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Position: Research Assistant in Smart Mobility Simulation
Institution: Technical University of Denmark
Location: Kongens Lyngby, Lyngby‐Taarbæk Municipality, Denmark
Duties: Create a new tool for the assessment of flexible car-sharing business models and operational algorithms and integrate it in an agent-based urban mobility simulator, SimMobility, by developing models for (A) travel decision making of car-sharing users and (B) the control operation of fleet, price and parking of car-sharing services. Test and assess different existing car-sharing operational frameworks using the developed simulation model for an existing city.The research tasks involved in this project include a combination of data analysis, demand modelling, simulation, and optimization algorithms
Requirements: A Master’s degree in Computer Science, Transportation Modelling, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Engineering, or related disciplines related to Transportation and Simulation. Excellent background in statistics and probabilities. Good programming capabilities, in at least one scientific language (e.g. Python, Matlab, R, Julia). Good C++ programming capabilities are preferable
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