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Department: Institute of Ophthalmology
Duration: 3+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The successful applicant will experimentally study the activity of neurons and populations in the brain of behaving mice. Our group investigates the circuits and computations that lead from vision to recognition, decision, action, and navigation. We rely on a multidisciplinary approach including advanced computational methods, massively parallel neuronal recordings, optogenetics, imaging (both widefield and two-photon), and sensory-driven behavior in virtual environments. The successful candidate will be expected to take a leading role in all aspects of the project, from designing and performing experiments, to data analysis, to the presentation of the results
Minimum Requirements: Applicants should have a PhD or equivalent in neuroscience, engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, or a similar field, and an ability to work in a diverse group including computational and experimental neurobiologists. Experience with in vivo electrophysiology, imaging, surgery, and behavioral training is desirable, but outstanding candidates who are willing to learn these skills are also invited to apply. Essential requirements are also experience with analyzing data in MATLAB (or possibly Python), and experience of writing scientific manuscripts as evidenced by a solid record of publications

Deadline: November 20 | Published: October 21   16:57

Department: Infection & Population Health
Duration: 3-3 y        Workload: 66-100%
Duties: This prestigious fellowship provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in developing a career in medical statistics who wish to acquire experience and develop practical skills in the field of population health survey analyses. The post-holder will receive high-quality, structured training in medical statistics and health-related research and research methods generally, within a supportive and dynamic research environment in order to develop as a well-rounded, health research focused statistician. The fellowship includes funding for tuition costs for a suitable MSc course (unless the post-holder already holds a suitable MSc qualification such as an MSc in Medical Statistics, Social Statistics, Epidemiology or a related discipline containing a substantial mathematical or statistical content)
Minimum Requirements: Good (2: 1 or above) honours degree (or non-UK equivalent), in mathematics or statistics, or in a related discipline containing a substantial mathematical or statistical content. A careful and systematic approach to checking data, reviewing statistical analyses, and administrative tasks is essential, while a familiarity with the management and analysis of large, complex datasets is desirable

Deadline: November 4 | Published: October 21   16:56

Dauer: 6-12 m
Aufgaben: Mit den Stipendien wird hoch qualifizierten Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und Nachwuchswissenschaftlern die Möglichkeit gegeben, an der Forschung an mathematischen Problemen aus den oben genannten Gebieten teilzunehmen und sich damit weiterzuqualifizieren
Anforderungen: Abgeschlossene Promotion in einem für die Themenkreise relevanten Fachgebiet: Nano- und Optoelektronik; Optimierung und Steuerung technischer Prozesse; Phasenübergänge und multifunktionale Materialien; Strömungs- und Transportprobleme in Kontinua; Zufällige Phänomene in Natur und Wirtschaft; und entsprechende Deutsch- oder Englischkenntnisse

Deadline: February 28 | Published: October 21   13:00

Department: Mathematical Sciences
Duties: The objective is to develop multiscale computational methods for complex granular systems, which will allow for accurate, and computationally tractable, predictions of critical failure mechanisms in granulate systems. The focus will be on resolving singular events by considering, simultaneously, models at different scales in a partitioned-domain manner. Important ingredients are scale relations, particle–continuum coupling and modelling-error analysis
Minimum Requirements: We are seeking a talented, highly-motivated PhD student who is inclined to work in an exciting interdisciplinary field combining engineering, mathematics and computation. We also expect exceptional writing skills and a strong interest in computer-code development
Preferred Requirements: A candidate with a strong background in continuum mechanics, computational engineering and applied mathematics will have an advantage

Deadline: December 31 | Published: October 21   11:23

Department: Mathematical Sciences
Duration: 2 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The project “Topological field theories, Baxter operators and the Langlands programme” aims at development of number theory and arithmetic geometry, using new methods and constructions from algebraic geometry, harmonic analysis, mathematical physics and representation theory. The successful candidates will be expected to contribute to the publication of research papers, and to their dissemination at relevant workshops and conferences
Minimum Requirements: A PhD (obtained or near completion), or equivalent, in a relevant branch of analytic number theory or representation theory.; good communication skills
Preferred Requirements: A good background in more than one of the following areas is highly desirable: local/global class field theory, higher local fields, adelic analysis, L- and zeta-functions of arithmetic schemes, algebraic K-theory, algebraic geometry, harmonic analysis, representation theory over local fields, quantum integrable systems, symplectic geometry and geometric quantization

Deadline: November 17 | Published: October 21   10:00

Abteilung: Global Life
Pensum: 100%
Aufgaben: Entwicklung und Revision von Tarif- und Kalkulationsgrundlagen neuer Einzellebensprodukte, Entwicklung von Tools zur Berechnung relevanter KPI’s, Selbständige Erarbeitung von Entscheidungsgrundlagen und Handlungsempfehlungen für das Senior Management, Erstellen von Rentabilitätsberechnungen, Überprüfung und Interpretation von Margen- und Regeländerungen, Kontinuierliche Überprüfung der Margensituation pro Produktsegment, Mitarbeit in Projekten
Anforderungen: Universitäts- oder Fachhochschulabschluss einer natur- oder wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Richtung, vorzugsweise Aktuarswissenschaften, Mathematik oder Statistik, 3 bis 4 Jahre berufsrelevante Arbeitserfahrung, Fortgeschrittene Kenntnisse des schweizerischen Lebensversicherungsmarktes, bestehender Regulationen sowie über aktuelle Produkte- und deren Trends, Erfahrung mit unterschiedlichen Versicherungsbereichen (Pricing, Reserving, Produktmanagement), Ausgezeichnete Deutsch- und gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift

Published: October 21   09:59

Department: School of Mathematics & Statistics
Workload: 100%
Duties: To pursue a world-class research programme in Mathematics; to teach Mathematics or related subjects at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels and to carry out allocated administrative tasks
Minimum Requirements: A good first degree in a relevant discipline. A PhD or equivalent in Mathematics or a related field. Research expertise of international standard within an area of Mathematics that matches or complements existing activities of the School. Comprehensive knowledge of research issues and future directions within subject related area. Experience of successful teaching, tutoring or demonstrating at undergraduate or postgraduate level. 5 yrs postdoctoral research experience or equivalent. Established track record of academic publications of international quality
Preferred Requirements: Knowledge transfer, industrial or practical experience in Mathematics, where appropriate. Ability and willingness to take on appropriate administrative duties within the School

Deadline: November 16 | Published: October 21   09:58

Duration: Unlimited Contract
Duties: Missions principales: Vous avez la responsabilité entière d’un portefeuille de contrats frais de santé et prévoyance et réalisez les activités suivantes: Tarification: étudier le cahier des charges transmis par l’apporteur (généralement un courtier spécialisé sur ce marché), analyser le risque, calculer le tarif, élaborer la proposition, contribuer à la négociation technique en soutien des inspecteurs commerciaux; Rédaction du contrat, analyse juridique et technique; Surveillance du portefeuille et maîtrise des risques: analyser la rentabilité des contrats, proposer les études et actions nécessaires (opérations de redressement, aménagements des garanties…), négocier celles-ci avec l'inspection et l'apporteur et les mettre en œuvre; Réalisation et analyse des comptes de participation aux bénéfices des clients importants
Minimum Requirements: Vous justifiez d’une expérience confirmée (au moins 4-5 ans) en qualité de souscripteur en santé et prévoyance. Maitrise des techniques statistiques et actuarielles

Published: October 21   09:58

Department: School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: This project aims to understand the molecular-genetic response to environmental challenges over short and evolutionary timescales. The post holder will analyse Illumina RNAseq data resulting from the exposure of bees to multiple pesticides and population genomics data to identify the impacts of pesticide exposure on bees in the laboratory and in the wild. Duties may also include assisting in the training and supervision of PhD and project students
Minimum Requirements: A PhD (or equivalent) in Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics or a related field. Strong experience in bioinformatics, biostatistics, molecular evolution and/or genomics. Experience with Illumina sequence data for genomics or transcriptomics, relevant analysis tools and statistical approaches. Experience in experimental design and implementation. Quality published work in international peer reviewed journals as first author. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Published: October 21   09:55

Duration: open-ended contract
Duties: Le Groupe AXA a décidé de confier à AXA Global P&C, et à la Direction des Opérations de Réassurance IARD en particulier, la mise en place d’un transfert de risques internes au Groupe AXA, des entités AXA vers AXA Global P&C, via des cessions facultatives. La mise en place effective de ce nouveau projet baptisé Fac Desk se fera en janvier 2015. Votre rôle: 1) Apporter un support technique et de souscription: Définir le périmètre du Fac Desk et des affaires pouvant y être cédées, soit de manière automatique, soit au cas par cas; Analyser et évaluer les risques des affaires nouvelles et en renouvellement (études techniques des risques, des engagements); Décider des exclusions ou des sous-limites à mettre en place; Conseiller les entités d’AXA sur les conditions tarifaires et les garanties proposées; Apporter un support technique aux entités d’AXA qui en émettraient le besoin. 2) Effectuer le suivi contractuel, technique et administratif des affaires a...
Minimum Requirements: Formation supérieure de type Bac +5 en Assurance/Actuariat/Finance ou Juridique; Expérience professionnelle significative en Souscription (de préférence Dommages) dans le domaine de l’Assurance IARD ou de la Réassurance

Published: October 21   09:42

Aufgaben: Ihre Tätigkeit wird geprägt sein durch die Internationalität und die Vielfalt an Aufgabenstellungen, die Sie in einem dynamischen und kooperativen Team wahrnehmen werden. Sie unterstützen uns beim Aufbau der künftigen quantitativen Gruppen-Berichterstattung nach Solvency II Säule 3. Dabei betreuen Sie unsere internationalen Standorte in Fragen regulatorischer Anforderungen und planen Schulungsmassnahmen. Sie analysieren die Solvency II-Daten auf Gruppenebene, leiten auf die IFRS-Abschlüsse über und schaffen damit die erforderliche Transparenz für Aufsichtsbehörden, Öffentlichkeit und Management
Anforderungen: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Studium der Wirtschafts­wissenschaften, Wirtschafts­mathematik oder Wirtschafts­informatik mit den Schwer­punkten Rechnungs­legung, Versicherungs­wirtschaft oder Ver­siche­rungs-/Finan­zmathematik, Solvency II- und/oder Basel III-Kenntnisse, Mehrjährige Berufserfahrung im Rechnungswesen oder Risikomanagement eines (Rück-)Versicherungs­unternehmens, Verhandlungssichere Kenntnisse der deutschen und englischen Sprache

Published: October 21   09:40

Duties: Le marché de la retraite collective se caractérise par une concentration forte de notre encours sur quelques grands clients. Les 100 contrats les plus importants représentent plus de 90% des encours sous gestion. Totalement intégré dans l’équipe Projet directement rattaché au Directeur des engagements, votre rôle sera de: Développer un outil sous Access de suivi de l’ensemble des projets de la direction; Rédiger une méthodologie; Déployer et former les équipes à l’outil
Minimum Requirements: Diplôme/Type d’école: Informatique, Statistiques, Econométrie, Actuariat. Niveau: Bac+ 3/4. Bonnes connaissances en code VBA sous Excel et Access
Preferred Requirements: La connaissance de l’Assurance Vie serait un plus

Published: October 21   08:17

Duration: 3+ y
Duties: Principal objective of this project is to develop rigorous mathematical and computational frameworks for determining compactly - represented, high-fidelity reduced models that accurately approximate the response of complex dynamical systems such as those describing the behaviour of pulsed combustion power systems. Such frameworks should include both a priori and aposteriori estimates of response error produced by such reduced models. An important objective of the project will be to provide accessible and scalable computational tools for model reduction that can be used by scientists and engineers in the analysis and approximation of dynamical systems
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will hold a PhD in either Mathematics or a related field and will be expected to have a strong background in numerical analysis and computational fluid dynamics. Expertise in model reduction will be an asset. The capacity for independent work and critical judgment are essential. The candidate will be expected on occasion to act as a bridge between members of the collaborating centers and play a role in mentoring students in the group
Preferred Requirements: Experience in the modeling of turbulent reactive flows is desirable

Deadline: November 14 | Published: October 21   08:13

Department: Meteorology
Duration: -3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Conduct climate model experiments, and analyse decadal climate predictions, in order to improve scientific understanding of how changes in the AMOC affect climate and the extent to which such changes and their impacts are predictable
Minimum Requirements: PhD in physical or mathematical science. Strong scientific analytical ability. Interest in the role of the oceans in climate and climate prediction. Experience in computer programming and data analysis

Deadline: November 19 | Published: October 21   08:07

Department: Health & Social Care Research
Duration: Fixed term        Workload: 100%
Duties: Leading on epidemiological data analysis; writing papers for peer-review publication. The main areas are obesity, chronic disease prevention, ageing and antimicrobial utilisation
Minimum Requirements: A PhD in a relevant subject, with training in epidemiology, statistics or an equivalent discipline

Deadline: November 4 | Published: October 21   08:06

Department: Biomedical Sequencing Facility (BSF)
Duties: We are looking for an experienced computational biologist/bioinformatician with strong background in the large-scale analysis of genome & epigenome data and keen interest in molecular medicine. The position is based at the joint NGS technology platform of CeMM & the Medical University of Vienna. For those candidates who would like to use this position as a stepping stone toward obtaining a faculty position at an internationally competitive university or research institute, we will provide the freedom to pursue and publish methodological and/or biomedical research of the highest quality. The exact job description, responsibilities and salary will be commensurable with experience
Minimum Requirements: The ideal candidate has an excellent track record in bioinformatics or a related field (typically including a PhD and/or postdoctoral experience, although outstanding Master-level applications will also be considered) and is looking for a longer term job perspective that includes software development and maintenance of high-throughput pipelines, data analysis service and collaborative research projects. All candidates should have prior work experience in world-class institutions

Deadline: November 30 | Published: October 21   08:06

Workload: 40%
Duties: Focus will be on supporting the global implementation of a new real estate management tool - which will significantly enhance the quality of risk analysis and reporting as well as help to further align our global processes; Support in other aspects of developing and implementing the Group wide investment strategy, such as liquidating non-strategic real estate positions, tracking market trends affecting the timing for investments and divestments, ensure best-practice reporting and performance measurement and risk analysis, and coordinating the investment strategies and activities in the different business units
Minimum Requirements: Successful completion of at least two years of study in economics, finance, accounting/controlling or in a numerical/quantitative or IT related discipline; Basic understading of real estate investments and capital markets; Keen interest in economic and financial market trends; Advanced analytical and quantitative skills are fundamental; Good communication skills - oral and written; Perfect command of English; Familiarity with PCs and Microsoft Office especially Excel and Power Point is particularly important
Preferred Requirements: Good communication skills in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese or Malay an advantage

Published: October 21   08:05

Duration: 3 y        Workload: 50%
Duties: The successful candidate will participate in the department’s doctoral program and will actively participate in the macroeconomics research group. He/she will also have opportunities to present his/her research results at international conferences and workshops
Minimum Requirements: Applicants should hold a Master’s degree in economics or in a related field (e.g. Mathematical Economics). Good knowledge of macroeconomic theory (dynamic general equilibrium) is expected

Deadline: November 30 | Published: October 21   08:04

Dauer: 2 y
Aufgaben: Am WIAS sind in der Forschungsgruppe "Partielle Differentialgleichungen" und "Stochastische Systeme mit Wechselwirkung" zum frühestmöglichen Zeitpunkt zwei Stellen als wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in zu besetzen
Anforderungen: Voraussetzung ist ein abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium (Master/Diplom/Promotion) in der Mathematik. Dabei sollten fundierte Kenntnisse in den Gebieten Analysis und Stochastik vorliegen. Insbesondere wird von den Bewerbern erwartet, dass sie eine starke Bereitschaft oder schon Erfahrungen im Zusammenspiel von analytischen und stochastischen Methoden haben

Deadline: November 14 | Published: October 20   16:54

Abteilung: Institut für Financial Management
Dauer: 2+ y        Pensum: 75%
Aufgaben: Das Aufgabengebiet umfasst die Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Lehrveranstaltungen, die wissenschaftliche Betreuung von Studierenden, die Mitwirkung an der Lehrstuhlverwaltung sowie die Mitarbeit an den Forschungsprojekten des Lehrstuhls. Die Bereitschaft zur weiteren wissenschaftlichen Qualifikation (Promotion), begleitet durch ein strukturiertes Promotionsprogramm, wird erwartet
Anforderungen: Ein mit überdurchschnittlichem Erfolg abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium. Fähigkeit zur überzeugenden Präsentation wissenschaftlicher Forschungsergebnisse. Vertiefte Vorkenntnisse in Corporate Finance. Sehr gute Kenntnisse in Statistik/Ökonometrie. Sichere Beherrschung einschlägiger Softwareprogramme zur Datenaufbereitung und -analyse (z.B. Stata). Sehr gute Kenntnisse der deutschen und englischen Sprache in Wort und Schrift. Wünschenswert sind einschlägige Erfahrungen in der Lehre (z.B. als Tutor)

Deadline: November 15 | Published: October 20   15:59

Aufgaben: Verantwortliches Management der Ausschüsse der DGVFM: Forschung und Transfer, Aus- und Weiterbildung, Nachwuchsförderung, Kommunikation und Kontakte; Aktive Betreuung, Koordination und Weiterentwicklung der Projekte der DGVFM (z. B. Topic of the Year, International Congress of Actuaries 2018 in Berlin, Schulmaterialien, Zustandsbericht Altersvorsorge); Professionelle Unterstützung für die ehrenamtlich bei der DGVFM engagierten Hochschullehrer; Eigenständige Erarbeitung und Umsetzung von Konzepten für neue Projekte
Anforderungen: einen mathematischen Studienabschluss (Master, Diplom, Promotion) mit Vertiefung in Stochastik und idealerweise Kenntnisse in Finanz- oder Versicherungsmathematik oder dem quantitativen Risikomanagement; Erfahrungen in der wissenschaftlichen Dienstleistung an der Hochschule (Lehrstuhlassistenz, Gremienarbeit oder Tagungsorganisation); praktische Erfahrungen in der internationalen Fachkommunikation; Englische Sprachkenntnisse
Gewünschte Anforderungen: idealerweise erste eigene Forschungserfahrung

Published: October 20   14:14

Aufgaben: Betreuung von Fachausschüssen und Arbeitsgruppen zu Sparten des Versicherungsgeschäfts und der Altersvorsorge; Besprechungen vor- und nachbereiten auf Arbeitsgruppen-, Ausschuss-, und Vorstandsebene; Überwachung und Unterstützung bei der Umsetzung von Ausarbeitungen zu wichtigen Beschlüssen; Fachliche Begleitung der Kommunikation der Ergebnisse im Rahmen der Mitgliederkommunikation sowie der Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit; Koordination und Weiterentwicklung der Aktivitäten der Vereinigung; Erarbeitung und Umsetzung von Konzepten für neue Projekte
Anforderungen: Mathematisch orientierten Studienabschluss idealerweise mit dem Schwerpunkt Finanz-, Versicherungs- oder Wirtschaftsmathematik oder einen Abschluss aus verwandten Studiengängen (BWL, VWL) mit vertieften Kenntnissen in Statistik und Stochastik; insbesondere sprechen wir auch junge Aktuare bzw. in Ausbildung zum „Aktuar DAV“ befindliche Personen an; Englische Sprachkenntnisse

Published: October 20   14:11

Duration: 1, 5 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: You will be responsible for undertaking regional climate model runs with the objective of providing atmospheric input data required for the ocean modelling components of the project. This will include an analysis of the impact of model resolution, development of statistical downscaling techniques and an assessment of the data uncertainties. In addition, you will run the model for various periods over the next century forced by different greenhouse gas emission and ozone recovery scenarios. This work is part of a collaborative NERC project between climate scientists and oceanographers at BAS, the National Oceanography Centre, University College London, the University of Exeter and the Met Office Hadley Centre
Minimum Requirements: You will have a Ph.D. in the atmospheric sciences, physics, mathematics, or a related discipline, together with experience running regional or global climate models and an understanding of atmospheric dynamics. Moreover, you will also have demonstrated an ability to conduct original, independent high-quality scientific research, with a track-record in the peer-reviewed literature. Finally, you will have experience of programming in a Linux/Unix environment and be familiar with data analysis and visualisation software (IDL/MatLab/Python/NCL)

Deadline: February 1 | Published: October 20   14:09

Workload: 100%
Duties: Responsible for ensuring numerical algorithms at AWE keep pace with new technology, techniques and best practice. Accountable to ensure efficient performance of linear solvers on modern High Performance Computing platforms. Code Custodian for AWE’s Parallel Linear Solver Interface Library
Minimum Requirements: MSc or BSc in Applied Mathematics or Computer Science or the equivalent qualifications or experience. Understanding of Applied mathematics and Numerical algorithms. Preferable involvement in developing or using linear solver capabilities in large scientific applications. Familiarity with software development life-cycle. An interest in processing technologies: software, hardware and algorithms together with their application. Use of debuggers and performance analysis tools advantageous. Experience of working in Unix/Linux environment. Familiarity with Implicit methods for solving systems of differential equations. Basic understanding of computer architectures. Ability to programme in C, C++, Fortran or similar high level language

Published: October 20   14:07

Department: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Duration: 2 y        Workload: 35 h a week or more
Duties: In addition to pursuing research, Fellows will be expected to undertake a limited range of teaching duties in the Department of Mathematics
Minimum Requirements: A good honours degree (or equivalent) in Mathematics; a PhD (or equivalent) in Mathematics or a closely related subject; proven research ability in Mathematics (in the field of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Statistics or Mathematical Finance); an outstanding research record commensurate with their level of experience, as demonstrated, for example, through an outstanding thesis, publications and conference presentations, etc.; a proven track record of successful research interaction; excellent written and verbal communication skills

Deadline: November 27 | Published: October 20   13:29

Department: Faculty of Economics and Business
Workload: 100%
Duties: The goal of the research project ‘Sustainable service logistics for offshore wind farms’ is developing new innovative methods for the sustainable design and operation of service logistics for offshore wind farms. This project is composed of several work packages that cover network design, advanced maintenance strategies, coordination of transportation, as well as collaboration and governance aspects. In each work package, new methods will be developed that can serve as enablers for an improved service logistics process, thereby combining theoretical challenges in Operations Research with practical and societal relevance. The postdoc researcher will be developing algorithms for coordinating the transportation of spare parts and tools (variants of the pickup-and-delivery problem and the orienteering problem). Any given maintenance activity requires a set of spare parts and tools (kit) to be available at the appropriate location before the scheduled start time of that activity
Minimum Requirements: PhD in Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, or related fields (please note that candidates who will defend their PhD not later than 1 September 2015 are also invited to apply). strong academic record as evinced by curriculum vitae and list of publications. demonstrated competences for quantitative modeling (i.e., Operations Research. a background in logistics or supply chain management is appreciated. candidates should be fluent in English. affinity with or experience in working in business settings is a pre

Published: October 20   13:06

Department: Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Blizard Institute
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 50%
Duties: Give advice on statistics and quantitative research methods to researchers consulting RDS London (and occasionally those referred by RDS South East region); contribute to the work of the PCTU by providing statistical support to studies from their development through to publication. Do a small amount of teaching
Minimum Requirements: A higher degree in statistics or equivalent, and previous experience of research in healthcare; knowledge of sources of UK funding for health research

Deadline: November 17 | Published: October 20   12:53

Abteilung: Institut für Konstruktion und Festigkeit von Schiffen
Aufgaben: Durchführung von wissenschaftlichen Aufgaben im Rahmen des Projektes: High-Order Immersed-Boundary-Methoden in der Festkörpermechanik für generativ gefertigte Strukturen
Anforderungen: Abgeschlossenes wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium, insbesondere der Fachrichtungen Maschinenbau, Schiffbau, Computational Mechanics, Computational Engineering, Technomathematik
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Praxiserfahrungen auf den Gebieten Numerische Mechanik, Finite Elemente Methoden, Programmierung sind erwünscht. Spezialkenntnisse auf den Gebieten C++, High-Order FEM sind von Vorteil

Published: October 20   12:32

Department: School of Public Health / Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Duration: permanent        Workload: 100%
Duties: The principal purpose of the post will be to conduct quantitative economic and impact evaluations of global health programmes and policies. In addition the post holder will contribute to organising the Global Health stream of the Masters for Public Health
Minimum Requirements: A PhD or equivalent in economics, health economics, infectious disease epidemiology or other discipline relevant to quantitative evaluation of global health interventions. Experience of evaluating health programmes or policies. A track record in attracting high quality research funding, appropriate to the level of appointment. Proven ability to produce a body of high quality published research on infectious disease interventions in a global health context and with an economic perspective. Experience of training Postgraduate students. Good organisational and management skills
Preferred Requirements: Strong academic background in economics or health economics. Experience of organising or examining postgraduate university courses. Experience in investigating the social and political aspects of health in low and middle income countries. Experience in economic and/or impact evaluation. Knowledge of relevant econometric and statistical modelling. Active knowledge of another language other than English

Deadline: November 16 | Published: October 20   11:29

Department: School of Economics and Political Science
Duration: 6 y
Duties: Analysis of big data in Statistics and Econometrics. The teaching load will be light (2-3 SWS, i.e.1 course per term)
Minimum Requirements: A Ph.D. in Statistics, Econometrics, or Computer Science
Preferred Requirements: A solid experience in working with huge databases

Deadline: December 31 | Published: October 20   10:54

Department: Zoology
Duration: 4.5 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Undertake innovative applied research in the development and application of malaria models; develop and implement new computational and statistical methods, contribute and develop ideas for new and collaborative research projects, lead the publication and dissemination of research findings; provide scientific advice and support for group members and manage own area of a larger research budget
Minimum Requirements: A doctoral degree in a relevant field of science (e.g. a relevant area of biology, computer science, statistics, mathematics, physics, chemistry), postdoctoral research experience, and competence in at least one programming language (C, C++, JAVA, R are preferred

Deadline: November 24 | Published: October 20   10:54

Department: Psychiatry
Duration: 2 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Analysis of a large dataset and substantial contribution to the design and analysis of new observational studies and clinical trials within the research that aims to improve the psychological care of patients with medical problems
Minimum Requirements: A PhD or working towards a PhD in applied statistics or with a substantial statistics component. Experience of contributing to publications and presentations
Preferred Requirements: Experience in analysing clinical databases

Deadline: November 20 | Published: October 20   10:52

Department: School of Social and Community Medicine
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: This post provides an opportunity for a highly numerate graduate, who wishes to start an academic career in medical statistics, to gain a broad experience of working with academics and clinicians in the design, conduct and analysis of randomised controlled trials based in community and hospital settings
Minimum Requirements: A Master’s degree with a strong focus on quantitative analysis in both the taught and project components, OR an undergraduate honours degree (2i or above) with a strong statistical component and at least two years post-graduate experience as an applied statistician. Evidence of strong quantitative skills, with a good understanding of the core concepts of statistical inference. Ability to write a series of commands in a statistical software package, for data management and analysis; e.g. a Stata “do-file”. Good communication skills
Preferred Requirements: Master’s degree or Post-graduate Diploma in Medical Statistics. Experience of applying statistical methods to the analysis of clinical research data, and in helping other researchers and clinicians make sense of the findings. Knowledge of the regulatory framework within which clinical trials are conducted, and an appreciation of the sensitivity of clinical research data. Experience of using data management software

Deadline: November 16 | Published: October 20   10:52

Duration: open-ended contract        Workload: 100%
Duties: 1) Conduite d’initiatives transversales liées à la stratégie IARD Particuliers: Définir/améliorer les standards techniques en accord avec les lignes stratégiques sur l’ensemble de la chaine de valeurs des produits Particuliers IARD comme: La définition des offres d’assurance (structuration de l’offre produit en tenant compte des attentes clients, définition des garanties, y compris exclusions, franchises et limites de couverture etc.); La souscription (meilleure identification des risques, pilotage de la souscription etc.); La tarification (segmentation, articulation prix technique/prix commercial, gestion du multi-accès, optimisation basée sur l’élasticité au prix des clients et sur le positionnement concurrentiel etc.); Le pilotage de portefeuille (reporting, gestion des renouvellements, pilotage technique des réseaux de distribution, surveillance de portefeuille etc.). 2) Suivi de performance et Analyse des marchés pays. 3) Apporter un support opérationnel a...

Published: October 20   09:31

Duration: open-ended contract        Workload: 100%
Duties: 1) Conduite d’initiatives transversales liées à la stratégie IARD Particuliers: Définir/améliorer les standards techniques en accord avec les lignes stratégiques sur l’ensemble de la chaine de valeurs des produits Particuliers IARD comme: La définition des offres d’assurance (structuration de l’offre produit en tenant compte des attentes clients, définition des garanties, y compris exclusions, franchises et limites de couverture etc.); La souscription (meilleure identification des risques, pilotage de la souscription etc.); La tarification (segmentation, articulation prix technique/prix commercial, gestion du multi-accès, optimisation basée sur l’élasticité au prix des clients et sur le positionnement concurrentel etc.); Le pilotage de portefeuille (reporting, gestion des renouvellements, pilotage technique des réseaux de distribution, surveillance de portefeuille etc.). 2) Suivi de performance et Analyse des marchés pays. 3) Apporter un support opérationnel au...
Minimum Requirements: Titulaire d’un diplôme d’Actuariat ou d’un Master 2 équivalent, vous démontrez une connaissance forte du domaine IARD Particuliers (Auto, MRH, etc.) que vous avez acquise via une expérience réussie de 5 à 10 années, en tant que souscripteur, responsable de marché, responsable actuariat ou technique dans les domaines de l’assurance IARD. Vous maîtrisez la chaine de valeurs de l’activité IARD particuliers: rédaction contractuelle, tarification, gestion des sinistres, souscription, etc. Vous montrez un fort esprit d’analyse (lecture et analyse de portefeuille IARD particuliers; compréhension/anticipation des tendances; Mesure d’impact sur les portefeuilles, etc.)

Published: October 20   09:31

Duration: open-ended contract
Duties: Participer à la création de la stratégie Big Data de l'entreprise: Construire et promouvoir les atouts stratégiques des données pour le business: marketing, produits, services et outils; Maintenir et développer la partie du processus d'innovation liée avec l'activité de data scientist; Promouvoir et développer le processus d'innovation dans la communauté R&D; Définir la stratégie de gestion de données: acquisition, flux, processus; Relier les besoins business aux solutions IT; Articuler le futur de la recherche par l'analyse de tendances, l'analyse de notre stratégie de recherche actuelle, les benchmark de nos laboratoires et des d'autres. Business Model: Comprendre les besoins opérationnels en collaborant avec des équipes spécialisées; Formaliser les besoins en besoins et problèmes mathématiques; Explorer les bases de données pour identifier des relations et corrélations. Statistique: modèle e r...
Minimum Requirements: Parcours scientifique (école d’ingénieurs, doctorat…). 5 à 10 ans d'expérience professionnelle comme chercheur dans un centre de recherche ou dans un laboratoire universitaire, ou comme un membre d’une équipe R&D dans une entreprise d'innovation. Expérience probante en datamining et intelligence artificielle. Statistique et traitement du signal: maîtrise; Algorythme informatique: connaissances approfondies; Programmation: connaissances approfondies; Outils et bibliothèques de big data et librairies: dataviz (Tableau, d3.js, iCharts, etc), systèmes de fichiers distribués (Hadoop, Redis, Riak, etc), noSQL Databases (Mango, couchDB), I/O architecture (node.js etc): connaissances approfondies; Bases informatiques: bonnes connaissances. Anglais: professionnel (C1/B2)
Preferred Requirements: Expérience professionnelle dans le web marketing et/ou en actuariat est un plus

Published: October 20   09:28

Duties: Prendre en charge des activités de souscription en prévoyance, santé et dépendance pour les salariés d’entreprises (cible Middle-Market). Evaluer et analyser (statistique et juridique) les risques; Elaborer des propositions de garanties et de tarifs en veillant à la rentabilité des affaires souscrites, contribuer à la négociation technique en soutien de l'inspection commerciale, rédiger des contrats; Suivre le portefeuille: contribuer à la maitrise technique du portefeuille en mettant en œuvre les études et actions visant l'équilibre du portefeuille; Proposer des aménagements contractuels pour répondre aux demandes des entreprises, maintenir la rentablité de nos opérations et le respect des obligations réglementaires
Minimum Requirements: De formation bac +5 en Statistiques, Mathématiques appliquées, Assurance ou école de commerce. Une expérience minimum de 5ans sur un poste similaire

Published: October 20   09:27

Dauer: 3-6 m
Aufgaben: Sie wirken bei der Strukturierung alternativer Rückversiche­rungslösungen, bei deren Risikobeur­teilung und schliesslich bei der Preis- und Margenkalkulation mit. Dies umfasst die Sichtung, Aufbereitung und Analyse der Daten, die Vertragsmodel­lierung und -simulation sowie die Unterstützung bei Verhandlun­gen und Vertragsabschlüs­sen. Darüber hinaus assistieren Sie Ihren Kolleginnen und Kollegen bei verschiedenen aktuariellen und ökonomischen Fragestellungen
Anforderungen: Sie studieren (Wirtschafts-)Mathematik mit dem Schwerpunkt Stochastik und haben das Bachelor-Studium bereits erfolgreich beendet, Sie interessieren sich für versicherungstechnische Fragestellungen, Sie verfügen über sehr gute deutsche sowie konversationssichere englische Sprachkenntnisse

Published: October 20   09:26

Aufgaben: anspruchsvolle Aufträge (Planung, Organisation, Einsatzführung in den Bereichen Nachrichtendienst, Logistik, Operationen, etc.)

Published: October 20   09:25

Anforderungen: Berufliche Flexibilität: Möglichkeit 1 y Einsatz anzutreten, Oblt mit Vorschlag, Hptm, Maj, Oberstlt, Englisch, motivierte Offiziere, welche bereit sind, nach erfolgter Ausbildung als Militärbeobachter zugunsten der UNO einen Einsatz zu leisten, 25-50 y

Published: October 20   09:25

Aufgaben: Es ist Ihr Anspruch, vielfältige Aufgaben zu durchdringen? Dann kommen Sie als Mitarbeiter (m/w) im Financial Accounting für die in Gründung befindliche Inter Hannover SE, deren Sitz in Hannover geplant ist, zu uns. Ihre Hauptaufgabe im Rahmen des Solvency II-Projektes wird die zukünftige quantitative und regulatorische Berichterstattung inhaltlich sein, sowie diese prozessual aufzubauen und sie anschliessend in der Linie zu betreiben. Dabei analysieren Sie die regulatorischen Anforderungen fachlich und entwickeln die bestehenden IT-Systeme weiter. Sie analysieren die Solvency II–Daten, leiten sie auf die IFRS-Abschlüsse über und schaffen damit die erforderliche Transparenz für Aufsichtsbehörden, Öffentlichkeit und das Management der Inter Hannover und der Hannover Rück Gruppe. Einen weiteren Schwerpunkt bildet darüber hinaus die Zusammenstellung der Informationen für die regelmässige Bericht­erstattung an die US-Behörden (Surplus Lines Filings)
Anforderungen: abgeschlossenes Studium der Wirt­schafts­wissenschaften, Wirtschaftsmathematik oder Wirt­schaftsinformatik mit den Schwerpunkten Rech­nungs­legung, Versicherungswirtschaft oder Versicherungs-/Finanzmathematik; Mehrjährige Berufserfahrung im Rechnungswesen oder Risikomanagement von (Rück-)Versiche­rungs­unternehmen; Erfahrung in der Mitarbeit in komplexen Projekten und hohe IT-Affinität; Verhandlungssichere Kenntnisse der deutschen und englischen Sprache; Bereitschaft zu Reisen
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Solvency II- oder Basel III–Kenntnisse

Published: October 20   09:22

Duties: Au sein du Risk Management, l’équipe Modèles & Valorisation est notamment en charge de valoriser les indicateurs tel que l’EEV (European Embedded Value), permettant de déterminer les BEL (Best Estimate Liabilities), provisions en norme S2 (Solvabilité 2) et le STEC, capital économique S2. Au sein de l’équipe EEV Vie individuelle, vous aurez comme mission d'améliorer notre modèle de dépendance: en développant le module des rentiers, en intégrant des spécificités des produits (réduction, revalorisation, ...), en automatisant les sensibilités, en analysant les résultats obtenus
Minimum Requirements: Bac +4/5 actuaire, ingénieur, universitaire avec une base actuarielle, mathématique ou économétrique. Connaissance des outils bureautiques, notamment excel
Preferred Requirements: La connaissance des contrats d’assurance vie serait un plus

Published: October 20   08:10

Department: Département Group Credit Team
Duties: Collecter des données financieres et economiques venant de sources variées (Site internet de source officielle telle banque centrale, OCDE, etc; Bloomberg; etc…) et construire un fichier de suivi. Construire des fichiers de données permettant de suivre des marches financiers ou des indices. Construire des modèles simplifies pour suivre des indices ou des marches (regression de plusieurs variables, etc). Etre capable d’effectuer des analyses PCA de façon ponctuelle
Minimum Requirements: Ingénieur en dernière année/Etudiant Master II; Spécialité en Finance de Marchés/Mathématiques appliquées ou Statistiques. Capacites de programmation informatique (VBA par exemple). Connaissances en statistiques, mathematiques financieres et/ou econometrie. Maitrise des outils informatiques (Excel, etc)
Preferred Requirements: Une bonne base en Economie et/ou en Finance serait un plus

Published: October 20   08:09

Duration: Internship        Workload: 100%
Duties: Le Groupe AXA a opté pour un modèle interne pour le calcul des besoins en capital réglementaire. Le modèle interne, appelé STEC (Short Terms Economic Capital) mesure l’ensemble des risques de la compagnie et s’appuie pour ce faire, sur des modèles probabilistes et financiers avancés. La Direction Gestion des Risques AXA CS est en charge de la mesure du STEC. Les missions du stage seront en lien avec l’ensemble des activités lié au calcul du Capital économique, à son automatisation, et à son optimisation: Poursuivre la fiabilisation du process de production du STEC et son industrialisation; Approfondir les ravaux d’interprétation, d’analyse et d’anticipation des résultats du modèle. Enfin, les missions qui vous seront confiées pourront inclure des activités variées selon les besoins les projets en cours
Minimum Requirements: Diplôme préparé: ENSAE, ISUP, ISFA, ULP Strasbourg. Grandes écoles d’ingénieur. Master de Statistiques, Finance ou Mathématiques. Compétences statistiques, actuarielles. Informatique: Excel y compris programmation VBA

Published: October 20   08:00

Duties: Tutoring in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Languages & TOEFL, Economics, Calculator Technical Assistance, GMAT & SAT, Others; you pay 100 CHF, Euro or US$ for your advert to appear on for one year

Published: October 19   12:33

Duration: -3 y        Workload: 65%
Duties: Project “Urban areas in change - Development of a multi-sector urban development impact model (UrbMod)”. Preparation, integration and evaluation of selected (urban) stressors affecting health. Analysis of the influence of environmental factors on morbidity and mortality, taking into account socio-demographic and socio-economic conditions. Epidemiological modeling of health and health related quality of life in Hamburg
Minimum Requirements: Academic degree in a natural -, social or health sciences (focus in medical geography and/or epidemiology). Very good knowledge, ideally professional experience in the mentioned requirements. Good knowledge in epidemiology and statistics. Knowledge in statistical programs e.g. SPSS, SAS, R. Interest and motivation for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange is required. Willingness to participate in regular project meetings and retreats of a few days is a prerequisite for the advertised position. Very good knowledge of English, spoken and written
Preferred Requirements: Experience with GIS analysis are advantageous

Deadline: October 31 | Published: October 19   08:00

Department: Systems Biology Centre
Duration: 30 m
Duties: The main aim is to examine potential avenues for increasing plant (agricultural) productivity. You will use computational and data analysis techniques to model (photosynthetic) carbon fixation in cyanobacteria and plants. You will attend and present research findings and papers at academic and professional conferences and publish research outcomes
Minimum Requirements: Good honours degree or equivalent in a scientific subject; PhD in a relevant subject, such as Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics or similar; ability to program in a high level language (perl, C++, python, R, MatLab)
Preferred Requirements: Experience with statistics or spatial modelling; experience with analysis of biological data and collaboration with biologists; an ability to write scientific papers/reports, good communication skills with other disciplines

Deadline: November 16 | Published: October 19   08:00

Duties: Summer Students attend a series of lectures (link is external) (the 2015 timetable will be published later on) specially prepared for them. Visits to the accelerators and experimental areas are part of the Programme, as well as discussion sessions, workshops and a poster session. A short report on the work project carried out is to be handed in at the end of the student stay
Minimum Requirements: You are a national of a CERN Member State or Romania or Serbia. You have completed, by summer 2015, at least three years of full-time studies at university level. You will remain registered as a student during your stay at CERN. If you expect to graduate during summer 2015 (as of May 2015), you are also eligible to apply

Deadline: January 28 | Published: October 18   16:28

Aufgaben: In dieser Rolle wirken Sie an der Entwicklung und Implementierung der Standards zur Preisbildung mit. Darüber hinaus erstellen und überwachen Sie im Team für die Inter Hannover SE zum einen die Reserveermittlung nach HGB und IFRS sowie zukünftig auch gemäss Solvency II. Zum anderen führen Sie aktuarielle Reserveanalysen zur Unterstützung der Quartals- und Jahresbilanzen durch. Diese anspruchsvolle Tätigkeit beinhaltet sowohl Freiraum als auch die Möglichkeit, Prozesse und Strukturen direkt mitzugestalten
Anforderungen: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Bachelor- oder Master-Studium der (Wirtschafts-)Mathematik; Mindestens fünfjährige Berufserfahrung als Aktuar (m/w) mit Kenntnissen zu den Themen Preisbildung und Reservierung; Verhandlungssichere Kenntnisse der englischen und deutschen Sprache; Bereitschaft zu gelegentlicher Reisetätigkeit

Published: October 18   09:32

Abteilung: FIR an der RWTH Aachen
Dauer: 1+ y        Pensum: 50%
Aufgaben: Recherche und Aufbereitung von deutscher und englischer Fachliteratur, Unterstützung bei Projektarbeit und der Organisation von Veranstaltungen, Erstellen von Flyern, Präsentationen, Dokumentationen und Auswertungen, Unterstützung des Projektmanagements
Anforderungen: Absolventin/Absolvent der Informatik, Mathematik, (Wirtschafts-)Ingenieurwissenschaften, Betriebswirtschaft o. ä., sicherer Umgang mit MS-Office-Programmen, Sprachkenntnisse (Language skills required) Deutsch (german): Muttersprache (mother tongue) Englisch (english): sehr gut (very good) engagierte, teamorientierte, selbstständige und leistungsorientierte Arbeitsweise, Interesse an interdisziplinären Themenstellungen

Deadline: November 14 | Published: October 18   08:04

Duration: Contrat à durée indéterminée
Duties: Le département Risk Management recherche un PMO qui sera spécifiquement responsable de la coordination, du suivi et du reporting concernant les projets globaux liés aux risques, et ce pour la gamme complète des outils de gestion financière et de gestion des risques. Il/elle interviendra comme Corporate Project Manager, à travers les départements Finance, Business Intelligence, Risk Management, Business Lines, Group Risk Management et Solvency II, et s'assurera que tous les sous-projets sont en bonne voie concernant le planning global et l'amélioration requise pour permettre une livraison de qualité et efficace; Il/elle travaillera en tandem avec un Risk Management Expert en vue de combiner l'expertise - ce qui est nécessaire compte tenu de la complexité et des nombreuses évolutions en la matière - et les compétences en gestion de projet
Minimum Requirements: Expérience pertinente en matière de gestion de projets et de programmes; bonnes capacités d’organisation et de planification; Diplomé en ingénieur commercial/ingénieur civil/sciences actuarielles; Excellentes connaissances en anglais, français et - ou néerlandais

Published: October 17   16:31

Abteilung: Dezernat Forschung und EU-Hochschulbüro, Technologietransfer, Sachgebiet Nationale Forschungsförderung
Dauer: 3+ m        Pensum: 100%; auf Wunsch Teilzeitbeschäftigung möglich
Aufgaben: Der Aufgabenbereich umfasst die Information und Beratung zu den nationalen und internationalen Programmen der Forschungsförderung. Hierzu gehört die gezielte Informationsaufbereitung für Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler inklusive der Planung und Durchführung von Informationsveranstaltungen und Workshops; Im Rahmen der Beratung soll konkrete Unterstützung bei der Erstellung von Forschungsanträgen insbesondere der DFG geleistet werden. Die Koordination hochschulinterner Abläufe stellt einen weiteren Aufgabenbestandteil dar
Anforderungen: Voraussetzungen sind ein abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium, Erfahrungen in selbstständiger Forschung sowie sehr gute Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache. Die Promotion ist erwünscht. Vorteilhaft sind insbesondere Erfahrungen in der eigenständigen Beantragung von Drittmittelprojekten im Bereich Forschung. Die Stelle ist besonders geeignet für einen Einstieg ins Wissenschaftsmanagement

Deadline: October 31 | Published: October 17   15:49

Department: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Duration: 4 y        Workload: 38 h a week
Duties: The PhD candidate will investigate novel rendering solutions, partly coupled to perceptual phenomena, which rely on flexible data structures to enable manipulations of the standard image-generation process. The goal is to provide solutions to intuitively influence the rendering process and achieve artist-driven, yet visually plausible results
Minimum Requirements: Experience with computer graphics and image processing. Working knowledge of C++ and OpenG. Excellent programming skills and experience. Good communication skills. A good command of the English language
Preferred Requirements: A Master degree in Computer Science, (Applied) Mathematics, (Applied) Physics or Electrical Engineering

Published: October 17   13:37

Department: Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences
Duration: 3 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Glasstone Fellows are expected to conduct original research in one of the eligible fields (Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Science, Mathematical Institute, Materials, Physics, Plant Sciences, Statistics) and may undertake teaching of up to a maximum of 6 hours a week
Minimum Requirements: A doctorate. A publication record in scholarly journals consonant with experience and field of study
Preferred Requirements: Preference will be given to candidates who are at an early stage in their research career

Deadline: November 20 | Published: October 17   13:30

Department: Population Health
Duration: 3+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: We are seeking to recruit a statistical programmer/statistician to develop statistical programming for investigations using large-scale resources. The project will investigate inter-relationships between biomarkers, anthropometric measures, diabetes, kidney disease and cardiovascular disease in the large UK Biobank prospective study of 0.5M participants. The postholder will develop this line of statistical programming/analysis with a view to applying methods and performing comparisons across large biobank studies in diverse populations, such as in China and Mexico
Minimum Requirements: A PhD or MSc in a numerate or computational discipline, a demonstrated record in statistical programming (for example in SAS or R)

Deadline: November 17 | Published: October 17   13:29

Workload: 100%
Duties: Supporting large Finance programs and projects within our Group Finance; Supporting the program manager in creating integrated project plans, identification of project dependencies and risks; Supporting the program manager in the reporting and monitoring of the project as well as in resource management and cost and benefit tracking; Acting as a service provider to workstream leads; Liasing with program and project managers to: Understand project status, issues, risks and mitigations actions as well as impact to other projects; Support the regular reporting to the Global PMO as well as ad-hoc requests; Communicate and create awareness of changes to global standards related to project management and support the application of these standards
Minimum Requirements: University degree in Business Management, Finance, Mathematics or equivalent; 3+ years of practical experience in PMO work and/or project management; English fluent both verbal and written, additional languages, esp. Spanish or Portuguese, would be an advantage
Preferred Requirements: Experience of the financial service and/or insurance industry

Published: October 17   08:15

Workload: 100%
Duties: To overview and facilitate monthly reporting of Business Units (BUs) to the central data warehouse, improve data quality, enhance data granularity and claims history. This all to improve effective performance management; To roll out enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities to the BUs including embedding efforts to ensure effective usage of claims analytics applications; To identify deep dive areas in close collaboration with local Bus, provide and independent view of the issues, drive resolution, follow up and learning; To drive the capability and up-skilling efforts in BUs with adequate measures; To foster the claims contribution in the Virtuous Circle discussion and foster the cross functional collaboration with UW/Pricing, Reserving, Operations and Finance
Minimum Requirements: Masters or PhD in Business Administration, Quantitative Economics, Finance or Mathematics; Multiple years (ideally 5-7) insurance experience in Finance, Claims, Operations and ideally in UW; Experience in education and training in technical disciplines; Fluent in written and spoken English, any other language would be a benefit; Fully versed in the application of mathematics, statistics, analytics and its impact on designing appropriate KPIs and metrics; Strong knowledge of Microsoft ® Office 2010 Suites (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access)

Published: October 17   08:12

Workload: 100%
Duties: Carry out analyses of claims and persistency experience, and use this to set appropriate assumptions for reserving and pricing purposes. Provide relevant insight to underwriters on emerging claims experience. Review claims experience on reviewable unit-linked protection business in order to recommend and implement changes to policyholder charges. Oversight of existing reinsurance arrangements and related activities. This will include liaison with both the Zurich Group and external reinsurers. Support asset-liability matching (ALM) activity, and implementation of hedging programmes. Provide technical support for managing the in-force portfolio, e.g. setting appropriate assumptions for unit-linked fund growth rates, or implementing regulatory changes. Work with the wider Risk & Capital Management team to ensure reinsurance and appropriate asset-liability matching and hedging are used to optimize capital within the business. Management of junior actuarial staff within the team
Minimum Requirements: Qualified actuary, with established post qualification experience. Excellent commercial awareness and experience of working in the life insurance industry. Strong IT skills, including Excel, Word and preferably actuarial modelling software. Experience of financial risk methodologies and good appreciation of modelling/actuarial techniques. Knowledge and appreciation of the financial services industry including regulatory developments. Previous experience of working on reinsurance arrangements, ALM or experience monitoring would be preferred

Published: October 17   08:10

Abteilung: Life & Health
Aufgaben: Sie wirken an Produktentwicklungen, Quotierungen von Geschäft und Reporting mit. Sie bauen gute Beziehungen zu unseren internationalen Standorten auf und beraten diese tatkräftig bei der Analyse des Marktpotentials und der Entwicklung von Produktideen. Ausserdem unterstützen Sie die Akteure im Life & Health Expertennetzwerk beim Marketing unserer Produkte
Anforderungen: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Bachelor- oder Master-Studium der (Wirtschafts-)Mathematik oder Wirtschaftswissenschaften mit guten mathematischen Fähigkeiten; Kommunikationsstärke in deutscher und englischer Sprache sowie einer romanischen Fremdsprache; Bereitschaft zu gelegentlicher Reisetätigkeit
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Mehrjährige Tätigkeit in der Lebenserst- oder Rückversicherung oder im Bereich Finanzdienstleistung ist wünschenswert

Published: October 17   08:10

Abteilung: Fraunhofer ISE
Aufgaben: Erfassung der möglichen Netzausbaumassnahmen. Anpassen der gängigen Planungsrichtlinien für eine spannungsübergreifende Optimierung. Entwerfen und Programmieren des Optimierers
Anforderungen: Studium der Elektrotechnik, Mathematik, Physik, des Wirtschaftsingenieurwesens. Grundkenntnisse über Stromnetze. Teamfähigkeit, strukturiertes Vorgehen, Selbstständigkeit. Gute MS-Office-Kenntnisse, Programmiererfahrung. Gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift, Kenntnisse in der Optimierung

Published: October 17   08:04

Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering
Duration: 2+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: This post holder will be involved in research relating to the development and extension of computational models for the simulation of the deployment of interventional devices for vascular disease, the testing of these techniques in an adequately large patient dataset and the subsequent translation of the validated and verified techniques into clinical practice, through suitable commercial vehicles. It is envisaged that the work will involve the development and extension of computational methods for the appropriate mechanical characterisation of existing and new implants, the fast, near-real-time, virtual deployment of such devices in a variety of anatomically accurate, image-derived, diseased vascular segments and the subsequent evaluation of their performance through detailed structural and hemodynamic computational analysis
Minimum Requirements: The successful applicant will have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Scientific Computing. Applied Mathematics or a related field. They will be able to demonstrate proven expertise in the computation modelling of endovascular devices for cardiovascular disease, regarding their deployment and performance and will have experience of numerical analysis and methods for the simulation of solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and their interaction

Deadline: October 31 | Published: October 17   08:01

Department: Primary Care & Population Health
Duties: We are currently seeking a full time Lecturer in epidemiology with a particular focus on physical activity epidemiology to expand Primary Care and Population Health’s (PCPH) high quality teaching and research activity in health of older adults. The person appointed will be required to pursue a programme of research related to physical activity epidemiology in older adults within PCPH, to supervise PhD students and to develop appropriate teaching modules in undergraduate/graduate taught courses
Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have a PhD in Epidemiology and must have experience of high quality academic research using advanced statistical methods to analyse complex data sets. They must have experience of running field studies on objectively measured physical activity in older people as well as experience of teaching at undergraduate levels and other forms of public presentation. For appointment at grade 8, candidates will need to have publications in internationally refereed journals on objective measured physical activity in older adults along with a proven ability to attract grant funding to support research

Deadline: October 31 | Published: October 17   08:01

Duration: Temporary        Workload: 100%
Duties: The applicant should have a Master in Engineering, Physics or Mathematics. Doctorate in structural mechanics, applied mechanics, mathematics, physics or in related areas. In addition to an outstanding publication track record, international experience and post-doc research periods will constitute preferential titles. An excellent level of both written and spoken English is mandatory

Deadline: November 7 | Published: October 16   16:48

Duration: 3-5 y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Fields: System identification, machine learning, control systems; Research Area: Computer Science and Application. The successful candidate is expected to interact in research issues at the boundaries of system identification/machine learning, advanced optimization methods, and model predictive control
Minimum Requirements: PhD in Engineering or mathematics or in related areas. An excellent level of both written and spoken English is mandatory. 3+ years of postdoctoral research experience, with a focus on control and optimization. The successful candidate will be interested in both theoretical research and in applications to practical problems. Research experience is expected in the area of system identification (theory and algorithms) and machine learning

Deadline: November 7 | Published: October 16   16:42

Abteilung: Institut für Geld und internationale Finanzwirtschaft; Professur für Finanzwirtschaft
Dauer: 2+ y
Aufgaben: Das Aufgabenspektrum umfasst die Mitarbeit an Forschungsprojekten und die inhaltliche Durchführung und Begleitung von Lehrveranstaltungen, sowie eine Mitwirkung im Rahmen der akademischen Selbstverwaltung. Wir bieten Ihnen ein dynamisches Promotionsumfeld mit intensivem internationalem Austausch
Anforderungen: Voraussetzung ist ein abgeschlossenes Universitätsstudium mit Prädikatsexamen der BWL oder VWL oder ein sehr guter Abschluss in Mathematik, Psychologie oder Informatik. Ausserdem sollte Interesse an empirischen Fragestellungen aus den Bereichen Geld und Finanzmärkte, sowie Anlageentscheidungen privater Haushalte vorhanden sein
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Kenntnisse in der Anwendung gängiger Software zur Bearbeitung fachspezifischer Aufgaben (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) und im Umgang mit einer gängigen Programmiersprache

Deadline: November 20 | Published: October 16   15:50

Abteilung: Institut für Geld und internationale Finanzwirtschaft
Dauer: 2+ y        Pensum: 75%
Aufgaben: Sie erforschen Probleme im Bereich Geld und internationale Finanzwirtschaft, insb. Finanzstabilität, Geldpolitik, Wechselkurse oder internationale Finanzmärkte. Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit Ihre Forschungsarbeiten auf internationalen Konferenzen vorzustellen. Das Erstellen einer kumulativen Dissertationsschrift ist zentraler Bestandteil Ihrer Aufgaben. Zudem halten Sie Lehrveranstaltungen, betreuen Abschlussarbeiten und wirken an der akademischen Selbstverwaltung mit
Anforderungen: Sie haben Ihr wirtschaftswissenschaftliches (oder artverwandtes) Universitätsstudium (Diplom oder Master) mit überdurchschnittlichen Leistungen abgeschlossen und verfügen über gute Kentnissse in quantitativen Methoden. Sie haben Interesse an der Erforschung von Fragestelungen im Bereich Geld und internationale Finanzwirtschaft und möchten in diesem Bereich promovieren. Sie verfügen über ein hohes Mass an Eigeninitiative, sehr gute Englischkenntnisse sowie ein gutes analytisches Denkvermögen

Deadline: November 20 | Published: October 16   15:42

Duration: Temporary        Workload: 100%
Duties: IMT is seeking for an assistant professor with tenure track to carry out basic research in the area of convex optimization methods and their application to control of dynamical systems. The successful candidate will be interested in both theoretical research and in applications to practical problems
Minimum Requirements: Research experience is expected in at least one of the following areas: optimization algorithms, model predictive control and dynamic optimization, stochastic optimization, control systems design based on optimization methods. Previous experience with applications of control/optimization to smart grids and energy markets is a plus, but candidates with experience in other application areas are welcome

Deadline: October 23 | Published: October 16   15:30

Department: Business Unit Creditor
Duration: open-ended contract        Workload: 100%
Duties: Dans le cadre du développement du projet «Pannes mécaniques & GAP automobile», vous serez en charge de la souscription de ces garanties, sur un périmètre international: Définition d’offres sur-mesure à destination des partenaires constructeurs auto, établissements financiers, assureurs auto; Tarification, études de rentabilité, suivi des comptes clients; Rédaction de documents contractuels (polices d’assurance, traités de réassurance …); Suivi des délégations de gestion de sinistres; Support commercial/formations auprès de nos inspecteurs. Vous pourrez également être appelé à travailler sur le lancement d’autres produits IARD «de niche» accompagnant le développement de la Business Unit
Minimum Requirements: Diplômé Bac+5 scientifique: ingénieur, actuaire, statistiques mathématiques. Vous justifiez d’une expérience en souscription ou direction technique, idéalement pannes mécaniques automobiles, GAP ou souscription automobile. Vous vous intéressez au monde de l’automobile, à l’opérationnel et à l’international. Anglais indispensable

Published: October 16   14:27

Department: Communication and Distributed Systems
Workload: 100%
Duties: The focus of the two positions will be on: Future Internet technologies such as information-centric networking and network coding; Localization of wireless devices using software-defined radio systems. The candidates will have the opportunity to develop expertise in diverse areas such as algorithm design, data mining, mathematical modelling and analysis
Minimum Requirements: Master Degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering from a highly ranked university, preferably with focus on networking or communications; excellent programming knowledge in C/C++ and Java; very good knowledge with operating systems, in particular Linux; strong experience with network simulators; good analytical skills and research experience in one of the areas mentioned above

Deadline: October 31 | Published: October 16   13:36

Department: Zoology
Duration: 4.5 y
Duties: Undertake innovative applied research in the development and application of malaria models; develop and implement new computational and statistical methods, develop data visualisation tools to help stakeholders interpret the results; lead the publication and dissemination of research findings; provide scientific advice and support for group members and manage own area of a larger research budget
Minimum Requirements: A doctoral degree in a relevant field of science (e.g. a relevant area of biology, computer science, statistics, mathematics, physics, chemistry), postdoctoral research experience, and competence in at least one programming language (C, C++, JAVA, R are preferred)

Deadline: November 19 | Published: October 16   11:40

Duration: 3 y        Workload: 65%
Duties: Project “Urban areas in change - Development of a multi-sector urban development impact model (UrbMod)”. The successful candidate will work on the GIS based analysis, visualization and coupling of geodata and supports the development of a modular organized expert system for geo data management and the integration of modeling components of the multi-sectoral model
Minimum Requirements: An above average university degree in a field relevant for the project (e.g., Diploma or M.Sc. in geography or geoinformatics) is expected. A profound knowledge on GIS based geodata analysis and modeling (raster and vector data) is required. Experiences in numerical geoscientific modeling preferably in land use modeling using cellular automata is desirable. Programming experience in C++, Python or Matlab are desirable. Interest and motivation for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange is required. Willingness to participate in regular project meetings and retreats of a few days is a prerequisite for the advertised position. Good written and spoken skills in German and English language are expected

Deadline: October 31 | Published: October 16   10:35

Department: Global Life
Workload: 100%
Duties: You will support the Head of Proposition Management in setting and monitoring principles for retail, banking and corporate propositions governance and oversight globally. Main responsibilities: Execution of Global Proposition Oversight Frameworks: Provide input to shaping the product development pipeline process in line with BUR requirements & key product KPIs; Provide input to defining the GLPAC & GLARC processes for adequate proposition governance; Define and delegate Scheme and Affinity pricing authorities; Provide proposition relevant input to the Business Unit Reviews; Define, monitor and communicate relevant policies and guidelines through ZRP, TZW, intranet and other communication tools. Ensuring effective proposition development and management: Coordinate product development pipeline inputs, with specific focus on GLPAC relevant products; Review and challenge the GLPAC product submissions in respect of commercial positioning, technical product design including pricing a...
Minimum Requirements: 10+ years industry experience and 5+ years of experience in hands-on product development in a BU or central role, including pricing; University/MBA graduate or equivalent; Certified Actuary or Mathematician with expertise in actuarial pricing and product development; Recent responsibility (i.e., last 2-3 years) in product development, underwriting and pricing; Ideally previous experience in the management of product related governance processes; Good product knowledge within the Life Insurance industry and associated products; Good knowledge of proposition management, incl. actuarial pricing and underwriting techniques; Good knowledge of the key financial metrics and their dynamics; Good understanding of risk management and corporate governance practices; Good understanding of Zurich's internal procedures and the key aspects of Global Life`s strategy; Good knowledge of ZIG internal stakeholders and decision makers; Proficiency in English, both written and oral skills

Published: October 16   08:22

Duties: Processing and analysing large datasets to detect hidden signals and patterns, Using a data-driven approach to design and develop innovative statistical models which predict price movements, Acquiring a sophisticated understanding of our proprietary research techniques for financial data, Spending more time sharpening your research skills than applying for grants, Attending internal lectures, workshops and training events and presenting your research for peer review
Minimum Requirements: PhD in an applied science, e.g. Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, etc, Experience of analysing real-world data in a first class research environment, Exposure to a variety of datasets would be an advantage, An advanced level of statistical and mathematical knowledge, with the ability to develop original measures and tests fit for purpose

Published: October 16   08:17

Department: NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The Bioinformatician of the PM-ICT Unit will be responsible for the biomedical data fusion, i.e., integrating high-throughput molecular data with environmental and life-style information to provide optimal conditions for cutting-edge data analysis within the highly interdisciplinary domain of personalized medicine. Furthermore, he or she will be the driving force for implementing, testing, and integrating novel analytic methods into the service catalogue of the unit while constantly providing state-of-the-art quality control at the level required for medical data analysis. Both of these tasks will require tight interactions with the statistics and IT team members
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate has a PhD in computational biology, bioinformatics, or a related field, and has demonstrated experience in biomedical, genomics, or systems biology research projects involving high-throughput molecular data sets. He or she is familiar with high-dimensional genomic data and its processing as well as preparation for subsequent analysis. Additionally, he or she has an innate knowledge of modern analysis methods for next-generation sequencing data, such as exome-seq, RNA-seq, and ChIP-seq, as well as for GWAS. Strong programming skills and solid knowledge of R are requirements. Experience in Python and Pandas is a plus, as well as in bioinformatics software development, data management, personalized medicine or interdisciplinary research

Published: October 16   08:00

Department: UCL Institute of Child Health/ Farr Institute of Health Informatics
Workload: 100%
Duties: The Senior Lecturer will develop a research programme including methodological research to underpin the widening use of linked administrative data and exemplar studies to illustrate the value of linked data analyses for policy makers, services and the public. In developing a research programme, the senior lecturer will be expected to focus exemplar studies on topics broadly relevant to children and families across the life course. The senior lecturer will also have a key role in building capacity, teaching, and providing supervision, in collaboration with senior ADRC-E investigators, to research staff and PhD students within the ADRC-E at UCL
Minimum Requirements: Successful completion of a higher academic degree e.g. PhD, or evidence of an equivalent level of attainment in research publications in statistics or related quantitative science. Experience in administrative data research. Experience of teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Deadline: November 13 | Published: October 16   08:00

Abteilung: Institut für Mathematische Stochastik
Dauer: 3, 5 y        Pensum: 67%
Aufgaben: Die Stelle ist im Teilprojekt B09 „Computational methods for modelling macromolecular complexes“ angesiedelt, in dem statistische Rechenverfahren entwickelt werden, um die Struktur und Dynamik grosser makromolekularer Komplexe zu charakterisieren. Verschiedene experimentelle Techniken wie die Röntgenkristallographie, NMR-Spektroskopie, Kryo-Elektronenmikroskopie, Kleinwinkelstreuung und Massen-spektrometrie liefern wertvolle Strukturinformation über einen makromolekularen Komplex
Anforderungen: Idealerweise verfügen Sie über gute Kenntnisse in einem oder mehreren der folgenden Bereiche: Bayes’sche Statistik, Bioinformatik, Biophysik, Maschinelles Lernen, Statistik oder Statistische Physik, haben Programmiererfahrung (z.B. C oder Python) und Spass an interdisziplinärer Zusammenarbeit mit experimentellen Gruppen aus Biophysik und Biochemie des Göttinger Forschungscampus

Deadline: November 1 | Published: October 16   08:00

Department: NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies
Duration: 1+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: The (Bio-)Statistician of the PM-ICT Unit will be responsible for planning, performing, and reporting data analysis tasks within the biomedical research support services offered by the PM-ICT Unit. He or she will provide on-site consultancy to researchers in the highly interdisciplinary field of personalized medicine. As statistician he or she will not only perform cutting-edge statistical data analysis, but also ensure a state-of-the-art level of quality control required for medical data analysis and be involved in the acquisition of new clients and the implementation of novel methods into the portfolio of the service catalogue of the unit
Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate has a PhD in statistics or biostatistics, and has demonstrated experience in biomedical, genomics, or systems biology research projects involving high-throughput molecular data sets. He or she is familiar with modern statistical methodology for analyzing high-dimensional genomic data and its use in clinical applications. Strong programming skills in R are a requirement; Experience in consultancy, preferably in the private or medical sector is a plus, as well as in statistical software development, data management, personalized medicine or interdisciplinary research

Published: October 16   08:00

Department: Science
Duties: The successful candidate performs excellent research in collaboration with the existing research programs and is an inspiring teacher. The candidate will play an active role in the Buys Ballot research school and will particularly support the undergraduate and graduate education in climate physics
Minimum Requirements: A strong background and publication record in the field of Dynamics of Climate; demonstrable experience in teaching courses in the field of Dynamics of Climate; excellent communication skills

Published: October 15   13:09

Department: Laboratory for Single-Cell Quantitative Biology of the Nucleus
Workload: 100%
Duties: Lead a project aimed at understanding the interplay between genome organization and gene expression in mammalian cells using high-resolution single-molecule Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) methods (smFISH, HD-FISH) combined with next generation sequencing approaches based on the chromosome conformation capture techniques such as 4C and HiC. The goal of the project will be to characterize both short- and long-distance chromosome interactions in single cells and understand their contribution to the emergence of specific gene expression profiles with emphasis on capturing cell-to-cell variability
Minimum Requirements: PhD obtained no more than seven years before the last date of employment as postdoc in biophysics, systems biology, physics, engineering or equivalent; a good experience in laboratory practice in the field of life sciences with a strong expertise in microscopy
Preferred Requirements: A strong background in mathematics and physics with passion for biology

Deadline: October 31 | Published: October 15   13:09

Dauer: 3 y
Aufgaben: Am WIAS ist in der Forschungsgruppen "Stochastische Algorithmen und Nichtparametrische Statistik" zum 01. Februar 2015 eine Stelle als wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in zu besetzen. Ziel der Stelle ist die Mitbearbeitung des interdisziplinären Projekts "Stochastics, optimization, and optimal control"
Anforderungen: Gesucht wird ein/e Mathematiker/in (Master oder Diplom) auf der Schnittstelle „Stochastik, Optimierung, optimale Steuerung“. Eine abgeschlossene Promotion in Mathematik ist wünschenswert. Es werden solide Kenntnisse in Stochastik, Statistik, Optimierung, und Steuerungstheorie erwartet

Deadline: November 30 | Published: October 15   09:58

Department: AXA Graduate Opportunities
Duties: You know you’ve got the aspiration and determination to want to become a qualified actuary and join a small yet elite and well respected profession
Minimum Requirements: A Grade Maths at A Level or equivalent. Minimum 2: 1 in a numerical related degree

Deadline: November 11 | Published: October 15   08:13

Dauer: 18 Monate        Pensum: 80-100%
Aufgaben: Aktive Involvierung bei der Prüfung und Auswahl neuer Anlageprodukte/-klassen; Performancereporting und Risikoanalyse des bestehenden Portfolios; Weiterentwickeln von bestehenden Modellen für die Optimierung des Portfolios; Möglichkeit für ressort- und länderübergreifende Zusammenarbeit; Regelmässiger Austausch mit externen Portfoliomanagern; Vorbereiten der Präsentationsunterlagen für das Anlagekomitee
Anforderungen: Abgeschlossenes Master- Studium in Naturwissenschaften, Banking oder Finance; Anwenderkenntnisse in Excel und Programmierkenntnisse; Interesse an Finanzmärkten; Stilsichere Deutsch- sowie sehr gute Englischkenntnisse; Hohe Eigeninitiative, Überzeugungs- und Durchsetzungskraft; Offenheit in einem Umfeld zu arbeiten in dem Meinungen hinterfragt werden

Published: October 15   08:12

Abteilung: Personen-Rückversicherung
Aufgaben: Der Schwerpunkt Ihrer Tätigkeit liegt auf der Mitwirkung beim Aufbau und der kontinuierlichen Betreuung von Kundenbeziehungen in der Schweiz, Liechtenstein, den Niederlanden und Luxemburg. Darüber hinaus erarbeiten Sie Rückversicherungsangebote, inklusive Pricing und Profit Testing, erstellen Rückversicherungsverträge, analysieren Vertragsverläufe und erarbeiten entsprechende Vertragsanpassungen. Weiterhin werden Sie unsere Kunden bei der Entwicklung von Produktlösungen unterstützen. Abgerundet wird Ihre Tätigkeit durch die Mitwirkung bei Seminaren und Schulungsmassnahmen für Kunden
Anforderungen: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Bachelor- oder Master-Studium der (Wirtschafts-)Mathematik oder vergleichbares Studium mit einem mathematischen Schwerpunkt; Sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse; Bereitschaft zur gelegentlichen Reisetätigkeit
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Erste Erfahrung in der Lebenserst- und/oder Lebensrückversicherung ist von Vorteil

Published: October 15   08:11

Abteilung: Personen-Rückversicherung
Aufgaben: Der Schwerpunkt Ihrer Tätigkeit wird auf der operativen Betreuung von bestehenden Kundenbeziehungen sowie der Akquisition von Neukunden in den GUS-Staaten, insbesondere Russland, und Bulgarien liegen. Darüber hinaus erarbeiten Sie Rückversicherungsangebote, inklusive Pricing und Profit Testing, erstellen Rückversicherungsverträge, analysieren Vertragsverläufe und erarbeiten entsprechende Vertragsanpassungen. Weiterhin werden Sie unsere Kunden bei der Entwicklung von Produktlösungen unterstützen. Abgerundet wird Ihre Tätigkeit durch die Mitwirkung bei Seminaren und Schulungsmassnahmen für Kunden
Anforderungen: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Bachelor- oder Master-Studium der (Wirtschafts-)Mathematik oder vergleichbares Studium mit einem mathematischen Schwerpunkt; Sehr gute, gern muttersprachliche russische Sprachkenntnisse sowie sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse; Bereitschaft zur gelegentlichen Reisetätigkeit
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Erfahrung in der Lebenserst- und/oder Lebensrückversicherung wünschenswert

Published: October 15   08:11

Abteilung: Retrocessions & Capital Markets, Insurance Linked Securities
Aufgaben: Ihre Haupttätigkeit liegt in der Betreuung von Geschäften, bei denen Rückversicherungsrisiken zum Zwecke der Weiterleitung an Kapitalmarktteilnehmer akzeptiert werden und die Kapitalmarktteilnehmer die übernommenen Risiken besichern. Zu Ihren Aufgaben gehören im Detail die Prüfung und Administration der übernommenen Verträge. Dabei kommunizieren Sie mit allen beteiligten Parteien wie z.B. Rückversicherungsmaklern, Investoren und Banken. Darüber hinaus werden Sie in unsere Marketingaktivitäten mit eingebunden, unterstützen die Strukturierung und Verhandlung der Abgabeverträge und überwachen die Besicherung
Anforderungen: Abgeschlossenes Bachelor- oder Master-Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften, der (Wirtschafts-)Mathe­matik oder eine vergleichbare Ausbildung; Verhandlungssichere Englisch- und Deutsch­kennt­nisse; Bereitschaft zu gelegentlicher Reisetätigkeit
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Berufserfahrung, beispielsweise im Underwriting oder im Rechnungswesen, ist wünschenswert

Published: October 15   08:11

Abteilung: Personen-Rückversicherung
Dauer: 2.5 y
Aufgaben: Hierbei sind Sie für den Länderbereich Nordamerika sowie unsere internationalen Standorte der Personen-Rückversicherung in Amerika, Irland und Bermuda verantwortlich und dort für die aktuarielle Überprüfung, Sonderanalysen und die Überprüfung der Quartals- und Jahresabschlussarbeiten zuständig. Kreativität ist bei der ständigen Überprüfung und Vereinfachung der Retrostruktur, Verhandlung von Rückzügen und Automatisierung der zugehörigen Prozesse gefragt. Sie stehen in direktem Kundenkontakt und besuchen insbesondere den Standort in Amerika regelmässig
Anforderungen: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Bachelor- oder Master-Studium der Mathematik oder Wirtschaftswissenschaften mit mathematischem Schwerpunkt; Praktische Erfahrung in der Lebenserst- und/oder Lebensrückversicherung; Kenntnisse der Themenbereiche Financial Solutions und Bilanzierung nach HGB und IFRS; Sehr gute Kenntnisse der deutschen und englischen Sprache; Teamfähigkeit und Bereitschaft zu Reisetätigkeit

Published: October 15   08:10

Aufgaben: Datenanalyse und -aufbereitung von Massendaten für Marketingzwecke, Erstellen von ad-hoc- und Standard-Reports für verschiedene Fachbereiche, Mitverantwortlich bei der Entwicklung und Erweiterung bestehender BI-Applikationen auf Basis verschiedener Datenquellen wie Data Marts, Files und zukünftig auch Big Data, Mitarbeit bei der Durchführung von Marketing-Kampagnen - auch unter Anwendung statistischer Verfahren, Schnittstellenfunktion zwischen externen Auftraggebern bzw. internen Bereichen und der IT, Beraten und Unterstützen bei analytischen Fragestellungen und BI-Anwendungen und selbständiges Bearbeiten von Incidents
Anforderungen: Abgeschlossenes Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Wirtschaftsinformatik oder einer technischen/mathematischen Fachrichtung (Studium mit Fokus auf quantitative Datenanalyse), Mehrjährige nachweisbare Erfahrung in der Analyse und Aufbereitung von Massendaten, Sie kennen sich mit relationalen Datenbanken aus und besitzen sehr gute Kenntnisse in SQL und in den MS Office Produkten, Beherrschen von Aufsetzen und Bedienen von professionellen BI-Anwendungen und Data Mining Tools (bspw. Oracle BI, SPSS), Fundierte Kenntnisse in der Anwendung statistischer Methoden

Published: October 15   08:08

Workload: 100%
Duties: Assisting management of the with-profits funds to achieve the right balance between fairness to policyholders and the financial risk to shareholders. · Calculating asset shares and analysing changes in the realistic balance sheet. Providing insights and explanation of the key drivers. · Supporting the With-Profits Actuary in recommending bonus rates, surrender value bases, rates of Estate distribution and developing and maintaining run-off plans. · Developing and maintaining ZAL’s Prophet-based asset share system to reflect regulatory and business changes. · Maintaining a strong governance framework which ensures the with-profits funds are managed in accordance with the PPFM. · Managing the financial condition of the with-profits funds, including carrying out stress tests. · Supporting asset and liability matching of the with-profits funds
Minimum Requirements: Fellow of IFoA with experience of working in an actuarial reporting or risk team. · Commercially aware with experience of the life insurance industry, including an understanding of regulatory developments in both conduct and prudential matters. · Actuarial modelling experience including understanding of with-profits products, assumption setting and data quality assessment. · Experience of reporting procedures, processes and robust delivery of reliable and accurate financial reporting to auditable standards. · Ability to operate and document robust controls. · Experience of preparing analyses of results and communicating the key drivers. · Excellent IT skills, specifically Excel and Prophet, including stochastic modeling

Published: October 15   08:06

Workload: 100%
Duties: Working with Board Directors and Executive management to develop and apply suitable risk policies and appetite considerations commensurate with the business’ overall requirements. Designing and executing a risk policy and appetite adherence process, supported by robust, quantitative data. Provide insightful risk analysis and commentary. Guide and advise the UK Life CFO, UK Life CRO and Chief Life Actuary and the broader UK Life Executive Team on the design and effectiveness of the risk frameworks for the overall UK Life business Informing the Boards of regulated entities as to the quality and completeness of the identification, mitigation or control of risk undertaken by executive management in its day-to-day management of the business. Ensuring that the data used by the UK Life entities to assess their risks are fit for purpose in terms of quality, quantity and breadth Supporting the further development, maintenance and oversight of the risk and capital management frameworks for UK ...
Minimum Requirements: Have considerable finance, risk, controls or audit experience, ideally in financial services. Degree level educated or equivalent desirable with a relevant professional qualification. Knowledge of risk management techniques, specifically prudential and operational risk governance and methodologies Sound understanding of the financial services industry with specific reference to regulatory developments (Solvency II) but also the broader European regulatory agenda as far as it pertains to risk management practice within the life insurance industry Good commercial awareness in respect of the life insurance and asset management industries Excellent commercial awareness of the life insurance, pensions or retail investment industry with an ability to build and maintain relationships at senior level. Excellent report writing, presentational and facilitation skills. Tact, diplomacy and political awareness

Published: October 15   08:04

Department: UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA)
Duration: 6+ m        Workload: 100%
Duties: Applicants are invited for a Senior Research Associate position working on the TALISMAN project, jointly with Leeds University. The TALISMAN node, which consists of CASA at UCL and CSAP at the University of Leeds, is developing methods for geospatial data analysis and simulation, specifically models of spatial systems that emphasise interactions which reflect potential and flows at and between locations
Minimum Requirements: A PhD in any of the following: urban analysis, planning, urban design, urban economics, spatial analysis, transport is essential to this role, as are skills in using network models of cities, network databases, geographic information system technologies, and cellular automata models
Preferred Requirements: Knowledge & programming experience in any of the following high level programming languages such as C#, C++, Java, Python etc. Statistical analysis skills, including programming knowledge of statistical, network, and/or data base packages (R, SAS, SPSS etc.)

Deadline: October 27 | Published: October 15   08:00

Department: Population Health
Duration: 3+ y        Workload: 100%
Duties: Investigation of genetic and non-genetic risk factors for bleed-related side-effects in patients on certain cardiovascular medications (such as aspirin)
Minimum Requirements: A PhD or MSc in a numerate or computational discipline, considerable statistical programming experience, peer reviewed publications, a sound background in the design and development of advanced SAS or R statistical analysis programming

Deadline: November 17 | Published: October 15   08:00

Department: AXA Direct & Partnerships
Duties: Provide analysis, scenario testing and building tools for the development of the Operational Strategy that is aligned to the overall business strategy and Financial Plan targets. Assisting in the development and monitoring of the detailed business performance target KPIs aligned to the overall operational strategy and Financial Plan
Minimum Requirements: Degree in numerate subject such as Maths, Statistics or Operational Research. Experience in general insurance would be an advantage but not essential initially. Ability to challenge assumptions and established management views, supported by robust logic and analytical evidence. Ability to analyse large and often complex datasets. Ability to consider and suggest re-engineering business processes, understanding and assessing the impact of business process changes on performance. Keep up to date with current external thinking and techniques useful to the role of an Operational analyst. Ability to work independently or in a team on multiple tasks/projects in a fast-paced environment. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and good facilitation, listening and data presentation skills. Able to present complex information in an easily understandable format
Preferred Requirements: Good working knowledge of Excel with a knowledge of SAS (or similar) and or SQL desirable but not essential

Deadline: October 31 | Published: October 15   08:00

Workload: 100%
Duties: Analysis of data and knowledge drawn from research (secondary and primary) to improve our understanding of our customer experience and market environment. Taking responsibility for research project administration, including operational problem-solving and research database management to share outputs. Managing 3rd party market research vendors as required. Co-ordinating the development, management, and distribution of surveys and questionnaires. Monitoring the progress of research projects. Analysing and interpreting data to identify patterns and solutions. Prepare detailed reports and present to senior marketing stakeholders and/or key segment stakeholders. Proactive sharing of insights across the business. Where appropriate, liaise with UK, European or Global colleagues to share best practice
Minimum Requirements: Graduate calibre and/or relevant business equivalent Professional marketing qualification (MRS/CIM/IDM) Previous experience in the field of primary research techniques Highly numerate background, ability to analyse market data and interpret key business metrics Able to explain trends in data to both technical and non-technical colleagues Demonstrates good interpersonal skills and builds effective relationships across the marketing function and wider business UK insurance market experience is desirable but not essential

Published: October 15   08:00

Workload: 100%
Duties: Under the direction of the Head of TPC & Governance, you contribute to the delivery of pricing assurance through the definition and execution of a strategy in relation to pricing governance, Technical Price Certification, actuarial pricing guidelines, global pricing reviews and global profitability reviews. This role requires proven stakeholder management, coordination and influencing skills, along with a high level of expertise in pricing methodologies and processes. Experience in governance and control processes, as well as with quality assurance, would be an asset
Minimum Requirements: Fully qualified or nearly qualified actuary in a globally recognised actuarial body. 5 - 10 years of experience in a non-life actuarial environment. Experience in multiple functions, cultures and business units preferred. Collaboration and influencing skills across a range of stakeholders within and external to the actuarial function

Published: October 14   09:25

Abteilung: Methodenzentrum Sozialwissenschaften
Pensum: 50%
Aufgaben: Selbstständige Lehrveranstaltungen im Bereich der quantitativen Methoden und Statistik insbesondere für den Studiengang BA Sozialwissenschaften
Anforderungen: abgeschlossenes wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium in einem sozialwissenschaftlichen Fach. sehr gute Kenntnisse in den Bereichen „Statistik“ und „Methoden der quantitativen Sozialforschung“. Erfahrung in multivariater Datenanalyse und der Nutzung von Tabellenkalkulation sowie von SPSS, STATA oder R. Erfahrung in der Programmierung komplexer Erhebungsinstrumente
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Erfahrungen im Bereich sozialwissenschaftlicher Methodenforschung. Kenntnisse im Bereich der Netzwerkanalyse und/oder Inhaltsanalyse. Lehrerfahrung im Bereich quantitative Methoden und/oder Nachweis didaktischer Qualifizierung

Deadline: November 4 | Published: October 14   08:14

Duration: open-ended contract
Duties: To conduct internal audit reviews; To write the audit report making recommendations on internal controls, operating efficiencies and governance processes being reviewed; Present audit conclusions to Group management; Follow up audit findings and recommendations and monitor management’s response and implementation. Develop and maintain audit programmes; Assist in preparation of papers for the Audit Committee as directed. Project manage the development of audit programmes for the Audit Universe Categories of Investment Management, Finance Management & Reporting and Risk Management; Provide assistance to Audit forums (L&I and P&C), preparing presentations on relevant topics as needed
Minimum Requirements: Graduate Actuary. 5-7 years’ experience in L&S Insurance. Proficient in English and French. Willing to travel for up to 20% of time

Published: October 14   08:13

Dauer: 1+ y        Pensum: 60–80%
Aufgaben: Planung und Durchführung von Lehrveranstaltungen an verschiedenen Standorten der Hochschule; Entwicklung, Organisation und Durchführung von Unterrichtsbesuchen und Prüfungen; Beratung von Studierenden; Einsatz als Prüfer/in und Experte/-in; selbstständige Dritt­mittelakquise; Vorbereitung und Mitverfassen von Publikationen
Anforderungen: Studienabschluss in Mathematik oder Mathematikdidaktik; fachdidaktische Qualifikation (Master/Promotion); Unterrichtserfahrung in Mathematik auf S1 oder S2; gute Englischkenntnisse; eigenständige, flexible und teamfähige Persönlichkeit. Bewerbungen von Frauen sind besonders willkommen
Gewünschte Anforderungen: Erfahrung in der Lehrerbildung; Fähigkeit, Internet- und ICT-Tools (Plattformen, Foren, Applets etc.) in der Lehre einzusetzen; Kompetenzen in empirischer Forschung; Projektmanagementerfahrung von Vorteil

Deadline: November 19 | Published: October 13   14:21

Department: Wealth Management and Swiss Bank
Workload: 100%
Duties: You are responsible for the development of your analytical data marts and their synchronization with the actualized business models of our sales organizations. You understand the needs of our analytical business projects and you assure availability of actual and critical information in our data mart, in close co-operation with our data scientists and our IT team. You monitor and adjust for the data quality as a basis for efficient usage of information globally. You collect, formulate and manage business change requirements and plan for the realization together with IT
Minimum Requirements: Masters/Bachelors qualification in a technical/IT related field; Several years' experience in business analyses and development of analytical data marts, ideally in the financial industry; Excellent programming skills preferrably in SAS and SQL, optional in R, Good knowledge of and experience with BI tool; Fluent in English and in German, oral and written

Published: October 13   14:02

Department: Wealth Management and Swiss Bank
Workload: 100%
Duties: You analyze and interpret large amounts of client data in order to identify the specific needs of distinct client groups and to finally work up personalized investment proposals. To do so, you model investment behavior, describe client preferences and monitor the quality of proposals. Programming is your key to unlock relevant content, to distill information out of data and to work out smart compilations of your findings. You combine analytical acuity with your profound knowledge in modern data analysis and in recommender systems. You appreciate working in an interdisciplinary environment, enjoy developing solutions in a team and convincing others with facts
Minimum Requirements: Masters or diploma in a relevant discipline such as science, data and process analysis or mathematics; Sound experience in development and application of recommender systems; Excellent programming skills, preferrably in SQL, SAS, R; Passionate about analyzing complex problems and data structures and to implement structured programs and data structures; Fluent in English and in German, oral and written

Published: October 13   14:00

Department: Risk Consulting & Software
Duties: In this role, you will work with more senior colleagues to design and implement solutions to the challenges faced by leading multinational and national insurers. This will involve the development of financial models, as well as the analysis and valuation of insurance portfolios and companies for financial reporting, strategic decision-making, and risk management purposes. Additionally, you will actively contribute to marketing and research activities
Minimum Requirements: You are a highly motivated individual who enjoys quantitative modelling, with a relevant educational background, preferably in actuarial science, statistics, mathematics, physics, or computer science. As a quick and ready learner, you have a logical approach to problem solving and a forward-looking way of working. You are able to efficiently meet tight deadlines with a proactive attitude and a resilient personality. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are second nature to you, and you are able to communicate fluently in German and English, with any other languages being an advantage

Published: October 13   12:09