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Position: Professor in Biostatistics
Institution: University of Wollongong
Department: Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Location: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
Duties: Leading development of HSAC as an internationally recognised research centre in Biostatistics and Social Statistics within NIASRA and HSCG. Developing relevant academic programmes, including effective coordination with other relevant academic units. Producing high quality and impact research. Effective collaboration with researchers in HSCG, SMAH and SOC, and external organisations, including securing external research funding
Requirements: A PhD in a relevant field of statistics, or equivalent experience. Extensive experience in developing and applying statistical methods in large and complex projects. Internationally competitive track record in statistical research. Ability to effectively lead a statistical research group within an organisation. Ability to develop effective links with partners in other disciplines and government and industry. An active research programme in statistical methodology relevant to HSAC. Ability to prepare and deliver training courses, lectures or seminars and coordinate subjects in statistics. Experience in the use of a major statistical package. Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills. Demonstrated ability to work with staff in a range of disciplines and organisations. Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment. Timely, proactive, independent, approachable and enthusiastic
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Position Description !|!!|!Australia-New South Wales-Wollongong!|!Australia-New South Wales-Wollongong!|!Fixed Term!|!Fixed Term!|!Full-time!|!Full-time!|!03/12/2018, 7:59:00 AM!|!03/12/2018, 7:59:00 AM!|!Level E: $179,499 17% superannuation!|!Level E: $179,499 17% superannuation!|!181860!|!181860!|!Ugo De Gori!|!Ugo De Gori!|!!|!!|!false!|!31820!|!31820!|!true!|!31820!|!false!|!Submission for the position: Professor in Biostatistics - (Job Number: 181860)!|!false!|!31820!|!false!|!true!|!〈=en!|!Professor in Biostatistics!|!true!$!ftlerrors!|!!|!descRequisition.size!|!1!|!descRequisition.nbElements!|!1!|!descRequisition.isEmpty!|!false!|!descRequisition.hasElements!|!true!|!pSessionTimeout!|!0!|!pSessionWarning!|!0!|!pBeaconBeat!|!0!|!focusOnField!|!!|!csrftoken!|!TCNQAuzSlPZYz7ydn/b/Bo3aT01MKqNFbC3BvzD Of0=!|!emptyListToken!|!!|!isListEmpty!|!false!|!listCount!|!!|!displayCalloutInLegend!|!true!|!addThisRequired!|!true!|!jobboardListPageTitle!|!!|!commonDescriptionForAddThis!|!!|!alreadyAppliedColumnDisplayed!|!false!|!displayDraft!|!!|!displaymessage!|!false!|!initialHistoryPage!|!1!|!restoreInitialHistoryOnRefresh!|!false!|!applicationCandidateNo!|!!|!calloutPageDisplayed!|!true!|!descriptionLogginMandatory!|!false!|!displayAsMainHeader!|!false!|!displayListingsPerPage!|!false!|!displayUrgentNeed!|!!|!isApplicantUser!|!true!|!jobsPerPageCaption!|!Job {0} out of {1}!|!listEmptyIsApplicantUser!|!true!|!listLabels!|!!|!listLocales!|!!|!requisitionno!|!31820!|!interfaceIdForTimeZone!|!requisitionDescriptionInterface!|!isJobCartActionDisplayed!|!true!|!openDescFrom!|!default!|!serializedCriteria!|!!|!sortby!|!11!$!requisitionDescriptionInterface!|!!|!!|!!|!!|!!|!Apply for this position online!|!Apply by Email!|!Apply to this position by email!|!Add this position to the job cart!|!!|! !|!Salary Details!|!Tell us about a friend who might be interested in this job. 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Return to the home page Printable Format Professor in Biostatistics Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences Fixed term, full-time appointment (five years) NIASRA is a highly performing research institute in the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics (SMAS) at the University of Wollongong. It currently contains the Centre for Biometry and Bioinformatics, the Centre for Environmental Informatics, the Centre for Sample Survey Methodology, and the Statistical Consulting Centre. It is planned to establish a new Health and Social Analytics Centre in NIASRA, which is a major initiative in the development of health, social and medical statistics that aims to effectively exploit large and complex databases to improve the analytic capacity that underpins significant improvement in the health and wellbeing of people and communities. As part of its further development of statistical science the University is seeking to appoint a Professor in Biostatistics. The appointee will play a key role in establishing, developing and leading the Health and Social Analytics Centre in NIASRA . The appointee should have interest, expertise and experience in multiple areas and be willing to expand their research skills and activities into relevant new areas. Current relevant methodologies include analysis of large and complex social, health and geographical data bases, data analytics and data intensive research, decision support methods, longitudinal and other surveys, multilevel modelling and spatial modelling, and combining and analysing data from different data sets. As a member of SMAS, the position will contribute to the development of the Statistics curriculum and the programme of training and professional education and undertake some undergraduate and post-graduate teaching and HDR supervision in Statistics. The University is committed to workforce diversity and removing barriers to participation. The University is seeking to increase the representation of women in the academic workforce across science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical (STEMM) disciplines and encourages suitably qualified candidates to apply. You will be prompted to respond to the selection criteria as part of the online application process, based on the position description below. You will be able to save your application at any time and submit at a later date if required, you will only be able to do this before the closing date of the position. For further information about this position, please contact Professor David Steel on 61 2 4221 3823 or . Note: Applications submitted via email will not be considered. All applications must be submitted online via the UOW job portal. For further information please contact Position Description Primary Location : Australia-New South Wales-Wollongong Employee Status : Fixed Term Schedule : Full-time Closing Date : 03/12/2018, 1:59:00 PM Salary Details : Level E: $179,499 17% superannuation Reference Number : 181860 HR Contact : Ugo De Gori Contact Email :
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