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Position: Airline Transport Pilot Licence Training Instructor
Institution: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Department: Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering
Location: Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Duties: The appointees will be required to: (a) undertake instructional duties as directed by the Chief Training Instructor; (b) remain current within their specialties with regard to changes in technology and the approved syllabus; (c) undertake annual refresher training and professional development as directed by the Chief Training Instructor; (d) contribute to programme/course planning, administration and development; (e) prepare progress tests and monitor student progress; (f) assist in the coordination of student activities and practical training; (g) perform any other duties as assigned by the Head of the Division or his delegates
Requirements: Applicants should: (a) have extensive aviation experience either in an engineering or flight crew role; (b) have a proven record in instructing professional pilot training courses within an approved Flight Training Organization; (c) have attended a recognised course in instructional techniques; (d) have effective classroom teaching skills; (e) have a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and professional service; and (f) be acceptable to the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department Flight Standards Division
Text: Preference ZLOO be JLven to tKose KoOdLnJ, or Kave KeOd, an ALr OLne Transport PLOot’s /Lcence ATP/ or Kave KeOd an ALrcraft MaLntenance EnJLneer’s /Lcence Lssued by a recoJnL]ed reJuOatory autKorLty. RemuneratLon and CondLtLons of ServLce A KLJKOy competLtLve remuneratLon pacNaJe ZLOO be offered. App OLcants sKouOd state tKeLr current and e[pected saOary Ln tKe appOLcatLon. 1 February 201
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