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Position: PhD Position
Institution: Università della Svizzera italiana
Department: Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
Location: Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
Duties: As a PhD student your main tasks are: To analyze and post-process continuous, high-resolution 16-lead ECG recordings in sinus rhythm and to extract relevant information regarding P-wave morphology from the ECG signals from different population of patients. To perform statistical analysis with the ECG data to uncover possible correlation and biomarkers for classification of Brugada syndrome. To have a good understanding of cardiac electrophysiological abnormalities scenarios, with emphasis on Brugada syndrome. To publish your research findings in medical, engineering, and physiology journals; To assist in teaching activities for biomedical students
Requirements: You have a solid background in biomedical engineering, signal analysis, statistics and possibly applied mathematics;; You are interested in cardiac arrhythmias and heart rhythm disturbances; You have a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Physics or Applied Mathematics; You have good verbal and written communication skills (English); Experience with Matlab, R is an advantage
Text: deveOopment tKe LdentLfLcatLon of tKe underOyLnJ patKopKysLoOo JLcaO mecKanLsms and tKe evaOuatLon of tKe response to dL fferent pKarmacoOoJLcaO and Lnv asLve tKerapeutLc strateJLes. Your cKaOOenJe As a PKD student your maLn tasNs are To anaOy]e and post-process contLnuous KLJK-resoOutLon 16-Oea d EC* recordLnJs Ln sLnus rKytKm and to e[tract reOevant L nformatLon reJardLnJ P-Zave mor pKoOoJy from tKe EC* sLJnaOs from dLfferent popuOatLon of patLents. To perform statLstLcaO anaOysLs ZLtK tKe EC* data to uncover p ossLbOe correOatLon and bLomarNers for cOassLfLcatLon of BruJada syndrome. To Kave a Jood understandLnJ of c ardLac eOectropKysLoOoJLcaO a enarLos ZLtK empKasLs on BruJada syndrome. To pubOLsK your researcK fLndLnJs Ln medLcaO enJLneerLnJ and pKysLoOoJy MournaOs To assLst Ln teacKLnJ actLvLtL es for bLomedLcaO students. You Kave a soOLd bacNJround Ln bLomedLcaO enJLneerLnJ sLJnaO anaOysLs statLstLcs and possLbOy appOLed matKematLcs You are Lnterested Ln cardLac a rrKytKmLas and Keart rKytKm dLs turbances You Kave a master’s deJree Ln BLo medLcaO EnJLneerLnJ PKysLcs or AppOLed MatKematLcs You Kave Jood verbaO a nd ZrLtten communLcatLon sNLOOs EnJOLsK E[perLence ZLtK MatOab R Ls an advantaJe SaOary In accordance to tKe SNF reJuOatLons. AppOLcatLon Interested candLdates can send tKeL r appOLcatLons ZLtK referenc es and scKooO transcrLpts Prof. AnJeOo AurLccKLo anJeOo.aurLccKLo@cardLocentro.orJ or Dr. *Lu OLo Conte DeadOLne AppOLcatLons receLved by Novem ber 15tK 2018 ZLOO be JLven prLo For more detaLOed LnformatLon LccKLo anJeOo.aurLccKLo@cardLocentro.orJ or Dr. *LuOLo Conte JLuOLo .conte@cardLocentro.orJ
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