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Position: Research Assistant
Institution: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Department: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Location: Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Duties: The appointee will assist the project leader in the research project - “Using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography to study the long bone structural changes after stroke: A longitudinal study”
Requirements: An honours degree or an equivalent qualification; Experience in working with stroke patients
Text: T E ON* .ON* PO/YTEC N,C UN,VERS,TY DEPARTMENT OF RE AB,/,TAT,ON SC,ENCES Post SpecLfLcatLon ResearcK AssLstant Ref. 1120605 [AppoLntment perLod: tZeOve montKs] DutLes TKe appoLntee ZLOO assLst tKe proMect Oeader Ln tKe researcK pr oMect - ³UsLnJ KLJK-resoOutLon perLpKeraO quantLtatLve computed tomoJrapK\\ to stud\\ tKe OonJ b one structuraO cKanJes after stroNe: A OonJLtudLnaO stud\\´. QuaOLfLcatLons AppOLcants sKouOd Kave: an Konours deJree or an equLvaOent quaOLfLcatLon and e[perLence Ln ZorNLnJ ZLtK stroNe patLents. AppOLcants are LnvLted to contact Prof. Marco Y. C. PanJ at teO no. 266 156 fa[ no. 2330 656 or emaLO marco.panJ@poO\\ for furtKer LnformatLon. RemuneratLon A KLJKO\\ competLtLve remuneratLon pacNaJe ZLOO be offered. App OLcants sKouOd state tKeLr current and e[pected saOar\\ Ln tKe appOLcatLon. 6 December 201
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