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Position: PhD student in numerical analysis and computational science
Institution: Università della Svizzera italiana
Department: Center for Computational Medicine in Cardiology (CCMC)
Location: Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
Duties: To strengthen and extend your knowledge of cardiac physiology and pathophysiology, and to establish a strong, daily basis collaboration with practitioners from Cardiocentro Ticino; To further develop our atrial model and simulation software (Propag-5, Propeiko), and to optimize them to run on Piz Daint (CSCS), one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world; To analyze unique clinical data provided by Cardiocentro which includes highresolution intracardiac maps; by means of modern data assimilation and parameter identification techniques; To publish your findings in international, peer-reviewed journals; To assist in teaching activities in mathematics and computational science
Requirements: You have a solid background in applied mathematics; You have a strong interest in translational and clinical electrophysiology; You have experience in computational science with programming environments (C, C++, Python, Matlab, R) and HPC computing (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA); You wish to bridge the gap between mathematical modelling and clinical practice; You hold a master’s degree in applied mathematics, physics or biomedical engineering; Experience in cardiac electrophysiology is an advantage but not strictly necessary
Text: To strenJtKen and e[tend your NnoZOedJe of cardLac pKysLoOoJy and patKo- pKysLoOoJy and to estabOLsK a st ronJ daLOy basLs coOOaboratLo n ZLtK practLtLoners from CardLocentro TLcLno To furtKer deveOop our atrLaO modeO and sLmuOatLon softZare P ropaJ-5 PropeLNo and to optLmL]e tKem to run on PL] DaLnt CSCS one of tKe most po ZerfuO supercomputers Ln tKe ZorOd To anaOy]e unLque cOLnLcaO data provLded by CardLocentro ZKLcK LncOudes KLJK- resoOutLon LntracardLac maps To desLJn a metKodoOoJy to taLOor tKe atrLaO modeO to tKe patL ent usLnJ tKe above data by means of modern data assLmLOa tLon and parameter LdentLfLcatL on tecKnLques To attend and to present your r esearcK actLvLty at LnternatLon aO conferences To pubOLsK your fLndLnJs Ln Lnt ernatLonaO peer-revLeZed Mourn aOs To assLst Ln teacKLnJ actLvLtL es Ln matKematLcs and computatLo naO scLence. You Kave a soOLd bacNJround Ln appOLed matKematLcs You Kave a stronJ Lnterest Ln transOatLonaO and cOLnLcaO eOect ropKysLoOoJy You Kave e[perLence Ln computatLonaO scLence ZLtK proJrammLnJ envLronments C computLnJ MP, OpenMP CUDA You ZLsK to brLdJe tKe Jap betZe en matKematLcaO modeOOLnJ and cOLnLcaO practLce You KoOd a master’s deJree Ln appOLed matKematLcs pKysLcs or bLomedLcaO enJLneerLnJ E[perLence Ln cardLac eOectropKysLoOoJy Ls an advantaJe but no t strLctOy necessary. We offer a 3-year PKD posLtLon Ln a muOtLdLscLpOLnary LnternatLonaO an d LnspLrLnJ envLronment. TKe posLtLon Ls fuOO-tLme and saOary Ln accordance to reJuOatLo ns of UnLversLtà deOOa SvL]]era LtaOLana. TKe posLtLon opens on -anuary 2019. For furtKer LnformatLon pOease don’t KesLtate to c ontact Dr. SLmone Pe]]uto]]uto@usL.cK. oZ to appOy ,nterested candLdates must send tKeLr appOLcatLon documents co ver Oetter CV descrLptLon of researcK Lnterests and e[perLenc e names of at Oeast tZo academ Lc references preferabOy as sLnJOe PDF fLOe to Prof. RoOf .rause roOf.Nrause@usL.cK and Prof. AnJeOo AurLccKLo anJeOo.aurLccKLo@cardLocentro.orJ
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