, Genetics, Statistical Genetics or a related area. You will be able to demonstrate a strong track record in research achievement along with experience with statistical analysis of quantitative genetic models and analysis of genomic data

Deadline: July 5, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   12:11              

Department: Geography
Duration: 2 m        Workload: 100%
Duties: A short-term Research Assistant position is available within the EPSRC-funded projects "MACACO" and "UPRISE-IOT" in the lab of Dr Mirco Musolesi at University College London. The goal of these projects is to exploit context information, in particular the three dimensions of time, location and user interests to design the next generation of computing and communication systems, together with aspects related to privacy and security of personal information. The Research Assistant will provide assistance mainly in two activities: analysis of mobile and social datasets and design and implementation of machine learning algorithms under the supervision of the Principal Investigator
Minimum Requirements: To apply you must have experience of data manipulation and analysis. As well as good knowledge of R and Python

Deadline: July 2, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   07:03              

Department: Cancer Institute
Duration: 6 m        Workload: 100%
Duties: Duties and responsibilities of the post holder include but are not limited to: develop a web site and database to host, visualize and serve the multi-dimensional data generated GCGR; consult and agree with the GCGR Steering group on the specs for the web site and database; perform computational analyses for dimensionality reduction, integration and visualization of the multi-dimensional GCGR data sets
Minimum Requirements: The successful applicant must have a PhD (or be studying towards it) in computer science or equivalent, demonstrate knowledge of programming, be experienced in dimensionality reduction of multi-dimensional data. Competence in programming using R for data analysis, JavaScript for data visualization, Python for machine learning, Scala for distributed computing and C++ for software development, competence in Database & OS using Linux (Ubuntu, Centos) and Windows, MongoDB for No-SQL databases and json format data storage, PostgreSQL/MySQL for SQL-based databases and Hadoop/Hive/Spark for distributed computing and experience in using GSEA for integrative analysis are also Essential Criteria

Deadline: July 19, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   06:50              

Department: School of Physics & Astronomy
Workload: 100%
Duties: We are recruiting a Computer Systems Officer to complete a team of four who look after the computing needs of the four Research Centres and the administrative staff in the School. With a new focus on coordinating computing provision across the School and working closely with the University’s central IT Services we are looking for someone who can take significant responsibility and make significant impact maintaining existing systems and delivering new and improved services to the School. We have a strong appreciation of open-source software combined with a pragmatic approach to selecting solutions that best meet the needs of our users

Deadline: July 19, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   06:47              

Department: Vaccine and Infectious Disease Institute; Global Health Institute
Duration: 1 + 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Design electronical case record forms for data acquisition and data entry. Develop databases and database data specifications, including design, user requirements, edit rules/checks, query logic and data validations; access permissions and privileges. Develop data flow, data management plans and database training materials. Perform quality control review of the data and coordinate timely corrections to the database with the clinical sites. Maintain databases throughout their lifecycle, conduct routine maintenance to ensure data integrity, generate and review documentation for all database changes or refinements
Minimum Requirements: Minimum bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Computer Engineering or a related field. 3 years’ experience in data management or analysis. High proficiency with MS Office and interactive computer programs such as Linux configuration, SQL databases, REDCAP, Perl, Python and other related applications

Deadline: July 6, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   01:25              

Duration: 1 + y        Workload: 80%
Duties: Développement et maintenance d’applications web frontend. • Création d’interfaces web et utilisateurs à l’aide des standards web (HTML5, CSS3, JS). • Rédaction de la documentation technique associée au développement web. • Création de mockups et prototypes écrans. • Collaboration avec les développeurs back-end. • Collaboration avec les web designers pour la création des visuels. • Veille technologique
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor en informatique ou titre jugé équivalent. • Maîtrise d’utilisation de framework Javascript (jQuery, etc). • Maîtrise d’utilisation de pré-processeurs comme LESS, SASS, etc. • Maîtrise du déboggage navigateur. • Maîtrise d’intégration des principes SEO. • Connaissances de frameworks comme Bootstrap, AngularJS, etc. • Connaissance des méthodologies Agile. • Connaissances de l’utilisation d’applicatifs comme Photoshop, Illustrator, …
Preferred Requirements: Connaissances en ASP.Net et MVC framework sont un plus • Connaissances du CMS ASP.Net Umbraco est un plus

Deadline: June 30, 2018 | Published: June 20, 2018   01:25              

Department: Data & Analytics
Workload: 80-100%
Duties: Definition der KPI’s und Überprüfung der Datenqualität, ggf. Vorschlagen von Verbesserungsmassnahmen. Initiieren und Umsetzen von Projekten im Informations- und Daten Management-Umfeld (IDM). Definition und Sicherstellung der Einhaltung der Datenqualitätsziele sowie des KVP. Abstimmung der IDM Architektur mit dem Applikation Architekt. Sicherstellen der Konsistenz zwischen der IT Architektur und dem logischen Datenmodell. Definition und Unterstützung von Massnahmen zur Steigerung der Datenqualität inkl. Erstellung von Change Requests
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossene FH/Uni in Wirtschaftsinformatik oder Wirtschaft. Weiterbildung in Projektmanagement oder zum Organisator (w/m). Mindestens 6 Jahre Berufserfahrung in vergleichbaren Funktionen oder Erfahrung im Stammdatenmanagement. Projekt-/Prozessmanagement Erfahrung; Kenntnisse in ITIL, vertiefte Kenntnisse in MS-Office und Kenntnisse in SAP und BCM. Sehr gute Deutsch-und Englischkenntnisse. Analytische Fähigkeiten, Durchsetzungsstärke und Beharrlichkeit

Published: June 20, 2018   00:05              

Department: Media Laboratory
Duration: 1 + y        Workload: 100%
Duties: To join a research group developing cutting-edge methods for mapping the wiring and molecular composition of the brain. Will help optimize and apply expansion microscopy, alone and in combination with novel in situ sequencing techniques, for the multimodal mapping of large numbers of biomolecules throughout diverse cells and tissues in healthy and disease states. Responsibilities include helping to design, validate, and optimize the expansion microscopy and in situ sequencing protocols and helping apply the resulting tools to normal and diseased brain tissue and a diversity of other tissue types such as cancers and helping to analyze the data; writing proposals to secure further research funding
Minimum Requirements: Ph.D. in biological engineering, biology, neuroscience, or related field; at least one year of working experience with tissue handling, microscopy, and image data analysis; extensive molecular cloning and optical microscopy expertise and software skills (e.g., MATLAB programming, Linux systems, shell scripting)
Preferred Requirements: Experience in next-gen DNA sequencing and data analysis preferred, as is demonstrated background and interest in neuroscience and/or cancer research

Published: June 19, 2018   19:46              

Workload: 100%
Duties: As a Senior Application Engineer (AE) you will influence and shape the workflows and design methodologies of a global semiconductor technology company through systematic adoption of Technical Computing and Model-Based Design. You will partner with engineers and managers as a trusted technical advisor and help them advance their ability to make data driven business decisions and improve their product development processes. Leverage your semiconductor industry experience and technical expertise in modeling and simulation, embedded software, or FPGA/ASIC/SoC hardware development and verification to understand customer workflows and communicate how MathWorks products can accelerate the pace of their development and innovation
Minimum Requirements: A bachelor's degree and 7 years of professional work experience (or a master's degree and 5 years of professional work experience, or a PhD degree) is required. Experience with MATLAB. Substantial understanding of and experience with analog/mixed-signal or wireless development processes. Demonstrated ability to influence internal development processes. Experience working at or directly interfacing to a semiconductor OEM. Technical sales experience

Published: June 19, 2018   19:46              

Department: Institutional Research
Workload: 100%
Duties: Responsible for the design, creation, and maintenance of institutional data reports to support academic quality and student success initiatives, particularly those aligned with Guided Pathways and Title III. Works closely with the Title III Project Director and IR Coordinator developing surveys, interview protocols, and other data tools specifically for Guided Pathways. Responsible for the security of data and data use from delivered reports. Provides support for accreditation, Guided Pathway projects, and other initiatives as directed by the Director of Institutional Research
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, Psychology, Math, Sociology, or related degree required. Two or more years of experience using Cognos is required. Three or more years of experience working with and preferably in an office of institutional research in higher education required. Experience with institutional effectiveness and student outcome models, research design, statistical techniques, and manipulating large data sets
Preferred Requirements: A Master’s degree strongly preferred. Experience with Banner information and other reporting systems highly preferred

Published: June 19, 2018   19:45              

Department: Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing
Workload: 100%
Duties: The University of Miami’s Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing (CSTARS) is currently seeking a software developer to augment the ongoing development of satellite management tools and the creation of new internal applications used in the operations management and image processing functions of the Center. The Software Development Engineer position involves a wide range of software design and development activities within a highly dynamic environment supporting a variety of remote-sensing discovery and analysis programs. The ideal candidate will bring innovative ideas to enhance the CSTARS end-user Web experience, while applying established development methodologies throughout a project’s lifecycle
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent technical degree in a related field of study. •Minimum of three (3+) or more years of directly related software programming work experience. •Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science and relevant GIS, satellite processing, image analysis and interpretation experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience is preferred. •Proficiency in Windows and LINUX operating systems. •The job requires very strong programming and debugging skills. •Experience and thorough knowledge with Javascript, C#, Python, and Java (in order of priority), though other languages such as Groovy will be considered in keeping with the latest technologies
Preferred Requirements: Sound working knowledge of memory management, inter-process communication, and synchronization is expected. •Experience with OpenLayers, Open Street Map, GeoServer, or related GIS frameworks. •Experience with scientific modeling applications (Matlab, IDL). •Experience with statistical and qualitative data analysis. •Experience in developing clients and services within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment for GIS related solutions

Published: June 19, 2018   19:45              

Department: No Prior Biological Background Required
Workload: 100%
Duties: The MGH Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases (CIID) is looking for exceptional computational biologist candidates to join the Single Cell Genomics Research Program, which is a multidisciplinary research program focused on developing and implementing systems immunology and genomics strategies to further our understanding of the human immune system. The laboratory is also affiliated to the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, offering additional opportunities to collaborate and bridge with this vibrant community
Minimum Requirements: No prior biological background required, just strong computational & quantitative skills and enthusiasm to learn on the job. Solid foundation in the fundamentals of statistics, the use of algorithms and data analysis relevant to computational biology, and the ability to approach problems with scientific rigor. Must have demonstrated proficiency with several of the following programing languages: Python, R, Java, C/C++, or Matlab, with a preference towards Python, and R. Proficiency working in a Linux environment, knowledge of terminal shell usage (e.g. bash)
Preferred Requirements: Bachelors or Master’s degree and 0-2 years’ experience in computer science, computational biology, engineering, physics, mathematics, statistics, genetics, or related field with a strong quantitative background and programming emphasis preferred, but talented applicants of all levels are encouraged to apply

Published: June 19, 2018   19:44              

Department: Department of Computing Science
Workload: 100%
Duties: The successful applicant will work on topics of conflict resolution in societal-scale human-cyber-physical systems. She or he will also contribute to writing the follow-up proposal
Minimum Requirements: Candidates are required to have an academic university degree (Master or equivalent) in computer science, control, systems theory and engineering, or related subjects, excellent grades, and a solid scientific background in semi-formal or formal approaches to the description of the dynamics of complex systems. Candidates with good knowledge in at least one of the following fields are preferable: Game theory, algorithmic synthesis of strategies, logics of dynamics, knowledge, and belief, like temporal or epistemic logic, formal methods for design and analysis of multi-agent systems. Post Doc Researchers must in addition hold a PhD or equivalent in these topics

Deadline: June 29, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   15:54              

Department: ZE Computer- und Medienservice
Duties: Administration, Erweiterung und Modernisierung der zentralen Mail- und Listserver (Dovecot, Postfix, Sympa), Mail-Appliances (IronPort) und der DNS-/DHCP-Server (Bind, ISC-DHCP); Einbindung der Systeme ins Netz und Speichernetz (SAN); Weiterbildung, Beratung und Unterstützung von Nutzern/-innen; Bearbeitung von Sicherheitsvorfällen und Bekämpfen von SPAM- und Phishing-Wellen
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes (Fach-)Hochschulstudium der Informatik oder verwandter Fachrichtungen bzw. gleichwertige Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen; sehr gute Kenntnisse der eingesetzten Software (Dovecot, Postfix, Sympa, Bind, ISC-DHCP) und von Protokollen (SMTP, IMAP, DNS, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6); gute Betriebssystem-Kenntnisse (FreeBSD, Linux, Windows); sichere Beherrschung der deutschen Sprache, gute Englischkenntnisse; Bereitschaft zur flexiblen Arbeitszeitgestaltung; Belastbarkeit bzgl. der Bearbeitung von Systemhavarien; strukturierte Arbeitsweise; hohe Kommunikationsfähigkeit, soziale Kompetenz und Organisationsgeschick

Deadline: July 5, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   15:38              

Workload: 100%
Duties: The Senior Product Architect will work with a team of Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Experts, Data Scientists and US Healthcare subject matter experts in the Optum Payment Integrity Innovation Lab. The Optum Payment Integrity Innovation Lab’s mission is to explore disruptive and transformational use cases that will change the way our business and consumers engage with technology in the future. The role requires a future-focused creative technologist with end-to-end software development skills and team leadership ability to craft new prototypes and early-stage products. You will be at the intersection of business, technology and big data
Minimum Requirements: BS or MS in Computer Science or related technical discipline. Experience with full lifecycle software development, the associated tools, processes and methodologies in a business or academic context. Experience with container technologies, cloud implementations and continuous integration. Background in technical or data focused environments. 8+ years of programming experience in multiple programming languages with the curiosity and desire to learn new technologies, platforms, approaches, libraries and languages
Preferred Requirements: Experience of large-scale distributed/real-time computing environments: Hadoop, Kafka, Storm, NiFi, streamsets, Spark and/or related tools. Experience accessing, profiling, transforming and managing data from various data environments e.g., SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop. Experience with (more than 1 of) the following languages: Java, Python, Scala, C++, JavaScript. Experience of full stack development, microservices, API first strategies, serverless computing. Experience in the US healthcare sector, healthcare in general, or insurance

Published: June 19, 2018   15:35              

Department: Research Institute for Cognition Robotics
Duration: 3, 5 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Im Rahmen eines vom Bundeswirtschaftsministeriums geförderten Projekts soll in Kooperation mit einem industriellen Partner aus dem Bereich der Wäschereitechnik Bildverarbeitungssoftware entwickelt werden, die eine Fleck- und Locherkennung auch bei gemusterter Wäsche in Echtzeit realisiert. Hierbei soll auf bekannte Bildverarbeitungsverfahren aufgebaut werden und deren Eignung zur Erkennung von Flecken und Löchern untersucht und gegebenenfalls fortentwickelt werden
Minimum Requirements: abgeschlossenes einschlägiges wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium im Bereich Informatik, Informationstechnik oder in fachlich äquivalenten Forschungsgebieten. fundierte Kenntnisse im Bereich der automatischen Bildverarbeitung und des Maschinellen Lernens. eigenständiges, gewissenhaftes und sorgfältiges Arbeiten. kooperative und teamorientierte Arbeitsweise. Offenheit gegenüber anwendungsnahen Fragestellungen im industriellen Kontext. gute Deutschkenntnisse, da dieses Projekt in enger Kooperation mit einem lokalen Industriepartner durchgeführt wird
Preferred Requirements: Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen: im Bereich der automatischen Detektion salienter Bereiche in Bildern in der Anwendung von „Deep Neural Networks“ im Bereich der Umsetzung von Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstellen

Deadline: July 12, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   15:31              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Within Americas IT, we have exciting opportunities at all experience levels within our delivery domains. Our Customer Support domain delivers world-class IT solutions across a diverse range of portfolios and business areas including Deskside, Service Desk, Service Management, Data and Analytics, Real Estate and Client Connections. The US IT Operations Data Analysis team is responsible for serving as a strategic business partner across US IT and other functional units as well as the Lines of Service within the US firm. The primary focus of this team is to identify trends in performance of qualitative and quantitative data related to all IT Operations and propose innovative solutions and services to IT leadership and business stakeholders
Minimum Requirements: High School Diploma or GED. 6 years of experience in IT Operations and Data Analytics
Preferred Requirements: Bachelor's degree. Demonstrates intimate knowledge and/or a proven record of success in the following areas: -Benchmarking, Research, Statistical Analysis, Mathematics, Predictive Data Modeling, Analyst Services, Technology Platforms, Database Design, Data Management and Reporting Technologies, System Development Life cycle, Software Project Management, Requirements, Design, and Testing techniques, Governance, Emerging data technologies; and, -Relevant business experience in Professional Services, Finance and or Information Technology Operations; problem-solving through the performance of qualitative and quantitative data analytics; and, creativity when engaging in complex, broad and often ambiguously-defined strategic issues

Published: June 19, 2018   15:23              

Department: Institute of Molecular Health Sciences
Workload: 100%
Duties: The successful candidate will work as part an international team that employs a variety of genetic and genomic tools (RNAseq, whole Exome sequencing, single cell sequencing, CHIP-Seq approaches to delineate molecular and cellular cancer circuits and to exploit this knowledge to develop novel therapeutic strategies. The Bioinformatics Analyst will be concerned with the analyses of large data sets from high-throughput biological studies derived from public databases (ie. The Cancer Genome Atlas, Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia, or GEO datasets) and lab efforts (ie. genomic sequencing, (single-cell) RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, metabolomics, etc)
Minimum Requirements: We are looking for an individual that applies a hands-on, problem-solving approach in a collegial work environment pervaded with intellectual rigor, who has strong communication skills and demonstrates innovative and analytical thinking. Applicants must hold a PhD in a related field (Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Biostatistics, or Biophysics), have documented academic achievements and a strong background and experience using common bioinformatics software, programming languages, statistics, and be highly motivated to solve biological problems

Published: June 19, 2018   14:54              

Duties: Administration von Fachbereichsanwendungen; Auswahl, Installation und Wartung von Hardware(-Komponenten), wie Workstations, Telefonanlage, Netzwerkswitchen, Druckern und Storagesystemen; Einrichten von Arbeitsplätzen sowie das beraten und einweisen von Benutzern; Benutzeradministration & Systemadministration; Interner User Helpdesk und Fehlerbeseitigung; Analyse von bestehenden Problemen und deren nachhaltige Lösung; Erweiterung und strukturelle Änderungen des internen Netzwerks; Installation & Konfiguration neuer/vorhandener Server; Recherche und Empfehlung innovativer und möglichst automatisierter Ansätze für Systemadministrationsaufgaben
Minimum Requirements: Du hast Informatik, Software-Engineering o. ä. studiert oder anderweitig ein gleichwertiges breites IT-Wissen erworben; Du hast eine ausgeprägte Leidenschaft für Betriebssysteme und Serveradministration; Du liebst es, SA-bezogene Lösungen zu entwickeln; Deutsch fliessend in Wort und Schrift, Gute Englischkenntnisse

Published: June 19, 2018   14:48              

Duration: unbefristet        Workload: 100%
Duties: Eigenständige Entwicklung von statistischen Analyse- und Prognose-Modellen durch Zuhilfenahme grosser Datenbestände; Extraktion, Aufbereitung und Analyse grosser, strukturierter und unstrukturierter Datenbestände, sowie Mustererkennung mittels geeigneter Verfahren; Überführung von Modellen in produktive Systeme; Weiterentwicklung existierender analytischer Ansätze; Bewertung der Ergebnisse zur Entscheidungsunterstützung; Zusammenarbeit mit den Geschäftseinheiten und Funktionaleinheiten zur Identifizierung und Entwicklung von wirtschaftlichen Use-Cases
Minimum Requirements: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium der Fachrichtungen Statistik, Mathematik oder (Wirtschafts-)Informatik; Sehr gute Kenntnisse in den Bereichen Statistik, Machine Learning und Datenanalyse; Erfahrung in den Bereichen Neurale Netze, sowie Lineare und Logit-Regressionen erwünscht; Wünschenswert ist Erfahrung mit mathematischer Optimierung; Praktische Kenntnisse in einer objektorientierten Programmiersprache (z. B. Python oder R); Mehrjährige Erfahrung in analytischen Projekten (z. B. Datenanalyse, Modellentwicklung); Kenntnisse mit Cloud-gestützten Datenbank-Technologien, idealerweise praktische Erfahrung

Published: June 19, 2018   14:27              

Duties: In dieses spannende Umfeld suchen wir zur Übernahme der technischen Leitung eine erfahrene, kompetente Persönlichkeit (m/w) als Leiter Backend – Entwicklung. Das Projekt ist sehr langfristig ausgelegt und bietet den Mitgliedern des Initialteams die sehr seltene Chance, ihre zukünftige Rolle in gewissem Masse selber definieren zu können. Da in Zukunft mehr und mehr Mitglieder in die "neue Welt" eingebunden werden müssen, besteht die Möglichkeit den Fokus der persönlichen Weiterentwicklung gezielt auf bestimmte Themen (Technik, Teamleitung, Coaching, ...) zu legen
Minimum Requirements: sehr gute Java-Kenntnisse, Erfahrungen mit funktionalen Programmiersprachen von Vorteil; langjährige Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und dem Betrieb von Webapplikationen; fundierte Kenntnisse moderner Entwicklungsmethoden und -trends; Bereitschaft, Verantwortung für die Produktentwicklung zu übernehmen; sehr gute Sprachkenntnisse Englisch, Deutsch ist von Vorteil

Published: June 19, 2018   14:23              

Duration: 19 m
Duties: The overall objective of CRASK is to a) advance our understanding of regional contributions and interactions within the semantic-system to form a meaningful model of how the brain represents our knowledge of the world and b) to extend this model to predict and test how the ensemble function of this system creates our capacity for elaborate semantic knowledge. This position will involve using fMRI to uncover how the brain represents information across and within elements of the brain semantic system
Minimum Requirements: Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Deadline: July 6, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   13:39              

Duration: 4 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The ultimate objective of Entity approach is to explore new concepts for the seamless integration of energy harvesting and storage components into chips and packages (SoC-SiP). Furthermore it aims for overall integration of sensors and wireless data transfer systems by unobtrusive manner, by which IoT and particularly wearable electronics can be better infused in our daily lives
Minimum Requirements: To successfully occupy the position of a doctoral student, the candidate must possess a Master’s degree or an equivalent degree (e.g. licentiate) in electrical engineering. Degree must have been completed with excellent grades by 31.10.2018 (or latest before the job contract starts). Ability to pursue independent research and excellent writing and fluency in English is expected. Doctoral student’s focus is on electrical integration of sensors, energy harvesters and storage to realize reliable platforms of autonomous devices. To successfully occupy the position of a post-doc researcher, the candidate must possess a doctoral degree preferably in electrical engineering. Degree must have been completed by 30.10.2018 (or latest before the job contract starts). A successful applicant must have a solid background on sensor development as well as an feasible publication track record related to the topic. Expertise in materials development for sensors, or their versatile fabrication, integr...

Deadline: August 31, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   13:10              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Within the Powertrains research department, you have the role of research engineer/integrator, giving you the chance to shape the technologies contributing to a sustainable future. Part of a team working in multiple challenging projects, both national and international, with key automotive partners, you are at the forefront of research and development focused on vehicle electrification technologies. By focusing on innovative solutions, you play a key role in strengthening and further building on our position in the automotive industry
Minimum Requirements: You have a master’s degree in a relevant field, for example electrical engineering or automotive engineering, with strong expertise on battery systems and a broad technical knowledge on hybrid and electric components. Modelling and simulation, system identification are your strong technical competencies, with control strategy development a strong plus. At least 5 years relevant experience, with industrial experience an advantage. You are well acquainted with Matlab/Simulink. Knowledge in other simulation tools typically used in the automotive industry is considered a plus, as is embedded software development expertise (e.g. C/C++). Experience in direct interactions with (international) customers and can help translate their needs into services and solutions. You enjoy developing innovative solutions to technically challenging problems and have the right mix of intellectual curiosity and practical pragmatism

Published: June 19, 2018   10:26              

Duties: Research activity will be focused on the modeling, design and testing of wearable wireless devices for identification, localization and sensing of biometrics and environmental parameters. These devices will find application in the development of a new monitoring system to improve the safety and security in railway and traffic worksites
Minimum Requirements: Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Deadline: July 13, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   10:18              

Department: Computational Mathematics Group
Duration: 3+1 y
Duties: Topic: Development of an efficient numerical method to solve wave equations in unbounded domains by space-time integral equation methods
Minimum Requirements: Master/diploma in Mathematics, very good knowledge in numerical analysis and good knowledge in programming

Deadline: September 30, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   09:56              

Department: DTU Compute
Duration: 2 y
Duties: The right candidate is expected to lead research activities related to decision-making and optimization. More specifically the research should focus on decision-making models for energy companies in a setting with intelligent and integrated energy systems. You should participate in exploiting improved market operation and implementation models for such energy systems and markets in smart cities and societies. Furthermore, you should be able to develop and program prototypes for operational/real-time optimization tools for scheduling and planning tasks related to energy systems including heuristics
Minimum Requirements: PhD degree (or equivalent) in optimization, modelling, energy systems or computer science Background in decision-making under uncertainty, mathematical modelling and optimization algorithms Experience with decision-making under uncertainty in integrated energy systems (preferably combined heat and power plants, district heating systems, markets) Experience with solving large-scale optimization models Experience with scheduling problems (preferably EV charge scheduling) Experience with teaching activities related to decision-making under uncertainty, optimization and heuristics Preferably programming experience

Deadline: July 3, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   09:38              

Duration: 3 y
Duties: The main objective of the work-package led by CWI is the design and development of a query language (TyphonQL) to uniformly express queries over hybrid polystores, considering both the structure of the data, the availability, and partitioning requirements of different subsets of the data. This research will produce the query language TyphonQL that will be used to query hybrid polystores, compilers for transforming TyphonQL queries into native queries targeting individual components of the polystore, and code generators that will produce strongly-typed APIs for assembled polystores
Minimum Requirements: Candidates are required to have a completed PhD in the area of computer science, software engineering, or a related discipline, and a specialization in language engineering, model-driven engineering, programming languages, or related field. Needed qualifications for candidates include proven research talent and good academic writing and presentation skills. Candidates are expected to have an excellent command of English

Published: June 19, 2018   07:01              

Duties: Individuelle und Umfassende Beratung unserer Kunden im Bereich Datenmigration in Verbindung mit verschiedenen SAP Lösungen (ECC, EWM, HYBRIS, etc.). Mitwirkung bei der Planung, Konzeption und Implementierung von komplexen Projekten. Vorantreiben der Neu- und Weiterentwicklung sowie Einführung innovativer IT-Lösungen. Gemeinsam mit Ihren Teamkollegen entwickeln Sie massgeschneiderter Lösungen für unsere Kunden und deren aktuelle Herausforderungen. Mitwirkung beim Ausbau unseres Beratungsgeschäfts rund um das Thema Datenmigration in SAP Systeme. Übernahme von Teilprojekt- und Führungsverantwortung hinsichtlich Kunden und junioren Mitarbeitern
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium oder vergleichbare qualifizierte Ausbildung. 2 bis 4 Jahre Berufserfahrung im Bereich Master Data Migration, gerne auch in spezifischen Anwenderfunktionen oder innerhalb eines Beratungsunternehmen. Fundierte SAP R/3 oder SAP S/4 HANA oder ERP Kenntnisse mit den betriebswirtschaftlichen Schwerpunkten Logistik, Vertrieb und/oder Finanz- und Rechnungswesen sowie ein sehr gutes Verständnis der übrigen SAP Systemlandschaft. Fundierte Kenntnisse im Design von Stammdatenprozessen. Erfahrungen im Bereich Datenharmonisierung und -konsolidierung, idealerweise unter Einbeziehung von entsprechenden Tools. Erfahrungen in der Analyse, dem Design und der Konzeption von Softwareanwendungen und IT (innerhalb und ausserhalb von SAP Anwendungen). Gute Kenntnisse der NetWeaver-Plattform und der Enterprise Service Architecture. Idealerweise Erfahrungen in der Integration mit Exchange Infrastructure/Process Integration. Verhandlungssichere Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse i...

Published: June 19, 2018   01:08              

Workload: 100%
Duties: The Executive Director: Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) will be accountable for identifying and articulating the University’s present and future ICT requirements in the support of Teaching, Research and community engagement, and the provision and management of central ICT services to meet those requirements within affordability limits. Given the complexity of this academic environment, we require the Executive Director: ICTS to be an experienced ICT professional with strong leadership and management skills, with previous experience at this senior management level preferably in a tertiary education environment
Minimum Requirements: A relevant tertiary level qualification. Typically 5 – 10 years’ experience at the senior management level in ICT. Proven experience in introducing innovation, leading change and influencing individuals. The ability to mediate conflict and negotiate with key stakeholders. Experience in implementing and integrating large and complex systems

Deadline: July 16, 2018 | Published: June 19, 2018   00:01              

Department: Engineering, Materials and Electrical Sciences
Workload: 100%
Duties: The Dimensional Metrology Group is looking for a talented scientist or engineer to join a growing and highly motivated team to develop X-ray computed tomography for dimensional metrology. Typical applications are such as dimensional metrology of additive manufacturing. The successful candidate will work across several projects, including both research projects and industrial projects. The candidate is expected to be able to work collaboratively within a team and also be able to work independently. The projects may also involve a level of customer engagement and interaction is to be expected. Academic output through peer reviewed journals and conference presentations will be encouraged and there is ample opportunity for career development
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will hold a PhD or equivalent experience, in a related field (e.g. Physics, Mathematics, Engineering) and ideally have experience in the design, implementation and operation of industrial X-ray computed tomography and knowledge of reconstruction methods
Preferred Requirements: Further knowledge of dimensional metrology, instrument development, statistical data analyses and imaging processing would be an advantage. The ideal candidate will have experience in some or all of the following: reconstruction algorithms; scientific software development (e.g. MATLAB, LabVIEW, CUDA, C/C++); data analysis; basic electronics (design, build, test); knowledge/practical experience with X-ray and X-ray detector; design of experiment

Deadline: August 10, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   23:58              

Department: Chemistry
Workload: 100%
Duties: The Department of Chemistry of the University of Southern California invites applications for a research associate position
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate is expected to have a background in advanced quantum mechanics and quantum chemistry, computer programming, many-body methods, experience in computational modeling of photoinduced processes, and be familiar with phenomenological hamiltonians. The applicant must hold a Ph.D. in computational chemistry. He/she should have an outstanding research record and relevant experience in developing theoretical framework and computer codes for modeling electronic structure of single molecular magnets

Published: June 18, 2018   23:52              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Responsible for rapid design, architect, prototype, and implementation of solutions to tackle the Big Data and Data Science needs for UCLA Health. Architect and develop highly scalable distributed data pipelines using Hadoop and/or Spark ecosystem. Be hands on developer coding out pipelines in Python/Java. Design and build scalable data models for large-scale analytics datasets in both SMP and MPP Architecture realms. Performance tuning of SQL queries with a thorough understanding of database internals. Work with Business Intelligence and Data Scientists to understand data needs and ingest rich data sources such as external claims data feeds, Electronic Health Record data, financial data, operational data
Minimum Requirements: Minimum 10 years of software development and Architecture experience with multiple programming languages, technologies, and Frameworks. Heavy development experience on the data processing side of the software development. Adept at choosing the right Data Structures and right Algorithms for data processing. 4 years of experience designing and delivering solutions utilizing Hadoop-Map reduce, Spark, Hive, and Sqoop. Experience working NoSQL databases like HBase, Cassandra. Experience working with Real time data streams using Kafka, Storm. Working knowledge of Linux/Unix operating systems

Published: June 18, 2018   21:25              

Workload: 50-100%
Duties: Administration, Überwachung und Optimierung unserer IT-Infrastruktur und Systemlandschaft von Windows- und Linux-basierten Betriebssystemumgebungen (Server- und Clientinfrastruktur) inkl. virtueller Instanzen. Interner Usersupport und Sicherstellung des Betriebs der IT-Infrastruktur inkl. Laborgeräterechner. Betreuung diverser IT-Unterstützungssysteme (z.B. Softwareentwicklungsumgebungen, Backuplösungen). Aktive Mitarbeit an der Verbesserung und Ausweitung des vorhandenen Qualitätsmanagementsystem
Minimum Requirements: Nach einer erfolgreich absolvierten Ausbildung, verfügen Sie über gute Windows- und Linux-Kenntnisse und haben bereits einschlägige Berufserfahrung im Bereich der Administration von Windows und Linux im Client- als auch im Serverbereich erworben. Eine selbstständige, zielorientierte Arbeitsweise, hohe Belastbarkeit und Flexibilität aber auch Teamfähigkeit und Kommunikationsstärke ergänzen Ihr Profil

Published: June 18, 2018   20:02              

Workload: 100%
Duties: To lecture, lead seminars, tutorials and other forms of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. To develop and apply innovative and appropriate teaching techniques and material which create interest, understanding and enthusiasm amongst students. To carry out on-going curriculum review, including teaching content and materials and contribute to the development of teaching and learning strategies. To undertake effectively a range of administrative responsibilities
Minimum Requirements: Postgraduate degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience. Knowledge across the undergraduate and taught postgraduate curriculum; especially programming, and software engineering. Evidence of teaching, leading seminars, tutorials for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and also of planning and teaching design across a range of models. Experience in teaching and learning in HE at undergraduate or postgraduate level or in an evidence similar context. Good communication and facilitation skills are essential for leading the required teaching and group-work activities

Deadline: July 16, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   19:43              

Department: University of Nottingham Libraries
Duration: until 31 December 2019        Workload: 100%
Duties: We have a great opportunity for a Business Change Manager to join University of Nottingham Libraries at one of the biggest Universities in the UK to work on an ambitious digital learning project. The role of Business Change Manager provides a high profile opportunity to engage with stakeholders across Libraries, and to establish the basis for transformational change in library and digital learning processes and ultimately services and support for students and academics. It will also entail working with system suppliers and senior University stakeholders. As Business Change Manager you will lead the management of business change, within agreed timescales and scope
Minimum Requirements: First degree in a relevant area (or equivalent). Excellent influencing skills gained at a senior level. Excellent leadership skills and the ability to motivate and inspire a team. Ability to develop and maintain external professional contacts and networks
Preferred Requirements: Postgraduate qualification (or equivalent). Qualification in Leadership and Management. PRINCE2. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). Management of Risk (MoR) qualification. Communication qualification

Deadline: July 15, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   19:42              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Teilprojektleitung zur Einführung der neuen Hochschuladministrationslösung. Sicherstellen der Kommunikation zwischen Fach- und ICT-Abteilungen. Analysieren der Gesamtzusammenhänge bei neuen softwaretechnischen Lösungen in Bezug auf Prozesse, Strukturen, Daten und Benutzerschnittstellen. Transformieren der Business-Bedürfnisse und -Anforderungen in Systemanforderungen unter Beachtung von wirtschaftlichen, organisatorischen und technischen Randbedingungen. Mitarbeit im System-Engineering
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossene Informatik Ausbildung (z.B. Informatiker/in EFZ). Weiterbildung zum Requirements-Engineer allenfalls Business Analyst oder Interesse, eine entsprechende Weiterbildung zu absolvieren. Erfahrung in der Administration von Microsoft-Systemumgebungen. Know-how im Virtualisierungsumfeld (Microsoft Hyper-V und VMware). Erfahrung in der Leitung und Begleitung von anspruchsvollen Projekten. Hohe Dienstleistungsorientierung, Belastbarkeit und Flexibilität. Starkes Verantwortungsbewusstsein, Teamfähigkeit und Selbstständigkeit

Deadline: June 25, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   19:39              

Duties: Umfassende Verantwortung für die Spezialbibliothek. Optimierung und Weiterentwicklung der internen Bibliotheksdienstleistungen. Nutzerberatung im Bereich Literatur- und Datenrecherche. Steuerung der elektronischen Ressourcen und Lizenzen. Umsetzung der Open Access-Strategie. Unterstützung des Datenmanagements für das Forschungsdatenzentrum (Open Data)
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Studium im Bereich Bibliotheks- und Informationsmanagement oder vergleichbare Qualifikation sowie einschlägige Berufserfahrung. Kenntnisse im Umgang mit allgemeinen und fachbezogenen Datenbanken. Kenntnisse in den Bereichen Open Access, Urheberrecht und Publikationsmanagement. Erfahrungen im Bereich des Wissensmanagements und der Bibliometrie. Sehr gute englische Sprachkenntnisse. Selbstständiges Arbeiten, Kommunikationsstärke, kundenorientiertes Auftreten, Organisationstalent. Bereitschaft, sich in neue Aufgabenfelder einzuarbeiten

Deadline: June 29, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   19:27              

Duties: Erstellung der Mehrjahresplanung und der regelmässigen Hochrechnungen im laufenden Geschäftsjahr für die Krankenversicherung. Untersuchung verschiedener Szenarien und Fragestellungen als Beitrag zur Unternehmenssteuerung (z.B. Marktanalysen). Unterstützung bei der (Weiter-) Entwicklung des Unternehmensmodells der Krankenversicherung in der Projektionssoftware Prophet. Mitentwicklung der aktuariellen Berechnungen und Unterstützung beim Aufbau eines Reporting nach IFRS17 (Projektarbeit)
Minimum Requirements: Studium der (Wirtschafts-)Mathematik, Ausbildung zum/zur Aktuar/in (DAV) wünschenswert. Idealerweise sehr gute versicherungsmathematische Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen im Bereich der Rechnungslegung von Personenversicherungen. Hohe Leistungsbereitschaft, Teamfähigkeit, selbstständige und zielgerichtete Arbeitsweise sowie ein ausgeprägtes analytisches Denken. Fähigkeit, abstrakte komplexe Zusammenhänge strukturiert zu bearbeiten und adressatengerecht zu kommunizieren

Published: June 18, 2018   19:24              

Workload: 100%
Duties: This is an exciting time to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and immerse yourself in research, analysis, due diligence, client support, project management (to name a few). This role would suit someone who is comfortable working in a dynamic environment focused on delivering an exceptional client service. The main challenge of this role is managing multiple stakeholders. It’s important to be able to feel comfortable to manage their expectations
Minimum Requirements: Some experience/exposure the insurance or reinsurance industry. A Quantitative qualification. Project management support experience. Strong organisational skills and the ability to manage multiple relationships. Candidate should be comfortable working in dynamic highly pressured environment focused on client service. Aside from the above experience, we are looking for someone who wants to be an ‘all-rounder’ and dive in to help maintain and build a strong client experience. We are interested to encourage those who have the willingness to learn and be curious about our industry

Published: June 18, 2018   19:21              

Duration: until 30/08/2020        Workload: 100%
Duties: We are looking to recruit an experienced X-ray CT scanning specialist to join our world-class multidisciplinary team of scientists investigating plant-soil interaction under an ERC Consolidator programme
Minimum Requirements: We are looking for a specialist in X-ray CT scanning, accessing a variety of in house systems at the µ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre and national synchrotron sites (DLS and SLS). Familiarity with advanced X-ray CT image analysis methodologies and software is also an absolutely essential for this position. To be successful you will need a track record of producing peer reviewed publications. You will hold a PhD or equivalent in engineering and be able to demonstrate experience in X-ray CT imaging of challenging multiphase materials e.g. soil. Ability to demonstrate the integration across different disciplines as part of a close-knit team is absolutely essential to this position

Deadline: July 13, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   19:11              

Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Workload: 100%
Duties: Teach 9 hours per semester (including some evenings) of undergrad Math (including Contemporary Math & college algebra) & grad courses in combinatorics, and graph theory. Perform research combinatorics and graph theory. Participate in course & program development & assessment; pursue scholarly & professional activities; perform college & professional service; work cooperatively with diverse groups; perform other duties as assigned by Dean of Arts & Sciences & Chair of Division of Science, Technology & Mathematics; work with & be sensitive to educational needs of diverse student population
Minimum Requirements: PhD in Mathematics; demonstrated excellence in teaching; evidence of scholarly & professional activities; strong interest in research & teaching variety of courses in mathematics. Criminal history check required

Deadline: July 10, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   18:45              

Department: Bereich Hochschul-Gebäudemanagement (HGPUP)
Workload: 100%
Duties: Das Aufgabengebiet umfasst die Fachgebiete Hochspannung, Niederspannung, Laborstrom, Mess- und Regeltechnik, einschliesslich der elektrischen Einrichtungen der Wärme-, Klima- und Lüftungstechnik sowie Beleuchtung- und Fördertechnik
Minimum Requirements: einschlägiger Hochschul- oder Fachhochschulabschluss, z. B. in der Elektrotechnik, einschliesslich sehr guter Fachkenntnisse auf den Gebieten der Automatisierungs-, Elektro- sowie MSR-Technik sowie entsprechender Berufserfahrungen beim Betrieb moderner Anlagen dieses Fachgebietes. DV-Kenntnisse im Bereich der Standardsoftware (MS-Office). Erfahrungen in der Personalführung sowie Durchsetzungsvermögen sind Voraussetzungen für die Erfüllung der Arbeitsaufgaben. ein hohes Mass an selbständigem, sorgfältigem und eigenverantwortlichem Arbeiten sowie Teamfähigkeit werden grundsätzlich vorausgesetzt. englische Sprachkenntnisse im Fachgebiet sind erforderlich

Deadline: June 28, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   18:38              

Workload: 100%
Duties: Data Scientists’ main roles are to model complex Institutional problems, discover Institutional insights and identify opportunities through the use of statistical, algorithmic, data mining and visualization techniques. Work closely with units, data owners, and IT specialist to turn data into critical information and knowledge that can be used to make Institutional decisions. Building models to address business problems. Develop custom data models and algorithms to apply to data sets. Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy. Undertake preprocessing of structured and unstructured data. Apply data mining using state-of-the-art methods
Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have an earned PhD Degree from reputable institution, a record of published research and strong experience in the full range of administrative and financial functions in a higher education, services or public sector setting. The Demonstrates experience with and skilled use of: Machine learning techniques and algorithms. Ccommon data science toolkits, such as R, Weka, MatLab, etc (Excellence in at least one of these is highly desirable). Data visualization tools. Query languages such as SQL

Published: June 18, 2018   18:06              

Department: Product Marketing
Workload: 100%
Duties: Develop technical marketing material such as application examples, product demonstrations, and videos for MathWorks' worldwide. Provide customer requirements and identify market trends involving HDL software to MathWorks development staff in Hyderabad office. Use web metrics and assess business reports to guide development and promotion efforts related to your project areas
Minimum Requirements: A bachelor's degree and 3 years of professional work experience (or a master's degree) is required
Preferred Requirements: Knowledge of MATLAB, Simulink, or equivalent software. Experience developing applications and workflow examples. Industry experience in communications, electronics, automotive or related industries. Strong presentation and video recording skills. Solid quantitative ability and strong overall marketing, research, and planning skills. Candidate should expect to travel about 5% of the time

Published: June 18, 2018   18:00              

Workload: 50%
Duties: Gemeinsam mit den anderen Mitarbeiter/Mitarbeiterinnen im Team entwickeln Sie unser SAP-System weiter, programmieren Schnittstellen und optimieren vorhandene Lösungen. Sie arbeiten in allen Phasen anspruchsvoller Entwicklungsprojekte von der Konzeption, über die Realisierung, dem Test bis hin zum Support mit
Minimum Requirements: Idealerweise verfügen Sie über einen Hochschulabschluss als Bachelor (Fachrichtung Informatik oder vergleichbar). Sie verfügen über sehr gute SAP-Kenntnisse, vorzugsweise mit Schwerpunkt MM, PM, FI, CO oder HCM. Sie besitzen gute Kenntnisse zu den Themen Fiori, HANA und S/4HANA. Sie können eine mehrjährige, einschlägige Berufserfahrung als SAP-Entwickler (ABAP) vorweisen. Gute Deutschkenntnisse sind notwendig, Englisch als Arbeitssprache stellt kein Problem für sie dar

Deadline: July 15, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   17:58              

Duration: 2 y
Duties: Research on technologies and strategies to reduce the use of fossil fuels, focused on energy efficiency and urban electric mobility. Main topics include: collect and analyze data in energy consumption of a car-sharing service, scenarios for the development of the electric vehicle fleet and the production of electricity with photovoltaic systems, analysis of energy consumption data and CO2 emissions in the framework of SEAPs and SECAPs. The activity program includes participation in international fairs and congresses to consolidate and increase skills in the field of energy efficiency and electric mobility
Minimum Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate). Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Deadline: July 9, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   17:57              

Workload: 100%
Duties: The position is focused on teaching and not research. As a lecturer in our group you will contribute to a strongly internationally oriented teaching programme at Wageningen University. The duties/responsibilities of the position include: Coordinate and teach the courses related to software engineering and information technology. Supervise and mark students’ papers. Mark exams. Supervise students’ theses and internships. Assist in building and sharing digital learning environments
Minimum Requirements: Preferably a PhD degree in computer science, information technology, software engineering, or a related area; a solid background and experience in the field of software engineering and information technology; good didactic qualities and enthusiasm for teaching and working with students. Teaching experience with a clear vision on education, demonstrating both commitment and success in effective and inspirational participation in the teaching programme of the INF group. The ability to significantly contribute to the teaching and administration of subjects (including curriculum development) within the range of subjects offered by the INF group

Published: June 18, 2018   17:50              

Duration: 1 y
Duties: The research is aimed at the development of remote sensing techniques and methods (mainly from optical, multi/hyperspectral and SAR satellite platforms) applied to the specific urban context and addressed to the detection and monitoring of geohazards (landslides, subsidence and sinkhole). In particular, the research will focus on the analysis and comparison of images from different sensors with the aim of critically evaluating the results and developing methodological approaches and best practices for the elaboration and integrated analysis of remote sensing data for spatial and temporal hazard studies
Minimum Requirements: Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Deadline: July 16, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   17:44              

Department: Computer Science
Duration: 2, 5 y
Duties: We are seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Researcher to work in the `Autonomy and Verification Lab¿ at the University of Liverpool. You will carry out research centred on autonomy and formal methods, potentially involving work across agent theory, logics, agent programming, robot software architectures, verification, or security analysis. The work will likely involve collaboration across a range of universities, disciplines, and industrial partners
Minimum Requirements: You should have a PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, Mathematics or related discipline

Deadline: July 16, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   17:42              

Department: Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
Duties: Leitung, strategische Steuerung und fachliche Ausrichtung, d.h. Konzeption, Koordinierung und Umsetzung der o.g. Aufgaben des Fachbereichs. Fachliche und disziplinarische Führung der engagierten und hochqualifizierten Führungskräfte des Fachbereichs. Einrichtung von abteilungsübergreifenden Kompetenzzentren für die Erschliessung und Bewertung neuer Technologien. Aktive Gestaltung eines kontinuierlichen Veränderungsprozesses zur Optimierung der Zusammenarbeit innerhalb und ausserhalb des Fachbereichs, zum Beispiel bezüglich ◦Etablierung von Prozessen zur abteilungsübergreifenden Zusammenarbeit und Abstimmung von Fachthemen ◦Einführung und kontinuierliche Fortentwicklung von Prozessen zum Wissensmanagement
Minimum Requirements: abgeschlossenes wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium (Universität/Master) vorzugsweise der Fachrichtungen Informatik, technische Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Physik, Mathematik, Nachrichten-, Kommunikations- oder Elektrotechnik. Sehr gute Kenntnisse von internetbasierten Kommunikationsverfahren und deren Sicherungsmechanismen. Kenntnisse von kryptographischen Sicherheitsprotokollen, Public Key Infrastrukturen sowie von in Hardware realisierten Sicherheitsfunktionen. Erfahrung bei der Gestaltung von Authentisierungs- und Identifikationstechnologien, insbesondere beim Einsatz von biometrischen Verfahren. Mehrjährige Erfahrung in nationalen, europäischen und internationalen Standardisierungsgremien vorzugsweise im Bereich von Regierungsorganisationen oder aber im industriellen Bereich. Mehrjährige Erfahrung in der Zusammenarbeit mit Wirtschaft und Verbänden in verschiedenen Projekten im Bereich der IT-Sicherheit. Mehrjährige Erfahrung in der Führung von Teams bzw. Referaten mi...
Preferred Requirements: Möglichst mehrere Verwendungen in unterschiedlichen Bereichen, Organisationen und/oder Behörden. Erfahrungen beim Aufbau von externen Labor- und Prüfeinrichtungen Kenntnisse über Abläufe und Zusammenhänge der politisch-strategischen Zusammenarbeit der Bundesressorts und mit dem Parlament

Deadline: July 17, 2018 | Published: June 18, 2018   17:17              

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