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Position: Instructor, Math/Physics
Institution: Gateway Technical College
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Text: POSITION DESCRIPTION Under the supervision of the Dean, General Studies, this person will teach a variety of math courses from Pre-Algebra through Calculus 3 and Physics, primarily at Gateway's Racine campus, but college needs may require commuting to any of Gateway's campuses and centers. This person will teach a Summer/Spring calendar. Responsibilities include student advisement on academic issues, curriculum development, recruitment and retention efforts, committee work, and participation in efforts to market Gateway. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Prepare for and deliver instruction and perform teaching-related activities Manage the classroom/laboratory Develop curriculum and monitor and revise as appropriate to maintain course effectiveness; assist in program evaluation Manage equipment, supplies and materials Assess student performance and advise students on academic issues Collaborate with advisory committee in program area Attend departmental and institutional meetings Promote the education/training program, participate in efforts to recruit and retain students, and participate in efforts to market Gateway Support student organizations and activities Develop relationships with business and industry Complete program evaluation and follow-up Maintain certification, continue professional development and stay current in field QUALIFICATIONS Required: Master's degree in mathematics plus at least 18 graduate credits in Physics OR Master's degree in Physics plus at least 18 graduate credits in math. Experience teaching adults. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION DIVISION/LOCATION: General Studies/ District-Wide (Racine) HOURS: Flexibility is needed to accommodate day, evening and weekend students. FLSA DESIGNATION: Exempt Salary Range: $57,129 - 70,000 Annually CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Must participate in competency based professional development (FQAS). Employment eligibility for the United States. Flexibility is needed to accommodate day, evening and weekend students. Must have reliable transportation to travel within the district. This position is on a Summer/Spring Calendar Instructors are retained on a 163 day contract Current position is represented by a bargaining unit. WORKING CONDITIONS: Tobacco-free environment. MEDICAL INSURANCE (WCA Group Health Trust) Hospital/surgical plan with major medical, effective first date of hire United Healthcare Choice · In-Network: $1,000 Individual/$2,000 Family · Co-Pays: Office Visits: $20; Urgent Care: $30; Emergency Room; $200; MRI $100 · Out-of-Network: $1,500 Individual/$3,000 Family, Office Visits - $40.00 Copay; then 80% coinsurance after deductible · Co-Insurance: In-Network 90/10 to Out of Pocket Max; Out-of-Network: 70/30 to Out of Pocket Max · Maximum Out-of-Pocket: In-Network: $1,500 Individual/$3,000 Family; Out-of-Network: $3,000 Individual/$6,000 Family · Pre-Taxed Premiums Per Pay Period: $62.45 Individual, $141.58 Family · Prescription drug plan - $0 copay for drugs on the Value Choice Drug list; Generic $10; preferred $25; non-preferred $50. · Vision & Hearing Exams: Benefits include annual vision exams and hearing tests. DENTAL INSURANCE (Delta Dental) Effective first date of hire. Pre-taxed premiums per pay period: $3.13 Individual; $8.09 Family. Preventative covered 100%, other dental services covered at 80%. VISION INSURANCE (Delta Dental) Optional plan available to employees working 20 or more hours per week. Deduction taken biweekly. Pre-taxed premiums per pay period: $2.36 Individual; $5.88 Family. SHORT TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE (The Standard) Optional plan available to employees working 20 or more hours per week. Deduction taken biweekly. LONG TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE (The Standard) Ninety (90) day waiting period before benefits become payable. 90% of salary during period of disability to be reviewed by insurance company at the end of two years. Premium paid by District. GROUP TERM LIFE INSURANCE AND DISMEMBERMENT (Unum) $1,000 of term life per $1,000 of income. Effective the first of the month following date of hire. Premium paid by District. WISCONSIN RETIREMENT SYSTEM The employer pays 6.6% and the employee pays 6.6% of the shares. Normal retirement benefits are based on a formula for retirement at age 65. IRS SECTION 125 PLAN (Employee Benefits Corp.) Employee can put pre-tax money into an account to be used toward medical/day care expenses - flexible spending account. Maximum $2,500 for medical; $5,000 for childcare. TAX DEFERRED ANNUITY 403b or 457 are available on a voluntary basis. HOLIDAYS CAMPUS SHUT-DOWN 11 paid holidays per year. The campus will be closed between Christmas &New Year's Day. SICK LEAVE 12 days per year cumulative to 180 days. Effective 07/01/16
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